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Jun 24, 2012

Why no Indian in the ICC Elite Panel?

Cricinfo: No Indian umpire has made it to the ICC's Elite Panel in nearly a decade

Siddhartha Talya

Jun 12, 2012

The inimitable Mr Onions

Page 2: Or what it is like to be sworn at by an angry gerbil

Andrew Hughes

Dec 9, 2011

The umpire strikes back

Cricinfo: Those watching Australia’s pre-Test nets at the Bellerive Oval on Thursday could have been forgiven for think Waqar Younis was giving the Australian batsmen a workout

Jayaditya Gupta

Aug 12, 2011

From cricket umpire to baseball umpire

Cricinfo: Former international umpire Darly Harper, who recently retired from umpiring, talks to on how he got into umpiring, criticism dealing with it, the DRS and his post-retirement plans.

Akhila Ranganna

Jul 9, 2011

Chris and Kumar go their separate ways

Page 2: They have the same problem but they deal with it differently

Andrew Hughes

Jun 29, 2011

I heart administration

Page 2: The action over in Hong Kong has been breathless, keeping your diarist on the edge of his seat

Andrew Hughes

Apr 19, 2011

'No competition with UDRS'

Cricinfo: One of the leading umpires in world cricket, Pakistan's Aleem Dar reflects on his World Cup stint, how the DRS has impacted umpires and why he finds the subcontinent difficult to officiate in

Akhila Ranganna

Mar 16, 2011

England's dew karma

Page 2: You can’t do a sprinkler dance without some precipitation-related payback eventually

Andrew Hughes

Sep 27, 2010

Fifteen year-old is Britain's youngest umpire

Cricinfo: Ethan Peel, a 15-year old schoolboy from Oxfordshire, has entered the record books by becoming Britain’s youngest qualified umpire

Nitin Sundar

Aug 10, 2010

White coats, anyone?

Cricinfo: For a captain, there's nothing worse than having to pick a team-mate to umpire a game

Rene Van Oorschot

Jun 10, 2010

Koertzen's 'slow finger of death'

Cricinfo: When South African umpire Rudi Koertzen retires from international cricket next month, batsmen the world over will breathe a sigh of relief at no longer having to face his dreaded ‘slow finger of death’

Tariq Engineer

Feb 2, 2010

Liberty, Equality and the UDRS: Cricket's moral system is under review

The Stands: In opposing the adoption of the system, the ECB found itself in a minority of one


Dec 21, 2009

Another shortcoming of the UDRS

Cricinfo: King Cricket writes in the Wisden Cricketer that one of the drawbacks of the umpire decision review system is that it robs fans of the euphoric moment when a wicket falls


Dec 19, 2009

Let's play UDRS

Page 2: Lets jazz up the UDRS

Andrew Hughes

Dec 19, 2009

Feedback mechanisms are vital

Cricinfo: I would propose a different kind of captains’ report

Aakash Chopra

Dec 18, 2009

Breaking new ground in umpiring

Cricinfo: Once a male bastion, cricket today has made rapid strides in the women’s game, though one aspect of it still remains, perhaps not necessarily intended that way, an exclusive preserve of men – Umpiring

Siddhartha Talya

Dec 12, 2009

The umpire is right (even when he’s wrong)

Page 2: From the comfort of his sofa, Andrew Hughes waves an irate fist in the direction of the UDRS

Andrew Hughes

Dec 10, 2009

Do away with concept of neutral umpires

Cricinfo: Mark Benson's abrupt exit from the Test series in Australia is an indication of the strain umpires experience by constantly travelling overseas, writes Simon Wilde in the Times

Siddhartha Talya

Oct 29, 2009

Tributes for David Shepherd

Cricinfo: "While the hopping and skipping of a large man attracted a fair bit of attention, it was Shepherd's skill as an umpire – both in terms of decision-making and man management – that earned praise around the cricket world

George Binoy

Oct 28, 2009

A widely respected and well-loved umpire

Cricinfo: David Shepherd, the former umpire, died on Wednesday aged 68 after a long struggle with cancer

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