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If I was born and bred in England I would probably still be playing.

Michael Slater jokes that the Australia team is just too hard to get into, perhaps forgetting that Mark Ramprakash can't get into the England team because he's too old ... and barely six months older than Slater.

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He [Shane Warne] can't keep his mouth shut because he wants to keep making these comments. He must be a miserable man in his life.

Muttiah Muralitharan reacts to Warne's suggestion that the ICC should assess Murali's action in a Test match to end any lingering speculation over its legality

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I've only been in the match referee's room once and that was for wearing the wrong-coloured undergarment. It's ridiculous.

Despite his on-field passion, Stuart Broad has so far stayed on the right side of the law

Nov 17, 2007 Tweet | Share

I had asked for scorecards of the last three matches played here. The teams batting first had won so I decided to bat first.

Shoaib Malik confirms he had done his homework before the fourth ODI against India at Gwalior which Pakistan lost after opting to bat first and having problems gripping the ball due to the evening dew

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We did give him three initials because we thought it would look good on a scoresheet.

Chris Broad says he wasn't necessarily aiming for son Stuart to become a cricketer, but did have the odd contingency plan

Nov 16, 2007 Tweet | Share

Muppets? They're clowns as well.

Mark Waugh doesn't think much of the Sri Lanka selectors' decision to leave out strike bowler Lasith Malinga in the first Test

Nov 15, 2007 Tweet | Share

I just look at my pictures sometimes and see if the photo is good.

While some cricketers read newspaper reports on themselves, Robin Uthappa strays clear of the text and flips through the pages for another reason

Nov 14, 2007 Tweet | Share

Shane, with your, er, sorry Shane.

An unnamed reporter can't let go of Shane Warne's memory as he starts a question to Stuart MacGill ... who had just reached 200 Test wickets

Nov 13, 2007 Tweet | Share

I'm blaming that on Wynberg [Boys High]. They didn't teach me to count to 200 - they seemed to stop at 180.

Jacques Kallis tries to explain why there's still no double-century on his impressive resume

Nov 12, 2007 Tweet | Share

Bayliss kermitted to keeping Atapattu.

A cheeky headline on Fox Sports, about how Trevor Bayliss still wants Marvan Atapattu in the side following his "muppets" comment

Nov 10, 2007 Tweet | Share

Chaminda Vaas came in to bowl the first ball of the Test against Sri Lanka in Brisbane today, I think. It gets a bit hard to say what happened as the quick disappeared behind a barbecue cooking sausages just as he was approaching the wicket. Judging by the lack of crowd noise there was neither a boundary or a six from the delivery. Apparently the same thing happened for the next five balls.

Journalist Peter Lalor of the Australian gives his view, or rather the lack of one, as newspaper journalists were locked out of the Gabba on the first day of Australia's Test season

Nov 9, 2007 Tweet | Share

I have enough on my plate.

Mike Gatting referring to his new roles in English cricket. Few believed he would ever mutter such a comment where food was concerned

Nov 8, 2007 Tweet | Share

Just bring the cards to the ground.

Ricky Ponting when asked how he'll deal with the wet weather forecast for the first two days of the Brisbane Test against Sri Lanka

Nov 7, 2007 Tweet | Share

Don't worry about two years of not playing Test cricket - I hadn't held a bat for three months before I came here.

Marvan Atapattu reflects on his batting ahead of the Australian barrage

Nov 4, 2007 Tweet | Share

I am really pleased that people are writing interesting books rather than the soporific ghosted rubbish that generally appears in the bookstalls.

Jonathan Agnew on why he is not one of those angered by the content of Duncan Fletcher's new book

Nov 3, 2007 Tweet | Share

It's evident that they have come down harshly on players from the subcontinent, while others go scot-free ... match referees do not give any favours to our teams.

Inzamam-ul-Haq, outside the punishment of the ICC now he has retired, lets rip

Nov 2, 2007 Tweet | Share

There is no doubt I am overweight. I don't know how far over I am. I just don't feel all that comfortable at the moment ... But I'd argue that, historically speaking, cricketers have proven - as I have over the last five years - that weight is not a selection criteria.

Stuart MacGill chews the fat as he waits to see if he's in Australia's squad for the first Test against Sri Lanka

Nov 1, 2007 Tweet | Share

I am handsome but all the actresses can wait.

A modest Sreesanth disappoints the beauties who can't wait to star opposite him

Oct 31, 2007 Tweet | Share

Andre unfortunately only had one line that he was dishing out to Shoaib Malik and the boys so it got a bit monotonous there. We just had a chat to Andre and said to Graeme Smith, 'Well, look he's only traipsing out one line, it's getting a bit boring'.

The umpire Simon Taufel keeps a straight face as he explains that he found Andre Nel's sledges, sorry sledge, a bit repetitively dull

Oct 30, 2007 Tweet | Share

Flintoff was in such a state that he could not throw properly. He had to pass the ball to the bloke next to him to do so. And when it came to trying to catch the ball I honestly thought I was going to hurt him, so uncoordinated was he. I was fuming and stopped the practice early.

