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They are friends and love each other. That brought them so close together

Shahid Afridi has an interesting spin on the mid-pitch altercation between Harbhajan Singh and Shoaib Akhtar during the India-Pakistan game in Dambulla

Jun 20, 2010 Tweet | Share

They have not come here on holiday

Shahid Afridi on being asked whether youngsters like Asad Shafiq, Shahzaib Hasan and Umar Amin will be blooded during the Asia Cup

Jun 14, 2010 Tweet | Share

Has your goalkeeping improved?

The first thing Wasim Akram asked Kamran Akmal when the latter paid him a visit

May 1, 2010 Tweet | Share

As far as the selectors were aware, Younis [Khan] was sitting somewhere in the sea.

Iqbal Qasim, who recently stepped as Pakistan's chief selector, describes the difficulties in tracing Younis Khan, before deciding whether to pick him for the Australia tour

Feb 10, 2010 Tweet | Share

Perhaps he didn't appreciate the lunch he was given in Australia

Graeme Smith on Shahid Afridi's ball-gnawing act which resulted in a two-match ban

Feb 1, 2010 Tweet | Share

No I was just trying to smell it, how it is feeling

Shahid Afridi's initial response when asked by ABC whether he was trying to bite the ball

Feb 1, 2010 Tweet | Share

It just happened, probably he was eating an apple you know.

A clueless Intikhab Alam cannot explain what Shahid Afridi was up to with the ball

Jan 31, 2010 Tweet | Share

I would give Wolverine a set of inners [gloves] and back him to catch more with those hands.

Kerry O'Keeffe on Kamran Akmal after the Pakistan wicketkeeper dropped four catches during the second innings at the SCG

Jan 7, 2010 Tweet | Share

Yes, because both sides have such bad batsmen. That's my honest opinion, they're useless.

Napier curator Phil Stoyanoff on why he thought the pitch would produce a result in the third Test. Stephen Hill, NZC's public affairs manager, said he hoped the comments would be used "in context and with restraint".

Dec 11, 2009 Tweet | Share

Not me. I would have never done that. It's not my job.

Waqar Younis confesses on air as he sees Umar Gul dive full length at mid-off to save a boundary

Nov 27, 2009 Tweet | Share

Rana Naved-ul Hasan has a lot more hair than when I last saw him... It takes one to recognise one

Harsha Bhogle has a nice line in self-deprecation on the subject of hair transplants

Sep 27, 2009 Tweet | Share

There is no fear, he is not a jin-bhoot [ghost].

Younis Khan may fear the supernatural but he doesn't fear Sachin Tendulkar.

Sep 25, 2009 Tweet | Share

As far as cricket goes there is lot of laughing and crying, and in my case there was more crying. Even in life there is lot of struggle, but I have enjoyed my cricket and will continue enjoying it

Shahid Afridi on his journey to captaincy

Sep 23, 2009 Tweet | Share

The one thing you know about Pakistan is that you have no idea what they will do

Ian Chappell echoes the general perception surrounding Pakistan's tendency to be erratic

Sep 22, 2009 Tweet | Share

When I was really small, I loved the Pakistan cricket team... I was a bowler, so I really enjoyed watching [Waqar Younis]. I was a big fan until I got older, when I noticed that I should actually support my home team.

The world's fastest man, Jamaica's Usain Bolt, on his first love in cricket - Pakistan and everything Pakistani

Aug 19, 2009 Tweet | Share

Once when I met Geoff Boycott he pulled my shirt up to look at my back and he asked how on earth I could generate pace like that from such a skinny and weak body.

Mohammad Zahid reflects on his glory days

Aug 4, 2009 Tweet | Share

I would like them to remember me as the craziest cricketer that ever played for Pakistan.

Shahid Afridi on his legacy

Jul 13, 2009 Tweet | Share

I will request the government and WAPDA to at least minimise the excessive load-shedding [power cuts] in Nawan Kali.

The World Twenty20's leading wicket-taker Umar Gul plans to use his new-found hero status for some social good

Jun 24, 2009 Tweet | Share

In this form it is better to take it easy and have fun. It is like WWF.

Pakistan captain Younis Khan continues to campaign for fun in Twenty20

Jun 10, 2009 Tweet | Share

It would be sad if we don't make it, but I have never attached too much importance to Twenty20 cricket, as it is fun cricket. I mean it is more for entertainment, even if it is international cricket. It is all for the crowd.

Younis Khan doesn't seem to care much about Pakistan's heavy defeat to England

Jun 7, 2009 Tweet | Share

The medical board has reported that Shoaib Akhtar was suffering from genital viral warts, and electrofulguration was done on May 12, 2009.

