Will India play cricket, not politics?

They can be a transformative force in the sport, and honouring the commitment to play Pakistan will show they take that role seriously

Victims of circumstance

A look at four players whose Test careers and ambitions were thwarted by cancelled tours

Pakistan cricket

It's never just cricket in Pakistan

Nadeem Paracha, in Dawn, presents a chronicle of curious selections, protests, regional rivalries and religious influences that have followed Pakistan cricket

India cricket

Memories of a jolly raconteur

In Wisden India, Saurabh Somani pays tribute to former BCCI secretary, Jaywant Lele, who died on Thursday

Australia news

Fawad Ahmed's brave stance maintains team harmony

Malcolm Knox, in the Sydney Morning Herald, and Joe Gorman, in the Guardian offer their views on the controversy regarding Fawad Ahmed's decision to not sport a sponsor logo on his Australia shirt

Australian cricket

Bracken looks to trade dressing room for political office

Nathan Bracken announced that he would be running as an independent in the Central Coast federal elections for the New South Wales seat of Dobell against former Labor MP Craig Thomson

Pakistan cricket

The talented Mr Najam Sethi

Mani Khawaja insists a tide of criticism against Najam Sethi's appointment as interim president of the PCB is a manifestation of people wanting to stir things up in a satirical blog entry at the Express Tribune

Pakistan in India 2012-13

We need a longer season of cricket goodwill

It is the season of goodwill. Pakistan's cricketers are in India to restart the healing process for fractured political relationships.