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My family called me Bunny because I ate lots of carrots.

Nasser Hussain reveals his inner secret

Nov 10, 2004 Tweet | Share

The reality of history suggests that John Howard has about as much chance of becoming the Test captain as the Kiwis have of beating Australia.

Journalist Malcolm Conn starts the Kiwi baiting

Nov 8, 2004 Tweet | Share

Either those responsible are incompetent or some malfeasance was involved. It is hard to avoid thinking that the wretchedness of the pitch was a deliberate ploy by a community desperate to secure a consolation victory. Fortunately, the hosts were hoist by their own petard.

Peter Roebuck, writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, attacks preparations for the Mumbai Test

Nov 6, 2004 Tweet | Share

Medical investigations have revealed intra-articular pathology of the right hip joint noted by increased synovial fluid accumulation.

Well, that clears that up then. A BCCI press release sheds light on Sourav Ganguly's likely non-appearance in the fourth Test at Mumbai

Nov 5, 2004 Tweet | Share

[Kerry] Packer's priority has only ever been his own prosperity, not cricket's. In the past year, Packer has appeared happy to suck the game dry and give very little back ... It makes you wonder whom cricket belongs to: Packer or the people.

Wisden Australia's editor Christian Ryan shoots from the hip in the new Almanack's editorial

Oct 28, 2004 Tweet | Share

When Justin Langer finds his off stump akimbo he leaves the crease only after asking the met office whether any earthquakes have been recorded in the region. In any case, he never edges the ball. It's just that his bat handle keeps breaking.

Peter Roebuck says cricketers come in all shapes and sizes. Some walk while others, like Langer, don't

Oct 27, 2004 Tweet | Share

No. 11 is the probably the toughest place to bat. There are days when I'm hitting them well and the guy at the other end gets out. There must be a massive innings coming up to even everything all up.

Glenn McGrath (career average: 6.50) talks up his batting prowess ahead of his 100th Test appearance

Oct 26, 2004 Tweet | Share

I've been called every name under the sun in the middle. I think it's built in my character.

Kevin Pietersen reveals the affection county players have for him

Oct 25, 2004 Tweet | Share

I will not walk. The umpire has a job to do, I will wait for his decision.

A steadfast Mohammad Kaif stands his ground on the issue of marching orders

Oct 24, 2004 Tweet | Share

That night I had great difficulty sleeping. The abuse I was sure to get on the field the next day chilled me to the bone.

Gary Kirsten relives the time he unwittingly attempted to chat up a posse of Australian cricketers' wives and girlfriends on the 1993-94 tour Down Under. Shane Warne has called him "Tom Cruise" ever since

Oct 23, 2004 Tweet | Share

If there was no television, there would be no huddle on a cricket ground.

Michael Holding on air during the Faisalabad Test

Oct 22, 2004 Tweet | Share

I wouldn't like to spend time in an Indian jail if I am innocent.

Words of wisdom from Herschelle Gibbs

Oct 21, 2004 Tweet | Share

It would be wonderful if it came to pass. I'd do it for nothing.

Daryll Cullinan reacts positively to the prospect of a Test recall, three years after pulling out of the side because of a contract dispute

Oct 20, 2004 Tweet | Share

If people choose to do that, we don't want them at the Academy and likewise the counties don't want them either.

Rod Marsh shoots from the hip, as he criticises Graham Wagg for his cocaine abuse

Oct 19, 2004 Tweet | Share

There's racism all over the world, and the fact that you can categorically state that there is no racism in Zimbabwe cricket is a joke.

Stuart Carlisle, one of the 15 Zimbabwe rebel cricketers, expresses his outrage at the ICC's dismissal of their claims of racism against the ZCU

Oct 18, 2004 Tweet | Share

If something happens, Michael, and you lead a side out there and someone gets killed, it will tarnish English cricket and your name for a long while.

Nasser Hussain issues a stark warning to Michael Vaughan on the perils of leading England to Zimbabwe

Oct 17, 2004 Tweet | Share

If the players expect soft drinks, I will make sure there are none. They will go to a tap and get on their knees and drink water until they realise that it is an honour to play for South Africa.

Ray Jennings, the new South African coach, lays down the rules for the team

Oct 15, 2004 Tweet | Share

The ICC should patent their latest invention - mucky whitewash. They poured several bucketsful over the awful mess which masquerades as official Zimbabwe cricket.

Player-turned-commentator Jack Bannister guarantees his VIP invitation to the next ICC Awards

Oct 14, 2004 Tweet | Share

The UCBSA put its faith in me to jack up the team ... I think there are a couple of players who need their butts kicked.

South Africa's new coach Ray Jennings shows why he has a reputation for not mincing his words

Oct 13, 2004 Tweet | Share

It's a team game but when you get an individual record like that it's a pretty major one so hopefully I can get it this game. Otherwise I'd be pretty frustrated by the end of the five days. I'll be jumping off the nearest bridge.

Shane Warne reveals how desperate he is to get the record

Oct 11, 2004 Tweet | Share

I'll tell you what pressure is. Pressure is a Messerschmitt up your arse. Playing cricket is not.

