India v Pakistan

Lessons from three T20 games

Context trumps ranking; wickets matter; and it's still a contest between batsman and bowler

India v Pakistan across the eras

The two sides' records against each other have had very little to do with their form against the other top teams

India v Pakistan, but it's muted this time

The build-up to the World Cup clash seems restrained with fans from both sides not feeling particularly bullish about their team's chances

The joys of India v Pakistan by proxy

The presence of Lahore Lions in the Champions League gave us that for a while. More's the pity that they're not pitted against an "Indian" side in the final

The art of the chase

Over the years, Pakistan have time and again shown they possess the cricketing oomph to hunt down a fourth-innings target

Pakistan cricket

The Mercurial Mr Afridi

Aditya Iyer of the Indian Express explores a worrying trend in Shahid Afridi's comebacks, where the Pakistan allrounder announces himself in style but later fizzles out


An anti-religious passion

The obsession with the game that India and Pakistan fans have is one to envy

Pakistan cricket

Pakistan's camel-winning performance

Of all the rewards players earn for their on-field achievements, cars, bikes and gadgets have all been quite popular, especially in the sub-continent. But few can match the novelty of a camel

Indo-Pak cricket

Two nations better than one?

One recurring fantasy of the Indian cricket fan is to speculate about a combined India-Pakistan team