Duncan Fletcher reveals his anger with Andrew Flintoff, the then-England captain, over his conduct at a fielding practice during the 2006-07 Ashes

Oct 30, 2007 Tweet | Share

You [media people] change my girlfriends every two days. Please let one continue for some time."

Mahendra Singh Dhoni gives a tongue-in-cheek reply on being quizzed about his love life

Oct 29, 2007 Tweet | Share

Test cricket is like classical music which has survived since ancient ages. One-dayers are like film music that leaves people enthralled and Twenty20 cricket is like disco and rap which provides occasional pleasure in short bursts.

Another typical Navjot Sidhu comment on cricket's various formats

Oct 28, 2007 Tweet | Share

He's one of those guys who can be 80 not out at lunch. Back in my day I dreamed about being 80 not out at lunch. If I could be 80 at about tea I thought 'this is good'.

Mark Taylor notices how opening the batting has changed as he supports Phil Jaques' case for a Test call-up

Oct 27, 2007 Tweet | Share

It's me who's going to pay the fines and not you. I am on the right track and I will continue doing it.

Sreesanth shrugs off his repeated visits to the match referee with a smile

Oct 26, 2007 Tweet | Share

I thought Stephen Outerbridge was unlucky as he didn't play at the ball when the umpire gave him out caught behind. I also thought my lbw was a little suspect, but that's no excuse.

What sounds remarkably like excuses from Bermuda captain Irving Romaine after his side's 43-run loss to Uganda. Bermuda receive millions of dollars of funding each year while Uganda have to launch appeals for equipment

Oct 26, 2007 Tweet | Share

I think an umpire needs to have good communication skills. But first, he should be a good human being.

Simon Taufel lists some of the attributes of a good umpire

Oct 25, 2007 Tweet | Share

I will do that as long as I have breath in my body.

Clive Lloyd vows to get West Indies cricket back on track

Oct 24, 2007 Tweet | Share

The traffic, the smog, the food - it's all very new to me. I still can't shake the feeling at dinner time, 'Is this the meal that'll do me in?'

Sri Lanka coach Trevor Bayliss on settling into a new culture

Oct 23, 2007 Tweet | Share

I am hippopotamusly happy and elephantastically proud."

Wes Hall on being honoured after his 70th birthday

Oct 22, 2007 Tweet | Share

You know, Hilditch isn't ringing to catch up for a drink.

Stuart Clark on when Andrew Hilditch, the chairman of selectors, rang to tell him that he was going to be dropped from the XI for Nathan Bracken

Oct 21, 2007 Tweet | Share

At least I will be the only captain who won't have to worry about his hair melting.

Australia's captain, Allan Border, takes aim at his follicly-enhanced opposite numbers, Graham Gooch and Martin Crowe, ahead of the Australian Beach Cricket Tri-Series in Brisbane

Oct 20, 2007 Tweet | Share

If I'd got it on target, I would've bowled him. I thought it was a nice way to go out.

The soon-to-be-knighted Sir Ian Botham reveals how he whipped out his "meat and two veg" to distract Australia's David Boon, as he ran in to bowl his final delivery in first-class cricket at Durham in 1993

Oct 19, 2007 Tweet | Share

I've always subscribed to the theory that you shouldn't make a fast bowler angrier than he already is.

A deadpan James Sutherland, Australia's chief exec., when asked for his thoughts about Tait's action

Oct 19, 2007 Tweet | Share

It's taught me that when I go on tour I have to take two alarm clocks.

England spinner Graeme Swann missed the team bus a couple of times on the tour of South Africa in 2000 and learnt from the experience

Oct 18, 2007 Tweet | Share

I listen to all these republicans, and if it was down to me I'd hang 'em! I honestly would. It's a traitor's game for me.

A clearly pro-monarchy Sir Ian Botham on the eve of receiving his knighthood at Buckingham Palace

Oct 16, 2007 Tweet | Share

I don't really care if Malinga is outdoing me on the hair stakes, as long as I outdo him for wickets - that is all that really matters.

Ryan Sidebottom insists he isn't going head-to-head with Lasith Malinga on the fashion front

Oct 14, 2007 Tweet | Share

Five minutes ... five minutes! And on that basis Mr Hair lost his status as a Test match umpire!

Robert Griffiths, Darrell Hair's barrister, to Sir John Anderson, chairman of New Zealand Cricket, after he explained how long the ICC took to decide to take action against Hair after the Oval Test

Oct 13, 2007 Tweet | Share

I am a child, they are all legends.

... says Sreesanth about facing the Australians

Oct 11, 2007 Tweet | Share

You're likely to find more life on Mars than on this pitch.

Damien Fleming's views on the pitch for the fifth ODI between India and Australia in Vadodara

Oct 11, 2007 Tweet | Share

That was unplayable, just like the Spice Girls.

The new Shane Warne doll, a playmate for the Boonie doll, gets his sledges in gear

Oct 10, 2007 Tweet | Share

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