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Apr 16, 2014

A measure for batting and bowling effectiveness in T20

The Cordon: Strike rates and economy rates do not quite tell the whole story. Introducing a new, two-dimensional method of assessing players in T20

Kartikeya Date

Apr 12, 2014

Team performance analysis in T20 internationals

The Cordon: Who defends well and who chases a target better?

Anantha Narayanan

Mar 24, 2014

Why T20 is a disfigured caricature of cricket

The Cordon: Scaling the contest down to 20 overs without changing the rules only leads to a grotesque imbalance between bat and ball

Kartikeya Date

Mar 15, 2014

Test top-score analysis: Bradman and Lara dominate

The Cordon: An analysis that identifies the most dominant innings by batsmen in Tests, in the context of contributions by other batsmen to the team score

Anantha Narayanan

Mar 8, 2014

Forgotten Test innings: Readers' XV

The Cordon: A look at readers' choice of 15 forgotten but impactful innings in Tests

Anantha Narayanan

Mar 1, 2014

Running the rule over modern English batsmen

The Cordon: Why Atherton, Thorpe and other batsmen from the 1980s and 1990s were no worse than the current crop

Kartikeya Date

Feb 18, 2014

Mitchell mayhem, and a Wellington Vesuvius

Page 2: A refreshing dip in the numerical magma chamber of the second New Zealand-India Test, and more

Andy Zaltzman

Feb 14, 2014

Which batsmen thrive against the best bowlers?

The Cordon: Why Tendulkar and Lara were superior all-round Test players, and why Sangakkara is a freak

Kartikeya Date

Feb 8, 2014

Test series analysis - beyond the scorecard

The Cordon: An in-depth look at the most comprehensive series wins in Test history

Anantha Narayanan

Feb 5, 2014

Bowling averages and beyond: spinners

The Cordon: The two phases of Warne's career, and the challenge for fingerspinners in Tests

Kartikeya Date

Jan 25, 2014

A chink in the armour

The Cordon: An analytical study of the most frequent modes of dismissals for leading Test batsmen

Anantha Narayanan

Jan 22, 2014

How good is Australia's pace trio?

The Cordon: Johnson was often unplayable but Australia's support bowlers were equally important to their victorious campaign

Kartikeya Date

Jan 19, 2014

What's wrong with being a bully at home?

The Cordon: Asian batsmen only get recognition when they do well in the "foreign" conditions of Australia, England, South Africa and New Zealand. The reverse rarely applies

Hassan Cheema

Jan 18, 2014

Ashes 2013-14 and India in SA: head-to-head analysis

The Cordon: An analysis of the head-to-head confrontations in the Ashes and India in South Africa series

Anantha Narayanan

Jan 16, 2014

How does one measure T20 proficiency?

The Cordon: The traditional data range of cricket statistics is far too narrow and its focus sometimes irrelevant to the requirements of the shortest format

Russell Jackson

Jan 14, 2014

A golden age of cricketing travel sickness

Page 2: In which we explore the magical world of whitewashes and why teams seem to be so rubbish at touring these days

Andy Zaltzman

Jan 11, 2014

Would you pick Haddin over Gilchrist for an Ashes Test?

The Cordon: Haddin's record against England is better than his illustrious predecessor's, and he played for a far weaker team

Kartikeya Date

Jan 2, 2014

Can Kallis really be called an allrounder?

The Cordon: Jacques Kallis was among the greatest of batsmen who could bowl, but he doesn't belong to the pantheon of legendary allrounders like Sobers, Imran and Botham

Kartikeya Date

Dec 31, 2013

Is Misbah one of Pakistan's best captains?

The Cordon: If you go by the numbers of wins and individual performances while in charge, he hasn't done too badly

Ahmer Naqvi

Dec 28, 2013

HSI - A new and exciting measure for ODIs

The Cordon: An analysis to identify the best ODI innings and careers with a new metric - HSI

Anantha Narayanan
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