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Oct 27, 2014

A comparison of the Fletcher and Flower eras

The Cordon: Though both coaches had more wins than losses, Fletcher's team competed better against top-quality opposition and were more dominant at home

Kartikeya Date

Oct 26, 2014

Sri Lanka need to trust their own

The Cordon: There's still a tendency to look overseas when it comes to picking the coach. Are there grounds for this?

Janaka Malwatta

Sep 16, 2014

The nature v nurture debate in cricket

Cricinfo: In an article for Aeon magazine, David Papineau explores the idea of nature v nurture in cricket by comparing it with other sports

ESPNcricinfo staff

Aug 18, 2014

How much practice is enough practice?

The Cordon: Deciding how much time to set aside to unwind is a dilemma in any profession. In sport, it's all down to the player, not the coach

Jonathan Wilson

May 25, 2014

Is the era of the factory-produced cricketer upon us?

The Cordon: Young aspirants in India today have their futures planned to a t by their parents, coaches and academies. Perhaps the old ways were better

V Ramnarayan

May 6, 2014

The Waqar silver lining

The Cordon: The one good thing that may come of the latest shake-up in Pakistan's cricket administration is that Waqar Younis returns to the coach's job

Hassan Cheema

Apr 28, 2014

'We got trainers, but I had to train them too!'

Cricinfo: In an interview with Wisden India, UAE coach and former Pakistan fast bowler Aaqid Javed shares his early experiences of working with the team

ESPNcricinfo staff

Apr 25, 2014

The high-wire act of modern coaching

The Cordon: While the media and fans are quick to blame the coach when everything is going wrong, there is little or no credit attributed to him when success does come

Russell Jackson

Apr 24, 2014

Moores and the shadow of the past

The Cordon: His second spell as England coach might be nothing like his first, but memories of it will hover nevertheless

Jon Hotten

Apr 15, 2014

You can't control talent, only channel it

The Cordon: Cricket runs the risk of going down the route of over-coaching, like in some other sports - which is not ideal in a game that is as much about art as about science

Jon Hotten

Mar 31, 2014

The need to simplify batting

Cricinfo: In his column for the Hindu, Greg Chappell stresses on the need to introduce simplicity in teaching young cricketers the art of batting

ESPNcricinfo staff

Mar 30, 2014

How will the Pybus Report fare?

Cricinfo: Tony Becca in Jamaica Gleaner is impressed with the changes proposed by WICB's Systems Report for 2014 but is wary of the challenges of implementing them on the field

Mar 18, 2014

Coached by Goochie

The Cordon: How many of us can claim to have attended a masterclass with England's most prolific run scorer?

Jon Hotten

Mar 4, 2014

Can Flower bring art to the science of coaching?

The Cordon: Great coaches understand the fluidity of technique, the role of imagination, the constant forward momentum of the game

Jon Hotten

Jan 9, 2014

Give Flower all the power


ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 29, 2013

Youtube, Shizuka Miyaji's first coach

Cricinfo: Carly Adno in Australia's Telegraph explores the origins of Japan's captain and allrounder Shizuka Miyaji

ESPNcricinfo staff

Oct 14, 2013

Practice makes perfect?

The Cordon: Does a technical, complex sport like cricket contain new tricks that can't be taught to old dogs?

Nicholas Hogg

Oct 14, 2013

'I tried to model my one-day game on Michael Bevan'

Specials: Mike Hussey talks about developing his limited-overs skills, his relationship with Cricket Australia, the need for better pitches in domestic cricket, and the Gurunath Meiyappan controversy

Interview by Subash Jayaraman

Oct 6, 2013

Australia's grassroots problem

The Cordon: Is it worth forking out the equivalent of a month's mortgage for your ten-year-old to play for a representative team?

Michael Jeh

Sep 30, 2013

'My biggest mistake was refusing the Pakistan captaincy'

Specials: Former Pakistan allrounder Azhar Mahmood talks about his brief Test career, touring the world as a T20 franchise cricketer, and passing on bowling tips to younger players

Interview by Subash Jayaraman
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