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I was checking the backs of my whites, making sure they weren't too brown. He was quite quick.

Brad Hogg remembers the first time he faced Brett Lee in a state second XI match in the 1990s

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When I was pitted against Virat Kohli, I gave up.

India Women's captain Mithali Raj is surprised to beat Virat Kohli to the Padma Shri, India's fourth-highest civilian award

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All the muppets who are on £18 grand, £15 grand, either you become better or you go and do something else

Kevin Pietersen has a suggestion for improving quality in English domestic cricket, the day before failing to take Melbourne Stars into final of BBL

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Individuals are birds of passage while institutions are forever

India's Supreme Court on N Srinivasan and the BCCI

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It's written in his contract that he has to hit the winning runs

Brad Haddin on Australia allrounder James Faulkner

Jan 21, 2015 Tweet | Share

Well played AB de Villiers. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite enough to get Netherlands Cricket out of the record books for conceding highest-ever total

Netherlands batsman Tom Cooper's tongue-in-cheek response as, despite AB de Villiers' heroics, South Africa fell short of the highest ODI total by four runs

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I am trying to understand what's happening but I can't

Michael Holding admits Chris Gayle's approach in the first ODI baffled him

Jan 16, 2015 Tweet | Share

A week ago I was a Blackcap, now I can't even afford shoes! Haha.

James Neesham, after suffering the twin indignities of a World Cup exclusion and a broken pair of flip-flops

Jan 14, 2015 Tweet | Share

We have gone into this theory of three seamers and one spinner the moment we sit on an aircraft which travels more than seven hours

Anil Kumble feels India's bowling composition in overseas Tests is too rigid

Jan 12, 2015 Tweet | Share

I have seen a lot of ads about protea fire. I guess Cape Town will be blazing tomorrow but with a maroon flame.

Darren Sammy has a dig at South African cricket's marketing campaign

Jan 8, 2015 Tweet | Share

It kind of felt like I was the library in a theme park.

Kane Williamson, on batting in partnership with Brendon McCullum during his whirlwind 134-ball 195 in Christchurch

Jan 1, 2015 Tweet | Share

Now even PETA has said you can't cosmetically remove the tail.

Of late India's tail has been letting the team down repeatedly, and MS Dhoni can't see a solution to that problem

Dec 31, 2014 Tweet | Share

That sums up the wicket. If I'm getting runs on it.

Ryan Harris on the MCG pitch

Dec 28, 2014 Tweet | Share

You can see the front line, it does not move, put your foot on it.

No-balls really do annoy Michael Holding

Dec 26, 2014 Tweet | Share

I'd like to say it's hard to miss, but I won't

Chris Rogers on being hit on the box by Ishant Sharma in the first over of the Boxing Day Test at the MCG

Dec 26, 2014 Tweet | Share

As my mates told me, that's the first hundred I've scored on TV for a while

Alastair Cook quips after beating James Anderson in a leg of darts

Dec 24, 2014 Tweet | Share

We shouldn't leave so much grass where even a 120kph bowler appears like Malcolm Marshall.

Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh is aggrieved by the new trend of preparing green pitches in domestic cricket

Dec 23, 2014 Tweet | Share

I am happy about my achievements and records but the only regret I have is losing the fastest ODI century record.

Shahid Afridi is as frank as ever after announcing his decision to quit ODIs post the 2015 World Cup

Dec 21, 2014 Tweet | Share

When an Aussie sledges it's aggression but if an Indian sledges it's unnecessary and foolish.

VVS Laxman on the brouhaha over India's sledging on the third day in the Brisbane Test

Dec 20, 2014 Tweet | Share

If he had to get out there, we wouldn't have been able to keep the ball out of his hand.

Mohammed Moosajee, South African team manager, on why Allan Donald did not come out as 14th man in Centurion

Dec 19, 2014 Tweet | Share

I'll put that in the same category as the third new ball. Over-rated. Huddles are over-rated.

It's almost mandatory for teams these days, but Mark Taylor doesn't think much of them

Dec 19, 2014 Tweet | Share

If I'm playing the peacemaker, you can imagine what was going on out there.

