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Ryder assault had everything to do with alcohol

Soon after news of Jesse Ryder's terrible injuries made the news, we were assured by the NZCPA and Cricket Wellington that the violent assault on him was 'not an alcohol-related incident.'

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The instinct of walking away

Michael Jeh discusses the importance of training a cricketer's instincts to recognise and walk away from danger in public interactions


Cricket washed down with Australia's mess?

With the critical report published into Australian sport, Michael Jeh looks at how relevant the 10 points are to cricket

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Gideon Haigh joins Jarrod Kimber to discuss the ACC report, betting, drugs and TV deals

Time to close the Rahul-Parnell case

By all accounts, Rahul and Parnell did what a pair of young men might do in a big city once the working day is done


The drugs do work

World cricket could be on the cusp of facing a huge drugs problem


Pardoning Agassi will allow other players to cross the line

Grand slam champion Andre Agassi's admission to using drugs during his career is not only damaging for his reputation but for the sport itself, writes Harsha Bhogle in the Indian Express .


'Viv's drug was his passion for cricket'

While rubbishing former Pakistan batsman Qasim Omar's claims that Viv Richards used to take performance enhancing drugs in his time, his brother Mervyn Richards has said the only thing that kept him going was an undying passion for the game