The Pakistan Cricket Board offer an advisory over Shoaib Akhtar's latest injury problem and, for once, offer rather too much information

May 21, 2009 Tweet | Share

From economy to daily life to cricket, everything is hurt in Pakistan only because of our unnecessary involvement in war. Teams are refusing to come to Pakistan because of that war.

Imran Khan on what is causing all the turmoil in Pakistan

Feb 4, 2009 Tweet | Share

The boys will all have to get together and wave their magic wands. I can't just wave it by myself.

Younis Khan declares that Pakistan will need to take recourse to the supernatural to get themselves up on their feet again

Jan 28, 2009 Tweet | Share

Look what India did to Pakistan. They just let us down.

Former ICC president Ehsan Mani warns the Pakistan board to look away from India for support among Test-playing countries

Dec 27, 2008 Tweet | Share

Pakistan cricket is more sinned against than sinning.

Pakistan board chairman Ijaz Butt takes a gloomy view of the latest tour cancellation to the country

Dec 19, 2008 Tweet | Share

The terrorists will never target cricketers, knowing that they will then lose the battle of hearts and minds of the people. Cricketers are safe in Pakistan.

Former Pakistan captain turned politician, Imran Khan, says there is no security threat to cricketers in his country

Nov 21, 2008 Tweet | Share

If the Pakistan team thinks it is short on match practice, then it can play a series of matches against Lahore Badshahs.

Inzamam-ul-Haq offers an option for a cricket-starved Pakistan side

Nov 19, 2008 Tweet | Share

I miss you Moti

Younis Khan holds up a message for Pakistan's former fielding coach Mohtashim Rasheed on a piece of paper after making a hundred in the third ODI against West Indies

Nov 17, 2008 Tweet | Share

And anyway, you can't fight 60,000-70,000 people.

Remember Toronto '97? Inzamam-ul-Haq reacts matter-of-factly after the Ahmedabad crowd reportedly greeted him with 'aloo' chants

Nov 15, 2008 Tweet | Share

These Pakistanis don't know how to do anything other than argue. They never stop arguing. They are always right. And I have got to say I've almost had enough of it.

Tony Greig vents after Rana Naved-ul-Hasan and Abdul Razzaq get into a shouting match during the first ICL final

Nov 15, 2008 Tweet | Share

The world must get a lesson from Obama's win, which got an African-American into the White House. That proves anything is possible and Pakistan can take inspiration from that.

New Pakistan coach Intikhab Alam motivates his troops

Nov 8, 2008 Tweet | Share

In Pakistan there are a lot of very good people. But because of some mad people, perhaps 5% of the population, we are suffering at the moment.

Younis Khan rues the volatile political and security situation in Pakistan which is robbing the country of international cricket

Nov 1, 2008 Tweet | Share

The only problems my action has caused so far have been for the batsmen who are having trouble reading it, I haven't had any problems myself.

Sohail Tanvir may have an awkward bowling action but he has no intentions of changing it

Oct 23, 2008 Tweet | Share

Every series has its charm and even India-Australia has such charm. But you can't really beat the rivalry that India-Pakistan has.

Anil Kumble strikes a different note ahead of the most hyped series of the year

Oct 8, 2008 Tweet | Share

My personal view is that your people are a bunch of lily-livered cowards who use one set of rules when it comes to poor Pakistan and another when it comes to India.

A Pakistan official isn't pleased with Australia's decision to tour India despite recent bombings while they refused to tour Pakistan

Sep 19, 2008 Tweet | Share

I don't understand this attitude. Why are we keen to go and play in countries not willing to tour Pakistan?

Aamer Sohail doesn't approve of the Pakistan board's intentions of setting up a tri-series in South Africa after the Champions Trophy was postponed to 2009

Aug 27, 2008 Tweet | Share

Let's be honest. When our own people are not safe in the country, then how can we guarantee the safety of foreigners?

Abdul Qadir supports the postponement of the Champions Trophy

Aug 26, 2008 Tweet | Share

Appeasement was not part of the meeting at all. The PCB have been extremely reasonable about the whole subject.

The ICC president, David Morgan, insists that the decision to postpone rather than cancel the Champions Trophy had nothing to do with pacifying Pakistan

Aug 24, 2008 Tweet | Share

I know I am worth much more. And based on my performances, I think I can easily get a million dollars, if not more.

Sohail Tanvir, who was bought by Rajasthan Royals for US$100,000 before going on to become the IPL's highest wicket-taker, realises his true worth

Jul 31, 2008 Tweet | Share

A good close shave makes you feel you can do anything and be the best at everything.

Shoaib Malik, Pakistan's captain, waxes eloquent at a sponsor promo event

Jul 29, 2008 Tweet | Share

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