Virat Kohli on the rising tensions between players on the fourth day of the Adelaide Test

Dec 13, 2014 Tweet | Share

Michael, change of plan. Some Bodyline, son.

Umpire Ian Gould tells Michael Clarke that Varun Aaron is coming around the wicket

Dec 10, 2014 Tweet | Share

His deal with himself was he would buy a new cow for his herd every time he hit a 100. The herd grew very quickly.

Phillip Hughes' friend Corey Ireland, during his eulogy

Dec 3, 2014 Tweet | Share

A bowler will always be a mirage and a batsman will always be water.

R Ashwin waxes metaphorical as he tells the BCCI website that cricket is a batsman's game

Dec 1, 2014 Tweet | Share

I think 99% of bowlers these days would fail the 15 degree test

Saeed Ajmal doesn't pull any punches when discussing suspect actions

Nov 24, 2014 Tweet | Share

It's got nothing to do about I'll see you in the car park and we'll beat the crap out of each other.

Dale Steyn tries to set the record straight about his confrontation with Michael Clarke during the Cape Town Test earlier this year

Nov 18, 2014 Tweet | Share

The Test series is big, but at the end of the day, if they do well in the World Cup no one will care about the Test series over there.

Former Australian bowler Stuart Clark thinks the upcoming Tests in Australia are not India's No. 1 priority

Nov 13, 2014 Tweet | Share

Maybe I need to touch up the eyebrows.

Australia's Aaron Finch after nearly being singed by a flame-thrower near the boundary during the first Twenty20

Nov 6, 2014 Tweet | Share

I was telling people if every time I answered a question about Multan I got a rupee, I would be a multimillionaire by now.

Rahul Dravid on the number of times he has been asked about his declaration in the 2003-04 Multan Test when Sachin Tendulkar was on 194

Nov 6, 2014 Tweet | Share

The hard thing about Pakistan is that they throw up these cricketers you've never seen before

Steve Waugh praises Pakistan's ability to keep discovering fresh talent, evident in their 221-run victory against Australia in Dubai

Oct 29, 2014 Tweet | Share

Speak to my wife, we should have kept going!

Geoff Marsh on the fact both his sons - Shaun and Mitchell - are now Australian Test cricketers

Oct 22, 2014 Tweet | Share

They are called the Tigers, which is a tough animal; you mess around with a tiger it kills you. We have to respect the Tigers, especially in their own forest.

​Zimbabwe coach Stephen Mangongo isn't going to be taking Bangladesh lightly

Oct 21, 2014 Tweet | Share

A person is made of this earth, which has not been discovered completely yet.

Saqlain Mushtaq was asked if there can be further innovation to the doosra. This was his reply

Oct 15, 2014 Tweet | Share

'Okay, Anil is the only guy. Let's give it to him.'

Anil Kumble explains how he became India's Test captain when no one else wanted it, or was ready for it

Oct 15, 2014 Tweet | Share

Guys are up there trying to eat their breakfasts quicker than each other now

Brad Haddin on Australia's competitiveness, when asked if there was tension between his team and Pakistan

Oct 9, 2014 Tweet | Share

I've watched more cricket than I've played. So there's enough in this upper-storey that can be used before I forget it.

Ravi Shastri, India's new director of cricket, believes he has a lot to offer the team

Oct 7, 2014 Tweet | Share

First of all, I should get into the XI.

Darren Sammy, when asked if he would like to bat higher during the ODIs against India

Oct 2, 2014 Tweet | Share

It's almost like Indians have chillies from a very early age, therefore if you eat chilli it doesn't really bother you. But if we eat chilli, it burns our mouth, which is the same while playing spin.

Justin Langer the Perth Scorchers coach, on why Australians struggle against spin

Oct 1, 2014 Tweet | Share

Wicket-taker, contains, and he does it in a short-sleeved shirt, which is nice to see for a spinner.

George Bailey believes his Kings XI Punjab team-mate, left-arm spinner Akshar Patel, has plenty of talent and nothing to hide

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