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Dec 19, 2014

Would Brearley have picked Cook as captain?

The Cordon: Cook lacks certain qualities the ex-England captain listed as those necessary for an ideal leader, in particular, charisma

Nicholas Hogg

Dec 18, 2014

A multitude of issues for England


ESPNcricinfo staff

Dec 15, 2014

A Test match for the ages

The Cordon: The Adelaide Test was pulsating, dramatic and poignant, and threw up questions about India's captaincy, and the absence of the DRS

Michael Jeh

Nov 30, 2014

Misbah, the unobtrusive hero

The Stands: Misbal-ul-Haq may not have the inventiveness of Javed Miandad or instantly-recognisable presence at the crease, like Inzaman-ul-Haq, but he is rock solid, an attribute valued highly in Test cricket

Bill Ricquier

Oct 14, 2014

Misbah's place in Pakistan history

The Cordon: He was the next great leader after Abdul Kardar and Imran Khan, standing between Pakistan cricket and its end

Kamran Abbasi

Sep 7, 2014

Spinners need intelligent, trusting captains to thrive

The Cordon: A captain must be able to understand a spinner's craft if he is to manage him properly and set the right fields

V Ramnarayan

Aug 27, 2014

Cook's boys are all right

Cricinfo: Stephen Brenkley, in the Independent, comes to the support of England's ODI side, whose composition has been under question with the World Cup around the corner

Aug 12, 2014

Is Pakistan's slow approach now holding them back?

The Cordon: Under Misbah-ul-Haq, Pakistan have had a lot of success when they have batted for time and strangled teams with spin. But they may need a different tactic now

Ahmer Naqvi

Aug 1, 2014

How exactly does one 'lead by example'?

The Cordon: A captain needs to do enough as an individual to retain respect and control, but exceptional performances may not result in even greater influence

Alex Bowden

Jul 30, 2014

Cook's Brearley lesson

The Cordon: Mike Brearley managed to remain an outstanding captain despite his consistent failures with the bat. Is there a lesson in there for England's current skipper?

Jon Hotten

Jul 30, 2014

Why we need Cook to succeed

Page 2: Because there is no one else who can captain this England side

Andrew Hughes

Jul 27, 2014

The geometry of captaincy

The Cordon: Maybe leadership in cricket is not so much about the art of captaincy as about the real-time computing of information

Scott Oliver

Jul 11, 2014

Are you born to captain?

The Cordon: Are some people just made to lead and the rest to follow? Let's examine the case of the two Captains Cook

Nicholas Hogg

Jun 25, 2014

Tend to Cook the batsman, before Cook the captain

Cricinfo: Mike Selvey, in the Guardian, casts the magnifying glass on the captain Alastair Cook and suggests he might be trying too hard to change himself and the process if proving to be detrimental

May 5, 2014

Australia's rise and the climb ahead

The Cordon: Under Michael Clarke, they have had a fantastic summer. But can they continue to keep the competition at bay in Tests, and win the World Cup?

Michael Jeh

Apr 5, 2014

Wadekar's shoes and a Karnataka triumph

Cricinfo: In the Telegraph, historian Ramachandra Guha reminisces about Karnataka's semi-final against Bombay in March 1974, en route to their first Ranji Trophy title

ESPNcricinfo staff

Mar 21, 2014

The Tendulkar-Brearley conundrum

The Cordon: The stereotype of the hero-worshipping Indian fan ignores evidence that seemingly skewed fandom is also present in supposedly more rational settings

Samir Chopra

Mar 20, 2014

The what-ifs of Wasim Akram's captaincy

The Cordon: His stats, and the list of great players who flourished under him, indicate he ought to be up there with Imran and the rest. But is he?

Hassan Cheema

Feb 15, 2014

The golden trio of Pakistani captaincy

The Cordon: Misbah has been a terrific leader but it's still not enough to knock off Imran, Mushtaq and Kardar off their lofty perch

Hassan Cheema

Jan 31, 2014

From 'sarong Johnnie' to national icon

The Cordon: By refusing to back down, Arjuna Ranatunga proved to the opposition and his own team that Sri Lanka had earned the right to compete as equals

Janaka Malwatta
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