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Nov 14, 2014

The perfect tourists


ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 30, 2014

Explaining Pakistan cricket

Cricinfo: Pakistan's unpredictability is renowned. They scale unbelievable highs and slump to inexplicable lows. Andy Bull still loves them though and he says why in the Guardian

Oct 16, 2014

Where does Pietersen stand among cricket's villains?

The Cordon: For all his transgressions, he still can't compete with cricket's long list of rogues and rascals. Does the level of abuse he receives fit his crimes?

Daniel Brigham

Oct 9, 2014

Will ECB take control of the Pietersen mess?

Cricinfo: Ted Corbett, in his blog, asks if the England Cricket Board would provide a swift solution to the feuds that have begun in the wake of Kevin Pietersen's autobiography

Oct 6, 2014

Any multi-skilled bowlers out there?

The Cordon: Bowlers who can switch between pace and spin, left-arm and right-arm and vice versa will spice up the contest between bat and ball

V Ramnarayan

Oct 6, 2014

The KP files

Cricinfo: In an explosive interview with the Daily Telegraph on the eve of the release of his autobiography, Kevin Pietersen lashes out

Jun 26, 2014

Let's hear it for the unorthodox

The Cordon: Spinners who can't be bracketed into one style flourish today in cricket, while they struggled to make it big in the past

V Ramnarayan

Jun 6, 2014

Serving the community with Chris Gayle's Big Six Club

Cricinfo: Chris Gayle is looking to give something back to Jamaican society, through cricket. He has opened an academy in Kingston, at the Lucas Cricket Club, for "underprivileged youngsters"

ESPNcricinfo staff

Jun 6, 2014

Green gloves, ducks and bats taped to ceilings

Cricinfo: While reviewing Chris Waters' book 10 for 10 on Hedley Verity's record for the Guardian, Andy Bull recounts some entertaining stories of superstitions that cricketers have followed

ESPNcricinfo staff

May 12, 2014

Sehwag finds runs but searching for swiftness

Cricinfo: Virender Sehwag has his first fifty of IPL 2014, and while his numbers compare favourably with his Indian counterparts in the tournament, he has not scored as quickly as he has done previously

Shiva Jayaraman

Mar 21, 2014

KP for England captain?

Cricinfo: Ted Corbett, in the Hindu, wants Kevin Pietersen to be back playing cricket for England and offers examples of previous comebacks from improbable circumstances

Mar 5, 2014

The contagious madness of Shahid Afridi

The Cordon: He frustrates his fans more often than not, but he is also an addiction, one that pulls at the heartstrings

Hassan Cheema

Dec 27, 2013

Why we'll miss Swann

The Cordon: Not just a fine and match-winning bowler, he could also be relied on for a wry smile, a joke, and a willingness to go left-field when answering a question

Dave Hawksworth

Jun 10, 2013

The birth of the reverse sweep

Cricinfo: Mushtaq Mohammad took Aditya Iyer of the Indian Express on a trip down memory lane to explain how he invented the reverse sweep

ESPNcricinfo staff

Apr 11, 2013

When Inzamam confronted his bully

The Cordon: Inzamam-ul-Haq may have been portly and somewhat hapless but he also had a refined dignity and stateliness which will escape many others - and he showed his unique class when he took on his abuser in the crowd

Safi Thind

Apr 8, 2013

Gayle forces the pace of change

The Cordon: Clad in his space-garb, his gold pads and his gridiron helmet, shoulders rippling under his muscle shirt, Chris Gayle is an implacable object, driving cricket forwards, challenging the world to produce another batsman that plays like him

Jon Hotten

Mar 8, 2013

An encounter with the 'dreaded' Roy Gilchrist

The Stands: A West Indies fan on experiencing the softer side of the once-feared Roy Gilchrist

Richard Minott

Jan 16, 2012

The tortoise can triumph

The Cordon: When Pakistan play England, to paraphrase Coldplay, every series is a watershed. Confrontations are frequent, disagreements a ritual

Kamran Abbasi

Jan 14, 2006

The power of a six

Other: Rodney Cavalier is chairman of the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust; he once said that cricket is one of the few sports where intensity has its own reward for the spectators

ESPNcricinfo staff
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