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There are generally no reporters at our matches, either to see our team's performances, or my dimples.

Mithali Raj, captain of the Indian women's team, bemoans the lack of media coverage of women's cricket

Dec 25, 2007 Tweet | Share

My lifetime was associated with bouncers but the sweetest bouncer I received was when Pawar told me that I would be receiving the award.

Former Indian captain Nari Contractor on receiving the Indian board's Lifetime Achievement Award. Contractor's career had been cut short by a vicious bouncer from Charlie Griffith

Dec 21, 2007 Tweet | Share

I was waiting for him to break my record [227], but the power went off when he was on 225. I missed the moment.

Former Indian batsman Vinod Kambli didn't get to see Sourav Ganguly creating a new record for the highest score by an Indian left-hander

Dec 16, 2007 Tweet | Share

He is my hero and playing against him is a special moment in my life. I cherish that.

Sachin Tendulkar reflects on playing against Viv Richards during a Yorkshire-Glamorgan county match

Dec 2, 2007 Tweet | Share

I just look at my pictures sometimes and see if the photo is good.

While some cricketers read newspaper reports on themselves, Robin Uthappa strays clear of the text and flips through the pages for another reason

Nov 14, 2007 Tweet | Share

I am handsome but all the actresses can wait.

A modest Sreesanth disappoints the beauties who can't wait to star opposite him

Oct 31, 2007 Tweet | Share

You [media people] change my girlfriends every two days. Please let one continue for some time."

Mahendra Singh Dhoni gives a tongue-in-cheek reply on being quizzed about his love life

Oct 29, 2007 Tweet | Share

It's me who's going to pay the fines and not you. I am on the right track and I will continue doing it.

Sreesanth shrugs off his repeated visits to the match referee with a smile

Oct 26, 2007 Tweet | Share

I am a child, they are all legends.

... says Sreesanth about facing the Australians

Oct 11, 2007 Tweet | Share

Cricket is about, bat ball, stump, wicket, fielding, what else is there? You use the same words in Hindi and English. I can understand that. I am from a village, I am just 24, I have played international cricket only for a year, but I am not an idiot.

Munaf Patel when asked about the problem of communication he was said to have faced within the team

Oct 2, 2007 Tweet | Share

The only time I took a ride in an open bus was in Belfast, earlier in the summer. But it was so cold that I had to quickly take shelter in the covered deck.

Sourav Ganguly's take on the open bus ride which the Twenty20 champions enjoyed

Oct 1, 2007 Tweet | Share

We are told that Mumbai is a city which is always on the move. See, me and my boys have brought the entire city to a standstill today."

Mahendra Singh Dhoni after the Indian team received a tumultuous welcome from adoring fans on returning to India

Sep 30, 2007 Tweet | Share

Before I start I should say I read an article by you in Cricinfo. You'd said Australia were the favourites. Today I think me and the boys, we proved you wrong.

Speaking to Ravi Shastri after India's victory over Australia in the semi-finals of the ICC World Twenty20, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India's Twenty20 and ODI captain, tells all that he reads Cricinfo. And apparently it's inspired him.

Sep 23, 2007 Tweet | Share

A lot of people tell me I bat like him, but I'm not even halfway there.

Yuvraj Singh dismisses comparisons with West Indian legend Garry Sobers after his six sixes in an over kept India alive in the ICC World Twenty20

Sep 20, 2007 Tweet | Share

There is a shelf life to the captaincy in India in which you can give it your best. Maybe the shelf lives are becoming shorter as time goes by.

Rahul Dravid explains his decision to resign as India's captain

Sep 16, 2007 Tweet | Share

I think he is a style icon and whatever he wears he is quite comfortable in them. I admire him a lot.

Kapil Dev has style. It's official: fashion designer Anjana Bhargav says so

Aug 23, 2007 Tweet | Share

I wanted to play for a county, but nobody seemed interested in taking me.

Surprisingly, it's lean pickings for Virender Sehwag, who will make a comeback to the Indian team for the ICC World Twenty20

Aug 22, 2007 Tweet | Share

He [Muttiah Muralitharan] should just think that when a dog bites, you don't go and bite the dog.

Arjuna Ranatunga, speaking to an Indian television channel, advises Muralitharan on dealing with Bishan Bedi

Aug 15, 2007 Tweet | Share

If I was sitting in an armchair then I'd be disappointed as well.

Rahul Dravid with a message for armchair fans who were critical of his decision not to enforce the follow-on at The Oval

Aug 12, 2007 Tweet | Share

People say that sport is not a matter of life and death, but for a few seconds there I thought my number was up.

