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They are supposed to be aggressive, even rude on the field. On Sunday, Australia showed they are not exactly polite off it, too.

The Times of India on the infamous Pawar shove

Oct 5, 2006 Tweet | Share

What Indian farmers could not do to Sharad Pawar, Australian cricketers did.

Columnist TJS George puts the life of the Indian farmers in perspective

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A most unfortunate precedent, however, has now been established. Any umpire who in future makes a decision which angers one of the Asian Test-playing countries - India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh - can expect the wrath of the Asian bloc to descend upon his head.

Scyld Berry on the ICC's decision to act against Darrell Hair

Oct 3, 2006 Tweet | Share

The winner will not be permitted to communicate with the players at any time while on the field.

Another corker from the official 2006 Champions Trophy site. One of the conditions of entry to the above competiton, which is billed as a chance to "get up close and personal with your favourite stars". Up close, personal and mute to be more accurate

Oct 2, 2006 Tweet | Share

The prize is the opportunity for one winner to accompany the drinks carts during one of the scheduled on-field drinks carts (sic) at the final match of the Champions Trophy. The draw will take place on 30 November.

A thrilling prize on the official Champions Trophy site. Perhaps the excitement would be greater were it not for the fact that the draw takes place 25 days after the final

Oct 2, 2006 Tweet | Share

It's important to keep the fires burning over the winter

Chance To Shine spokesman Wasim Khan promotes his organisation's new initiative to Sky Sports ... immediately after a news report on the blaze which destroyed Zimbabwe's Cricket Academy

Oct 1, 2006 Tweet | Share

I resent the fact that my argument has been misrepresented by a pompous prat who obviously has his own personal issues regarding my cricketing record as it compares to his own public school and club career.

Geoff Boycott comes out fighting after a "colleague" criticised his comments regarding Duncan Fletcher and the England coaching job

Sep 30, 2006 Tweet | Share

Cricket in India is not a religion, as has been said, nor is one-day cricket. Only one-day cricket involving India attracts public attention.

Journalist Scyld Berry goes a step further than Manjrekar

Sep 29, 2006 Tweet | Share

If you look at the big picture, you could say it is coming too soon.

England coach Duncan Fletcher admits, after his side's 20th defeat in 26 ODIs over the last 12 months, that his World Cup preparations are not quite on course

Sep 28, 2006 Tweet | Share

Never mind that the Champions Trophy is played 'in camera' as long as it is played on camera.

Scyld Berry on the fact that most matches have been played out in near empty stadiums

Sep 27, 2006 Tweet | Share

We're in a lucky position where our board considers breaks to be very important. Other boards look at breaks as an opportunity to make money.

Stephen Fleming sends out a message to those running cricket world over

Sep 26, 2006 Tweet | Share

Chadwick, Adam, Mr (MCC museum curator), William, Glenys, Mrs (MCC historian), Urn, Ashes, Mr (ceramic pot on wooden plinth), Garland, Laura, Miss (Mr Urn's spokesman).

The passenger list for the flight to Australia for the Ashes Urn tour

Sep 25, 2006 Tweet | Share

My main problem is Peter. When a fish dies it's the head that starts rotting.

Bruce Makovah, who was ousted as Zimbabwe's chief selector, with a parting shot at board boss Peter Chingoka

Sep 24, 2006 Tweet | Share

This is an organisation that only set up its own website in the last year or so. Not so long ago, frustrated observers would complain that it was incapable of answering a letter. Now it is saying, 'We'll deal with worldwide television for you'.

Wisden Almanack editor Matthew Engel on the Indian board's move to bid for global TV rights

Sep 23, 2006 Tweet | Share

One minute he's got a runny nose, then he's got a sore leg, then he's got personal problems. You don't know what to believe.

Stuart Law wonders what's chewing up Marcus Trescothick

Sep 22, 2006 Tweet | Share

Because I'm pretty bloody good at it!

Darrell Hair on why he isn't currently considering retirement as an umpire

Sep 21, 2006 Tweet | Share

Unfortunately I chased a shocking ball and got out to the worst shot in the world.

Dean Jones explains away his "terrorist" comment that got him slung off commentary duties

Sep 20, 2006 Tweet | Share

He never did a stretch in his life and he used to be able to put his right leg up behind his head, so he can probably still do it.

Allan Border on hearing that Jeff Thomson will be playing beach cricket for Australia during the forthcoming Ashes series

Sep 19, 2006 Tweet | Share

It's a lot more stable financially than football, a more pleasant environment; and the players are more humble and down-to-earth.

Richard Gould, Somerset's new chief executive, and until taking up that role commercial director of Bristol City FC

Sep 18, 2006 Tweet | Share

There is still a gulf in class between the country and the rest of the Test members ... of course Zimbabwe can still fancy their chances of beating England.

Harare-based journalist Darlington Majonga believes England's one-day side are even worse than most Englishmen fear

Sep 16, 2006 Tweet | Share

They cut it open at the same place as before. They'll put a zip on it next time.

