T20 should be seen as a separate sport

On his blog, A Cricketing View , Kartikeya Date argues that 20 overs is too short a duration to maintain the fine balance between bat and ball, which has helped Test cricket endure for so long


Watching a contest vs enjoying a party

It is with great pain that Robert Shrimsley, writing for Financial Times , calls a Twenty20 match a game of cricket, as his boy loves it, untouched by the absorbing potential of the 'real game'

The end game has begun for international cricket

Former Pakistan batsman Ramiz Raja, writing in the Dawn , says that a majority of players around the world are treating international matches as a springboard to be picked for a T20 league.


Twenty20 .... now that’s what I call entertainment!

Former England allrounder David Lloyd, writing in the Manchester Evening News , says that while the Twenty20 format has great entertainment value, it isn’t really cricket.


Gayle: Twenty20's WG Grace

If not Twenty20's Bradman, then Chris Gayle is its WG Grace, its Ranjitsinhji, says the Old Batsman, in his blog : in the format's infant years, Gayle is a conceptual force, its vision of the future.

The last four overs

This is it for Shane Warne then


Twenty20 needs a different spin

The recent emergence of the Twenty20 game has confronted traditional cricket with the equivalent of a reverse swinging yorker, writes Greg Dyer in the Sunday Herald