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The start of something very special

Jun 13, 2015: The 16-year-old WG Grace made an impact in his very first match 150 years ago

Martin Williamson

Ask Steven

Sri Lanka's half-century, and 386 five-fors

Aug 6, 2007: The regular Monday column in which Steven Lynch answers your questions about (almost) any aspect of cricket

Steven Lynch


Midwinter's midsummer madness

May 21, 2005: A tale of a comic kidnapping

Jenny Thompson

May 1962

WG's bad-tempered brother

Jun 11, 2004: No cricketer, surely, has ever enjoyed the battle more; none ever argued more with umpires, players and spectators alike; none ever departed more reluctantly from the wicket when batting, or disagreed more verbosely with decisions when bowling than

RC Robertson-Glasgow

WG Grace

More than one amazing Grace

Jul 21, 1998: This column is dedicated, not to W G Grace, whose 150th anniversary has been celebrated elsewhere, but to his brothers, who have received less than their share of reflected glory

Donald Trelford

England v Australia, The Oval, 1880

I was there

Sep 1939: In the 1939 Autumn Annual, Revd CJM Godfrey wrote of his memories of attending the first Test in England, at The Oval in September 1880, as a schoolboy

Edward M Grace

1911: MR

England v Australia, only Test, The Oval

England squeeze home in country's first Test

Sep 8, 1880: The hastily-arranged match between the Australians and an England XI captained by Lord Harris, now deemed to be the first Test staged in England, was won by the home side but produced a thrilling contest which ebbed and flowed to the end

Martin Williamson
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