The late Keith Miller puts life in perspective

Oct 10, 2004 Tweet | Share

If somebody still harboured hopes, Billy Bowden - who should be in a circus and not the Elite umpires' panel - ended that with an executioner's job on Virender Sehwag.

Sourav Ganguly might have forgiven Billy Bowden for a shocking decision, but Lokendra Pratap Sahi of Calcutta's Telegraph wasn't about to

Oct 9, 2004 Tweet | Share

As long as it is run by a barbaric regime who sponsor genocide and starvation, we shouldn't be going near the place.

Ian Botham, never one to mince his words, makes plain his thoughts on England's tour to Zimbabwe

Oct 8, 2004 Tweet | Share

Sachin Tendulkar is, in my time, the best player without doubt - daylight second, Brian Lara third.

Shane Warne delights the Indian press with his views on batting greats of this era

Oct 8, 2004 Tweet | Share

Nothing against Indian food and all that, but I get sick over here. Hopefully, I'm better prepared this time. I've got my protein shakes, a few tins of spaghetti, a few tins of beans, I've got some cereal. Some people don't like seafood, I just don't like curries."

Shane Warne has added tinned spaghetti to his baked bean supplies for the tour of India

Oct 7, 2004 Tweet | Share

I am not going to comment on the book. I don't even read cricket books.

The leader of the free cricket world, Malcolm Speed, on Nasser Hussain's autobiography

Oct 6, 2004 Tweet | Share

Let me get this right: Zimbabwe can drop 13 white players because of a racially motivated dispute; England can rest four players for legitimate reasons of exhaustion and they will be financially hounded in the courts. Anybody who believes that is as it should be has clearly lost all sense of perspective.

The Guardian's David Hopps argues vehemently against political interference in selection policy ... both in Zimbabwe and in England

Oct 5, 2004 Tweet | Share

That sounds like a commentator's comment, doesn't it? There's probably a key lost down there.

John Buchanan, Australia's coach, finds himself talking in journalese as he describes how the Bangalore wicket is likely to disintegrate over the course of the first Test

Oct 5, 2004 Tweet | Share

If the plane had left this morning I'd have gone, but there's still a long way to go and a lot of things can happen.

Darren Gough reveals his uncertainties ahead of England's tour of Zimbabwe, and hints that the ECB may not have heard the last of this saga just yet

Oct 4, 2004 Tweet | Share

I didn't want to go then - so why should I want to go now?

Andrew Flintoff confirms that he never had any intention of going to Zimbabwe. In the end, he was given a break by the selectors

Oct 3, 2004 Tweet | Share

My house has been blown down, but if you guys win for me tomorrow, it really doesn't matter. I'd be the happiest woman in the world.

A fan in the Caribbean phones Tony Howard, West Indies' manager, on the eve of the Champions Trophy final. After that, victory was a formality

Oct 2, 2004 Tweet | Share

We all lay in our beds very comfortably while our people in the Caribbean were fighting for their lives. It was the catalyst for this very young team, for what they achieved in England over the past three weeks.

Brian Lara explains the motivation behind West Indies' inspired performance in the Champions Trophy final at The Oval

Oct 1, 2004 Tweet | Share

As long as Shoaib doesn't hit me again, a couple more years.

Brian Lara when asked how long he has left in the game

Sep 30, 2004 Tweet | Share

I'm all for democracy, but you really have to draw a line and have the courage of your own convictions.

Nasser Hussain reveals his dictatorial colours as he lambasts England's chairman of selectors, David Graveney, for his indecisive selection policy

Sep 29, 2004 Tweet | Share

He'd say one thing one day and then suddenly he'd be saying that the same bloke he had been pushing for a year was now complete rubbish.

Nasser Hussain takes a swipe at Ian Botham's input into selection meetings

Sep 29, 2004 Tweet | Share

I rarely notice when I'm in the nineties, because it's not a key to my performance. But when I'm batting with Justin [Langer], I always know our partnership score.

Matthew Hayden puts the Bush-Blair special relationship in the shade, as he talks up the importance of Australia's opening pair

Sep 28, 2004 Tweet | Share

If you get Dravid, great. If you get Sachin, brilliant. If you get Laxman, it's a miracle.

Brett Lee repeats the words of wisdom of his former captain, Steve Waugh

Sep 27, 2004 Tweet | Share

In terms of the battering we have received from everyone in the past few months and then doing it against England, who smashed us in seven of the eight Tests, is pretty special.

Brian Lara reflects on the sweet taste of victory after Ian Bradshaw and Courtney Browne pulled off a near-miracle at The Oval

Sep 26, 2004 Tweet | Share

He's a wonderful bowler, but he's mentally lazy and, after the World Cup euphoria, slipped into a comfort zone. He needs to lose weight and get fitter. He didn't do enough running.

Former Australian fast bowler Bruce Reid gives Inside Edge his thoughts on Zaheer Khan

Sep 24, 2004 Tweet | Share

Maybe I was a little bit excited, as in eight previous matches I never bowled against him before, and I am sorry I hit him.

Shoaib Akhtar feels bad after felling Brian Lara during the ICC Champions Trophy semi-final

Sep 23, 2004 Tweet | Share

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