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Daryl Harper - hopeless, Billy Bowden - a showpony,. Steve Bucknor - past his sell-by date.

Former England captain turned pundit Bob Willis slams the ICC's elite umpires

Nov 30, 2005 Tweet | Share

The left index finger was raised slowly, but more hesitantly than usual, in answer to the familiar war dance the Australians describe as an appeal.

Tony Cozier on the controversial dismissal of Brian Lara in the second innings of the second Test at Hobart

Nov 21, 2005 Tweet | Share

My disappointment at not seeing Lara this time is bigger than an elephant."

Percy Abeysekera, the most well-known Sri Lankan fan, is not overjoyed with the West Indies team currently touring his country

Jul 15, 2005 Tweet | Share

If the process were a relay race, I think we dropped that baton a long time ago.

Viv Richards looks at the grim picture in the development process of West Indies cricket

Jun 5, 2005 Tweet | Share

I am sure if they could have gone in with the players when they were taking a s**t, they would have.

An unnamed source close to the West Indies squad on "intrusive camcording" by Digicel representatives in Australia

Feb 28, 2005 Tweet | Share

We are going to get rid of Aleem Dar and Steve Bucknor. We are going to shoot them.

Steve Bucknor quotes the death threat he received before the Centurion Test

Jan 26, 2005 Tweet | Share

He smiles at me every day and I smile at him every day, so it goes all right.

Bennett King, the West Indian coach, explains that everything is fine between him and Brian Lara

Jan 2, 2005 Tweet | Share

If there was no television, there would be no huddle on a cricket ground.

Michael Holding on air during the Faisalabad Test

Oct 22, 2004 Tweet | Share

Sachin Tendulkar is, in my time, the best player without doubt - daylight second, Brian Lara third.

Shane Warne delights the Indian press with his views on batting greats of this era

Oct 8, 2004 Tweet | Share

My house has been blown down, but if you guys win for me tomorrow, it really doesn't matter. I'd be the happiest woman in the world.

A fan in the Caribbean phones Tony Howard, West Indies' manager, on the eve of the Champions Trophy final. After that, victory was a formality

Oct 2, 2004 Tweet | Share

We all lay in our beds very comfortably while our people in the Caribbean were fighting for their lives. It was the catalyst for this very young team, for what they achieved in England over the past three weeks.

Brian Lara explains the motivation behind West Indies' inspired performance in the Champions Trophy final at The Oval

Oct 1, 2004 Tweet | Share

As long as Shoaib doesn't hit me again, a couple more years.

Brian Lara when asked how long he has left in the game

Sep 30, 2004 Tweet | Share

In terms of the battering we have received from everyone in the past few months and then doing it against England, who smashed us in seven of the eight Tests, is pretty special.

Brian Lara reflects on the sweet taste of victory after Ian Bradshaw and Courtney Browne pulled off a near-miracle at The Oval

Sep 26, 2004 Tweet | Share

Maybe I was a little bit excited, as in eight previous matches I never bowled against him before, and I am sorry I hit him.

Shoaib Akhtar feels bad after felling Brian Lara during the ICC Champions Trophy semi-final

Sep 23, 2004 Tweet | Share

It's a few years since [I] did some damage to the English bowling and as you get older you tend to lose some of that talent and I'm not sure the crowds will see the same fireworks.

Former West Indies opener, now USA middle-order slogger, Clayton Lambert shows he has mastered the arts of self-promotion and the hard sell

Sep 10, 2004 Tweet | Share

It was like being defeated and I am not one of those who stays on the canvas. I wanted to get back up and bop him on the chin.

England's Gareth Batty recalls the feeling when he was the bowler as Brian Lara reached his 400 in Antigua in April

Aug 1, 2004 Tweet | Share

Any time the West Indies lose, I cry.

Lance Gibbs, the former West Indian offspinner and world-record Test wicket-taker

Jul 28, 2004 Tweet | Share

It's a bit like training for an attempt on Everest by jogging upstairs and planting a flag on the landing. The unstoppable juggernaut has been replaced by the circus clown's car - one parp on the horn and all the doors fall off.

The Daily Telegraph's Martin Johnson makes clear his view of West Indies as Ashes preparation for England

Jul 27, 2004 Tweet | Share

Mind the windows, Tino!

Andrew Flintoff gives Tino Best some helpful advice from slip, as West Indies battle to save the first Test at Lord's. Two balls later, he missed with a wild swing and was stumped

Jul 26, 2004 Tweet | Share

[Lara] has also had the great misfortune to be captaining the West Indies at their lowest ebb. Captain Ahab couldn't stop this ship from sinking.

Michael Atherton on the problems Brian Lara faced

Jul 17, 2004 Tweet | Share

I picked up the ball and said: 'Is this the great Graham Thorpe? Stop backing away, try and get in line mate.' He said 'Bring it on, Besty'.

