World Series Cricket

In 1977, frustrated by continual rebuffs from the cosy relationship between Australia’s board and TV companies, Kerry Packer bought over 50 of the leading players and set up a rival organisation. The breakaway lasted until 1979, when the establishment caved in and granted Packer the TV rights he so wanted, and the rebel players were welcomed back into their national sides

Way back when

Greig, Packer, and World Series tea

Back in 1977, this correspondent was at the inception of World Series Cricket. (Sort of)

Kerry played guitar

Tony Greig has no cause to feel anything but proud about his involvement with World Series Cricket - as seminal a turning point as any the game has seen

World Series Cricket revisited

A price for everything

A look back at the Packer revolution, three decades on

A brief history

World Series Cricket

Martin Williamson with a brief overview of World Series Cricket

ICC's decision to ratify FTP

Can the bosses be trusted?

The ICC have decided to ratify their Future Tours Progamme but are the players being treated as an afterthought, asks Martin Williamson

The media magnate who reshaped cricket

Kerry Packer dies aged 68

Kerry Packer died on Boxing Day at the age of 68