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I didn't see him in Australia because he didn't turn up for the first three days of the Test.

Steve Harmison on Shoaib Akhtar's laissez-faire attitude to the Super Test

Nov 11, 2005 Tweet | Share

I'd like to make a point about s**t rules.

Apparently, Darren Lehmann isn't a fan of the new Supersub regulations in one-day cricket

Nov 11, 2005 Tweet | Share

We won't have every state side to pick from and fly someone in to field for us. We'll just pick up one of the local club cricketers in Brisbane to do the fielding.

Ricky Ponting makes it clear that Australia won't require any fielder to replace Stuart MacGill during the Gabba Test

Nov 10, 2005 Tweet | Share

Glenn McGrath said, 'If you ever get asked about that shot, say you didn't get it,' but I swung as hard as I could and it sailed over the roof.

Brett Lee takes his place in history as the first player to clear the stands of the remodelled Gabba

Nov 4, 2005 Tweet | Share

He's an annoying bastard. In fact, a couple of guys in that South African team have been a pain in the arse.

Lou Vincent grudgingly acknowledges Justin Kemp

Nov 3, 2005 Tweet | Share

In a fit of boredom we have all decided to grow moustaches.

Shaun Udal reveals how the England squad will be tackling those long evenings on tour. He admitted that his effort "looks a bit like Hitler's"

Nov 2, 2005 Tweet | Share

Don't stand under the sun waiting for me. I am not going to say anything.

Mum's the word: Sourav Ganguly refuses to comment on his exclusion

Oct 31, 2005 Tweet | Share

Some players are 180% fitter than they were from when we started.

Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer plays the numbers game

Oct 28, 2005 Tweet | Share

You won't get me knocking him as a cricketer, but as a man I detest him.

David Lloyd reveals there is no love lost between him and Geoff Boycott

Oct 27, 2005 Tweet | Share

He can be so rude to people that sometimes you just want to punch his lights out.

That's fighting talk: Mark Nicholas on his co-commentator Geoff Boycott

Oct 27, 2005 Tweet | Share

Inzamam-ul-Haq's languid batting can make Marcus Trescothick's footwork seem like a qualification for a starring role in Riverdance.

Mike Selvey on one of his favourite all-time cricketers, Inzamam-ul-Haq

Oct 26, 2005 Tweet | Share

It was a mixture of bad bowling, good shots and arse.

Jason Gillespie eloquently sums up his Ashes series

Oct 25, 2005 Tweet | Share

This is not a joke, so just shut up.

John Wright cracks the whip as Shoaib Akhtar interrupts him during a Super Series team meeting

Oct 20, 2005 Tweet | Share

I thought it would come across as a joke and it's come across the wrong way.

Nathan Bracken learns that ball-tampering is no laughing matter. He was quoted as claiming that English bowlers polished the ball with breath-freshening mints to achieve reverse swing

Oct 20, 2005 Tweet | Share

You know what's more? All the palaver caused me to burn my toast.

Duncan Fletcher reveals the droll side of his character, as he highlights the most important aspect of the Ricky Ponting run-out rumpus at Trent Bridge

Oct 20, 2005 Tweet | Share

A scoring system that is harder to fathom than Sudoku.

Blunt talking and candid honesty from the ICC website in a reference to the incomprehensible points system in place for the Intercontinental Cup

Oct 20, 2005 Tweet | Share

There are cameras following you outside your house. I mean, how many times can they follow you to Booth's supermarket?

Andrew Flintoff on the price of fame. And sadly, Andrew, the answer is: they can keep it up for years

Oct 19, 2005 Tweet | Share

I finished the Ashes physically and emotionally drained. Looking back, I ought not to have retreated into myself the way I did.

With a new contract in the bag, John Buchanan accepts that mistakes were made in the planning of Australia's Ashes campaign

Oct 18, 2005 Tweet | Share

I don't know, you will have to ask my investor.

Michael Vaughan has more houses than hot dinners, to judge by his response to a question about the number of properties he now owns

Oct 18, 2005 Tweet | Share

I have to watch my skin more and make sure that I look good and have had my hair done. I could easily lose my crown back to David Beckham if I'm not careful.

