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Oct 17, 2014

Jim Maxwell: Radio commentary's tireless doyen

The Cordon: Having graced the airwaves for more than four decades, he is a broadcasting institution on par with Benaud, despite not having played at senior level

Russell Jackson

Jul 5, 2014

Commentary boxes need succession plans too

The Cordon: Channel Nine should work to maintain the standards that its best broadcasters - Benaud and Chappell - have set, rather than encourage a frat-house environment

Russell Jackson

Jul 3, 2014

Commentary without context

Cricinfo: Mukul Kesavan, in India's Telegraph, says cricket commentators get caught up in cliched explanations

Feb 6, 2014

When cricket crackled

The Cordon: Listening to radio commentary required you to construct an image from the words you heard and create a rich movie of the match in your mind's eye

Sankaran Krishna

Jan 24, 2014

Cricket commentary for those without sensible trousers

The Cordon: A new venture in New Zealand aims to put talk of Linda Hamilton, parmesan and cocktail hour alongside cricket chat

Paul Ford

Jan 16, 2014

Qamar Ahmed's special quadruple

Cricinfo: Freelance cricket writer and commentator Qamar Ahmed completes his 400th Test as a reporter, at which point he has been to 19% of all Tests every played

Andrew Fidel Fernando

Jan 8, 2014

The Sunil-Rohan Gavaskar partnership

Cricinfo: We've all heard or read about the pressure on famous cricketing sons to live up to their family names on the field. But what happens when a son finds himself in same commentary box as his famous father?

Nikita Bastian

Dec 25, 2013

In praise of voices of experience

The Cordon: Men like Geoffrey Boycott and Ted Dexter, who are still keen to be part of the cricket debate, part of the life of the game, are always worth listening to

Jon Hotten

Nov 6, 2013

Ignorance is the worst crime in commentary

The Cordon: And you get plenty of it in women's cricket these days. Why must we listen to those who have little knowledge of the players and care less?

Raf Nicholson

Nov 2, 2013

Danny Morrison! Boom!

Page 2: Bangladesh did well to beat New Zealand, but the star of the day sat in the commentary box

Andrew Hughes

Oct 9, 2013

The no-commentary broadcast option

The Cordon: It's time to provide viewers with a choice, and perhaps force commentators to step up their game in the process

Subash Jayaraman

Sep 27, 2013

What do they know of cliches...

The Cordon: Cricket clich├ęs find their most obvious and oft-parodied home in commentary boxes but we're all guilty of them from time to time

Russell Jackson

Jul 14, 2013

'Lara wasn't good for West Indies cricket'

Cricinfo: Tony Cozier speaks to Bharat Sundaresan in The Indian Express about his career, his issues with Brian Lara, the indiscipline in West Indies cricket and also his short-lived stint as an IPL commentator

Jun 26, 2013

The life and times of Dicky Rutnagur


Jun 17, 2013

The radio years

The Cordon: Cricket commentary never felt better than it did on radio - particularly short wave

Krishna Kumar

Feb 10, 2013

Nick Knight and the 'Lovely Eoin fan club'

Page 2: And why New Zealand commentary is so understated

Andrew Hughes

Jan 6, 2013

CMJ and Tony Greig: Contrasting voices that exuded integrity

Cricinfo: Rob Bagchi, in the Observer, pays tribute to two commentators who died within a week following illustrious careers behind the microphone

ESPNcricinfo staff

Jan 2, 2013

CMJ: A traditionalist with a hint of mischief about him

Cricinfo: In the Guardian, Mike Selvey has a touching tribute for Christopher Martin-Jenkins, the cricket commentator, journalist and former MCC president, who died at the age of 67 on Tuesday

ESPNcricinfo staff

Dec 25, 2012

The cult of the commentators' curse

Cricinfo: Suhit Kelkar, writing in the Open Magazine, talks about the cult of the commentators' curse - the superstitious belief that prophesies and early judgments made my a commentator during play ultimately embarrass them

ESPNcricinfo staff

Dec 22, 2012

The international cricket apprenticeship scheme

Page 2: Is it working as well as it should? Ajinkya Rahane may disagree

Andrew Hughes
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