Andrew Flintoff's physio Dave Roberts delivers the verdict on Flintoff's left ankle

Sep 15, 2006 Tweet | Share

There's no 'I' in team but there's an 'I' in winners.

Ronnie Irani after Essex's Pro40 title. There's an 'I' in other words we can think of as well, Ronnie ...

Sep 12, 2006 Tweet | Share

I think that his methods over-complicate issues, and at some stages he has lacked common sense.

Shane Warne continues his sniping at Australia's outgoing coach John Buchanan

Sep 11, 2006 Tweet | Share

The Aussies are bound to be interested in the WAGs and the girls have been warned they could be in for a lot of unwelcome attention. They have been advised to avoid talking to the media or drawing attention to themselves in any way.

An ECB official lays down the law for England's WAGs

Sep 10, 2006 Tweet | Share

[I am] not a good watcher of the game... I think cricket is a boring game to watch".

Sunil Gavaskar reveals his feelings to a conference on blogging

Sep 9, 2006 Tweet | Share

We had one or two disagreements, but once he realised that he was wrong and I was right we moved on.

Surrey coach Alan Butcher on working with his son Mark

Sep 9, 2006 Tweet | Share

They are foul-mouthed. They speak rot.

India's women captain Mithali Raj complains of sledging by England in the recent Test series

Sep 8, 2006 Tweet | Share

If video evidence was the only criteria, taking the analogy of crime, we would not be able to prove a lot of murders and half the jails would be empty."

ICC president Malcolm Speed clarifies that Pakistan would not be absolved of ball-tampering charges simply because there was no evidence on videotape

Sep 7, 2006 Tweet | Share

Equally to the point, and with due respect to the ICC, no one in England really cares much about the Champions Trophy except in its relevance to the genuinely momentous cricket that follows so hard on its heels.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins says what most England supporters have been thinking for months

Sep 6, 2006 Tweet | Share

At best he's been very, very silly. To do that in the present climate is stupid.

Nasser Hussain after watching pictures of Shoaib Akhtar working on the ball during the 3rd ODI at The Rose Bowl

Sep 5, 2006 Tweet | Share

Even my father can play club cricket in England.

Zimbabwe coach Kevin Curran, who has slammed club cricket in England before, has another pop after saying that his charges do not benefit from playing in such matches. Curran's father is 78

Sep 3, 2006 Tweet | Share

I think I was a bit of an idiot really. I should have stopped straight away because it could have finished me off there and then.

Village cricketer Jim Young who carried on playing for his club side despite having a heart attack

Sep 2, 2006 Tweet | Share

I found Graeme Smith's attitude pretty childish. He's a bloke who needs the game but he hasn't got many friends in it. I don't talk to Smith now. It's a waste of breath, because I don't have any respect for him.

Kevin Pietersen with some blunt views about South Africa's captain

Sep 1, 2006 Tweet | Share

Binge drinking and teenage pregnancies are the only games the English invented where they are still ranked No.1 in the world, and like some of the dregs who shouted "cheat" at Pakistan skipper Inzamam-ul-Haq, some of us would be better off teetotal.

Mike Walters of the Mirror on a day out at Bristol

Aug 31, 2006 Tweet | Share

All these ICC officials sitting in their tax haven in Dubai and saying the umpire's always right - that's not going to help anyone. They've got to forget about their big egos for a moment and let us move on.

And some more straight talking from Geoff Boycott this time aimed at the ICC

Aug 30, 2006 Tweet | Share

This idea that umpires are always right is a load of old cobblers. What I want to know is: Who umpires the umpires? The players suffer from their mistakes, but no one ever seems to get rid of the umpires themselves. Being an umpire is a people job: that's why Dickie Bird was good at it. Yes, he was a loony, and he made mistakes - everyone does. But he knew how to deal with people, so they respected him.

Straight talking from Geoff Boycott

Aug 30, 2006 Tweet | Share

He does what he thinks is right regardless of the consequences. My immediate reaction was 'typical Darrell'.

ICC general manager cricket Dave Richardson on his reaction

Aug 29, 2006 Tweet | Share

It was a bit strange walking out to the middle with no players out there.

Ian Bell breaks his own surreal silence after the bizarre events at The Oval

Aug 28, 2006 Tweet | Share

Had it been Javed Miandad in charge, who seldom spotted a potential fire without wading in with a can of petrol, they'd probably have had to use the waste pipe on the motorised water mop as a riot cannon.

Martin Johnson in the Daily Telegraph on why we should be grateful it was the placid Inzamam-ul-Haq captaining Pakistan at The Oval

Aug 27, 2006 Tweet | Share

You can ask any fast bowler. If he says he has never tampered with the ball, he either has just started playing, or is lying.

Michael Holding reveals the guilty pleasure shared by all fast bowlers

Aug 26, 2006 Tweet | Share

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