Tino Best reveals what was said shortly before his first Test wicket

Jul 15, 2004 Tweet | Share

It's strokes like these that help me hear the clanging chimes of doom for Ridley Jacobs.

Mark Nicholas foretells the end for Ridley as Carlton Baugh brings up his first half-century for West Indies with a stylish drive through the covers at Old Trafford

Jul 14, 2004 Tweet | Share

We need a meeting of minds to see if Tests still work.

Darren Millien, West Indies Cricket Board's chief marketing officer, questions the relevance of Test cricket in the modern world

Jul 5, 2004 Tweet | Share

Where is Brian Lara?

The first question posed by Nelson Mandela, the former South African president, after his arrival in Trinidad

Apr 27, 2004 Tweet | Share

We're playing against Bangladesh and I'm not going to write off Bangladesh. The way we're playing right now you can't write off anybody at all.

Brian Lara refuses to take anything for granted ahead of West Indies' Test series against Bangladesh

Apr 14, 2004 Tweet | Share

I know that a number of the team don't like Lara and that they are scared of him.

Former West Indian fast bowler Hendy Bryan plunges a knife into Brian Lara's back

Apr 9, 2004 Tweet | Share

If I had my time over again, I would never have played cricket. Why? Because of people like you. The press do nothing but criticise.

Sir Garry Sobers tells it as it is

Apr 7, 2004 Tweet | Share

[There is] only one thing more to be said, with apologies to Norwegian football commentator Bjorn Minge: Lord Learie Constantine! Sir Garry Sobers! Sir Vivian Richards! Bob Marley! The Jamaican Olympic bobsleigh team! Sir Trevor McDonald - can you hear me, Sir Trevor McDonald? Your boys took one hell of a beating!

Peter Hayter, in the Mail on Sunday, adapts a famous outburst from when Norway beat England at football

Apr 6, 2004 Tweet | Share

The celebrations out there are unbelievable, and my mate Wayne Daniel is under the table.

Tony Greig loses it in the commentary box as Matthew Hoggard completes his hat-trick in Barbados

Apr 3, 2004 Tweet | Share

This team cannot bat through 90 overs because they can barely sit through a feature film ... the young players probably think the Three Ws was a restaurant.

BC Pires has a dig at West Indies in the Guardian

Mar 28, 2004 Tweet | Share

I am not saying the players will get any better - but they can't become any worse.

Former West Indies fast bowler Colin Croft with some words of encouragement for the current side

Mar 27, 2004 Tweet | Share

There is no authoritative leadership of the [West Indies] team. One cannot picture a Clive Lloyd or a Frank Worrell, although men of different temperaments, not exerting their full moral authority to keep the team in line. It is clear that Brian Lara does not possess like qualities.

Geof Brown writing in the Jamaica Gleaner

Mar 23, 2004 Tweet | Share

Corey Collymore and Adam Sanford wouldn't bowl my mum out.

Geoffrey Boycott tucks into the West Indian pacemen as the fall-out from the first Test continues

Mar 21, 2004 Tweet | Share

Maybe it was not simply a lack of duty or decorum that drove four of the West Indies side to join the disco party at the ground in the game's noisy aftermath, but bewilderment at the outcome. What, they might ask, are we supposed to do? Suicide?

The Guardian's Mike Selvey on West Indies' gang of four's alleged partying in the aftermath of their defeat at Sabina Park

Mar 19, 2004 Tweet | Share

Local expectations had been high, but now they were left in tatters like the topsails of Port-Royal pirate ships after a round of grapeshot.

The Guardian's Mike Selvey reflects on West Indies' dismal performance at Sabina Park

Mar 16, 2004 Tweet | Share

You expect a bit of chin music when you come to these parts.

England captain Michael Vaughan prepares for life in the Caribbean

Feb 25, 2004 Tweet | Share

If I had to make one comment on them, I would say that they should get rid of a little bit of bravado and concentrate on getting the cricket right. If you look bad doing it, who really gives a damn?"

Graeme Smith, South Africa's captain, offers some advice to the West Indies team

Jan 11, 2004 Tweet | Share

When Zoral Barthley [chief cricket operations officer] passed the team on to me after he spoke to Sir Viv Richards on the phone, it was hand-written and had the name C-Paul, which I interpreted as C Baugh."

Derrick Nicholas, of the West Indies board, explains why Shivnarine Chanderpaul's name was initially missing from the squad for the South African one-day series

Jan 9, 2004 Tweet | Share

In the past we have collapsed well before the last day. At least we are fighting hard and reaching the final day now.

Brian Lara, West Indies' captain, takes the positives from a disappointing tour so far of South Africa

Jan 9, 2004 Tweet | Share

We were wondering just what could be done when Brian suggested we use the instrument they use in golf to make green holes to gouge the offending area out."

Gundappa Viswanath reveals how Brian Lara's golfing knowledge helped him out after the heavy roller incident at Harare

Oct 30, 2003 Tweet | Share

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