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Aug 7, 2014

The dark subtexts of cricket literature

The Cordon: Why reading acclaimed works from decades ago is often revealing

Samir Chopra

Jun 20, 2014

A Derbyshire fan in Melbourne

The Cordon: How books, magazines and live scorecard updates allowed an Australian teenager to keep track of county cricket in the 1990s

Russell Jackson

Jun 6, 2014

The generous lender of cricket magazines

The Cordon: Having a neighbour with a cornucopia of cricket literature can be a life-changing experience

Samir Chopra

Jan 30, 2014

In praise of Margaret Hughes

The Cordon: The first woman to write to a high standard on the game was treated a bit like a circus freak when she appeared on the scene

Russell Jackson

Jan 3, 2014

What I read in 2013

The Cordon: There's a surge for immediacy in the modern media but sports books, especially cricket ones, help you slow down

Russell Jackson

Nov 24, 2013

The art of Bishan Bedi in prose

The Cordon: Suresh Menon's biography on the great Indian left-arm spinner is essential reading for all young tweakers

V Ramnarayan

Nov 20, 2013

The little cricket magazine that endured

The Cordon: The ABC Cricket Book was a faithful companion to generations of Australian kids growing up with the game

Russell Jackson

Oct 2, 2013

The man behind the top hat

Cricinfo: Rupert Bates, writing in Wisden India, charts the history of Eric Ravilious, the man who gave the Wisden Almanack its iconic engraving

ESPNcricinfo staff

Sep 19, 2013

Using cricket to tell India's story

Cricinfo: James Astill, author of the Great Indian Tamasha, speaks to the Wall Street Journal about the impact of cricket in India

ESPNcricinfo staff

Sep 17, 2013

What autobiographies tell us

The Cordon: Each era of cricket gets the autobiographies that reflect its culture. So what are the current crop of cricketers saying?

Jon Hotten

Sep 10, 2013

Whither the great cricket novel?

The Cordon: Cricket fiction has not really floated my boat. Who needs made-up heroes when the real-life ones are so wonderful?

Samir Chopra

Aug 28, 2013

A tale of two Ashes books

The Cordon: Two college professors, of politics and philosophy, in two continents, connect through their common love of cricket

Samir Chopra

Jul 2, 2013

The grand online cricket library

The Cordon: We're privileged to be living at a time when there is such a wealth of cricket writing online

Samir Chopra

Jun 26, 2013

The life and times of Dicky Rutnagur


Jun 25, 2013

CMJ and a lesson in reporting on cricket

The Cordon: His book on England's victorious tour of Australia in 1986-87 entertained a ten-year-old and taught him the value of writing on just the sport

Jonathan Wilson

Jun 23, 2013

A complicated colossus of Kiwi cricket

The Cordon: Martin Crowe comes across as intense and angry in his latest book, Raw, but appears laidback when you meet him

Paul Ford

Jun 18, 2013

Chronicles of the ghost-writer

Cricinfo: In a piece in Man's World magazine, Sharda Ugra shares her experience of being a ghost-writer on two cricket biographies - John Wright's Indian Summers and Yuvraj Singh's The Test of My Life: From Cricket to Cancer and Back.

ESPNcricinfo staff

Jun 11, 2013

Patrick Eagar: cricket's visual poet

The Cordon: For fans who grew up before cricket was available ubiquitously through television, the photographer's work holds special meaning

Samir Chopra

May 13, 2013

The legend of Cardus lives on

The Cordon: Neville Cardus' writing is alive, full of daring and almost novelistic observation. Cricket writing owes him a debt of gratitude

Jon Hotten

May 3, 2013

Notes from editors, past and present

Cricinfo: In Wisden India, six editors of the Wisden Cricketers' Almanack share their thoughts on what it means to be a Wisden editor.

ESPNcricinfo staff
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