Kevin Pietersen is not too proud to reveal that Sreesanth's beamer was the first time he was shaken up on a cricket pitch

Aug 2, 2007 Tweet | Share

He's a batsman with a pair of gloves, maybe for no apparent reason.

David Lloyd doesn't give Mahendra Singh Dhoni's keeping a huge vote of confidence as he fumbles the ball

Aug 1, 2007 Tweet | Share

The problem is when you behave like he behaves, then people will start to ask questions.

Michael Holding's views on Sreesanth after a head-high beamer to Kevin Pietersen

Aug 1, 2007 Tweet | Share

For f***'s sake.

Non striker Michael Vaughan after Sreesanth bowled a head-high beamer at Kevin Pietersen. Sreesanth was later fined 50% of his match fee after earlier barging into Vaughan deliberately

Aug 1, 2007 Tweet | Share

I think he prefers the blue ones to the pink ones."

Paul Collingwood pours petrol on the jellybeans fire. Zaheer had the last laugh with five second-innings wickets

Aug 1, 2007 Tweet | Share

I can't forget the time he once told a team meeting - 'The day I stop thinking of money, I will stagnate.'"

Bishan Bedi on Sunil Gavaskar, his former India team-mate

Jun 22, 2007 Tweet | Share

He loves India. He has named his child India. His biggest player is actually Tendulkar. Right now I'm hoping Tendulkar does not hit a catch to him because he will probably drop it to watch him bat.

Irving Romaine on team-mate Lionel Cann, who is just a bit overawed by being at the World Cup

Mar 3, 2007 Tweet | Share

They didn't even read it. They are all biased. There is no misappropriation. It is only their misinterpretation.

An angry Jagmohan Dalmiya after he was expelled from the BCCI. A 46-page report he submitted in his defence was not even read before the decision was taken

Dec 16, 2006 Tweet | Share

Mercy ... it is getting just too boring.

A headline in the Hindustan Times suggests that their cricket correspondent had had enough after four days of the Duleep Trophy final

Oct 10, 2006 Tweet | Share

What Indian farmers could not do to Sharad Pawar, Australian cricketers did.

Columnist TJS George puts the life of the Indian farmers in perspective

Oct 5, 2006 Tweet | Share

Cricket in India is not a religion, as has been said, nor is one-day cricket. Only one-day cricket involving India attracts public attention.

Journalist Scyld Berry goes a step further than Manjrekar

Sep 29, 2006 Tweet | Share

[I am] not a good watcher of the game... I think cricket is a boring game to watch".

Sunil Gavaskar reveals his feelings to a conference on blogging

Sep 9, 2006 Tweet | Share

I've been practising hard. I'm looking forward to the Test series in the Caribbean. Let's see."

Sourav Ganguly being the eternal optimist

May 28, 2006 Tweet | Share

They all want my son to retire but Sourav will not retire till his death.

Chandi Ganguly speaks up for his son without any fear of being cautioned

May 21, 2006 Tweet | Share

It's not a turning of a page in history but a rewriting of a chapter.

Raj Singh Dungarpur, the Cricket Club of India president, waxes emotional on the return of one-day international cricket to the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai

May 15, 2006 Tweet | Share

There were snide remarks from the British media about some of the hotels in India, very cleverly forgetting that hotels in places like Durham and Derby or Sussex are pathetic, to say the least. At least none of the Indian hotels are known to be haunted as the one in Durham is.

Sunil Gavaskar isn't happy about the British media, or the hotels over there

May 2, 2006 Tweet | Share

It really surprises me ... you are so consistent and I'm not

Sachin Tendulkar, on his 33rd birthday, thanks the media for their unwavering love and affection and assures himself of a good press into the bargain

Apr 25, 2006 Tweet | Share

Every demagogue in town has vented his spleen. Every Tom, Dick and Soumitra has voiced an opinion.

Peter Roebuck on the hysterical reaction accompanying Sourav Ganguly's exclusion

Dec 17, 2005 Tweet | Share

I always viewed him as a once-in-20 games bowler.

Arjuna Ranatunga offers his frank views on Ajit Agarkar

Nov 29, 2005 Tweet | Share

I like Sourav's arrogance. I don't like him begging for a place. He should stand tall and perform consistently to get back into the team. That is the Sourav Ganguly I know.

Kapil Dev has some advice for Sourav Ganguly

Nov 21, 2005 Tweet | Share

I told my boys that I have kept my record of losing finals intact.

Sourav Ganguly lets out a wry smile after East Zone lose in the Duleep Trophy final

Nov 15, 2005 Tweet | Share

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