The IPL mess

An opportunity for a clean-up

The scrapping of two IPL franchises just may be the opportunity the league needs to fashion itself as a world-class enterprise, but will the BCCI take it up?

Ten Years After Cronje

Cricket and the lure of betting

Each IPL game fetches upwards of £10 million in legal bets. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Will legalising betting in India end the fixing menace once and for all?

Equality isn't excellence

Despite India's early exit from the World Twenty20 for a second time in a row, the BCCI hasn't grasped the harm the IPL's bloated schedule is doing

Tariq Engineer

Indian Premier League

Going global IPL's best bet, say experts

The alleged proposal to create a parallel IPL in England has attracted plenty of attention and criticism but experts feel it is inevitable for the league to thrive and grow