Andrew Flintoff on the pressures of being a gay icon

Oct 18, 2005 Tweet | Share

I think the concept's great. The idea of this series is fantastic, and hopefully I'll get to play in a few more of them through the years ... [But] it's no compensation for losing the Ashes.

After a fortnight of being determinedly on message about the Super Series, Ricky Ponting admits what we all knew

Oct 17, 2005 Tweet | Share

That means I can drive a flock of sheep through the town centre, drink for free in no less than 64 pubs, and get a lift home with a policeman when I become inebriated. What more could you want?

Andrew Flintoff seems just as excited by the freedom of the city of Preston as is by the Ashes win

Oct 15, 2005 Tweet | Share

I don't see myself as being bigger than anybody simply because I'm the captain.

Inzamam-ul-Haq shows his sense of irony

Oct 15, 2005 Tweet | Share

His googly remains as hard to read as James Joyce and his deliveries turned and bounced sharply from a dusty surface.

Peter Roebuck describes Stuart MacGill's craft

Oct 15, 2005 Tweet | Share

I was the fattest 20-year-old in England.

Andrew Flintoff looks back at his early Test career

Oct 14, 2005 Tweet | Share

I was invited to Bush's ranch and when I said I had a home in Antigua, he asked me to explain cricket to him because it looks a bit like polo and baseball combined ... only without the horses. We discussed it for half an hour.

Allen Stanford, who is investing millions of dollars in West Indies cricket, explains the rudimentaries to the American president

Oct 14, 2005 Tweet | Share

It's sad when you take things on the field off the field.

Graeme Smith responds to Michael Vaughan's revelation that Smith called Andrew Flintoff a "big baby", conveniently forgetting that he had done the same when he went to town about the Australians sledging him on his debut

Oct 13, 2005 Tweet | Share

I just came for the food.

Andrew Flintoff tells it as it is and leaves ICC spin doctors spluttering in their pasta after being named joint Player of the Year at a glitzy event in Sydney

Oct 12, 2005 Tweet | Share

I saw a picture of him and Caprice in the paper. But as long as he's happy that's cool."

Richard Logan seems less than enamoured with Hampshire team-mate Kevin Pietersen's model girlfriend

Oct 11, 2005 Tweet | Share

This Super Test will be a bit like Christmas day for me.

An on-message Justin Langer gets excited

Oct 11, 2005 Tweet | Share

I feel I'm on The Truman Show.

Shane Warne feels the media has made his life a soap opera

Oct 11, 2005 Tweet | Share

This is a nice challenge, but when you look down at your shirt, that badge isn't there.

Try as he might, Steve Harmison just can't get worked up about the Super Test

Oct 10, 2005 Tweet | Share

He is the Freddie Flintoff of our industry.

The Times on how Oscar-winning animator Nick Park. Park, like Flintoff, is a freeman of Preston

Oct 10, 2005 Tweet | Share

I guess it goes to show that you don't just play for the money.

Andrew Flintoff explains just why the Super Series is anything but

Oct 10, 2005 Tweet | Share

There's the smile that captivated a nation.

Mark Nicholas gushes about Brett Lee's dentistry

Oct 9, 2005 Tweet | Share

He might have women throwing themselves at him now, but that is only due to who he is - because he's not the best looking bloke, is he?

Kevin's brother, Bryan Pietersen, joins in

Oct 9, 2005 Tweet | Share

I'm completely different from Pietersen. He would turn up to the opening of an envelope.

Andrew Flintoff doesn't hold back in ribbing KP

Oct 9, 2005 Tweet | Share

I don't believe in leaping. No matter how high you jump, you have to come down

Michael Holding comments on air on the futility of bowlers jumping high before delivering the ball

Oct 9, 2005 Tweet | Share

Kevin Pietersen is larger than life but there are a few guys trying to compete with him on that scale. It's a good battle."

Daniel Vettori shows the World XI are not only jostling for positions on the field

Oct 8, 2005 Tweet | Share

He said he would trade it all in to do what I do. He's very passionate about singing, so I said, 'Let's get together'. He's a big karaoke man and he loves crooning.

Opera singer Jon Christos reveals that Andrew Flintoff, who he will coach at singing, would give up cricket for his other passion

Oct 8, 2005 Tweet | Share

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