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Before the game we said, 'Let's make history today.' Well, we made history.

Dutch captain Luuk van Troost on Herschelle Gibbs's six sixes against them.

Mar 19, 2007 Tweet | Share

Anchor David Gower crowbarring in tedious references to calypso music, island paradises and Bob Marley. I've yet to hear him mention rum, rice and peas, or cannabis, but we're only a couple of days in; give him time.

Sky Sports' coverage of the World Cup comes under fire in the Guardian

Mar 18, 2007 Tweet | Share

What can you say? I told Daan after the third ball, 'try to bowl a quicker one' and he said, 'I just did'. There were a few good balls in it and a few shit ones.

Luuk van Troost is at a loss for words after Herschelle Gibbs's onslaught against Daan van Bunge

Mar 17, 2007 Tweet | Share

My theory is that every time a batsman plays and misses he should be asked to take off one piece of protective clothing of the bowler's choice.

Michael Kasprowicz takes a novel approach in the plan to contain batsmen

Mar 15, 2007 Tweet | Share

One of the things I realised pretty early is that I'm 40, and if I try to pretend I'm 25 I'll fall flat

Canada's Anderson Cummins is acting his age

Mar 6, 2007 Tweet | Share

Doing a few raids on gang houses wasn't particularly nice and mortuary stuff wasn't great. There were a few dead bodies along the line. It puts everthing into perspective. If you get hit for four, you get hit for four.

Shane Bond recounts his career as a cop

Mar 5, 2007 Tweet | Share

He loves India. He has named his child India. His biggest player is actually Tendulkar. Right now I'm hoping Tendulkar does not hit a catch to him because he will probably drop it to watch him bat.

Irving Romaine on team-mate Lionel Cann, who is just a bit overawed by being at the World Cup

Mar 3, 2007 Tweet | Share

There's no way I could make any money out of a book after how I performed.

England's errant spearhead, Steve Harmison, explains why he is giving the proceeds of his Ashes tour diary to a children's charity, Bubble Foundation UK

Mar 2, 2007 Tweet | Share

If it means cutting the finger off, if that's the worst-case scenario, if that's the last resort, I'll do that, there's no way I'm missing this.

Jacob Oram, who is nursing a broken finger, is willing to go to scary lengths to play the World Cup

Mar 1, 2007 Tweet | Share

Vision has been lost about what's important and what is not.

Tim May expresses his fears about the increase in Australia-India matches

Jan 16, 2007 Tweet | Share

Chris Read's treatment has been scandalous. I've started calling him Lord Lucan because he has disappeared off the radar inexplicably.

Ian Botham with some typically forthright opinions on England's permanent one-day reserve

Jan 13, 2007 Tweet | Share

A poor decision from Daryl Harper who is, in my opinion, a poor umpire. He's made too many shockers and yet the ICC don't change their umpires ... they see the footage and yet we see the same umpires, year in and year out

Former England captain-turned-commentator Nasser Hussain can never be accused of sitting on the fence

Jan 12, 2007 Tweet | Share

This is gross human rights abuse, but I need to look after my family. Cricket is my job, and I cannot risk my job for dreadlocks.

An unnamed Zimbabwe cricketer after he was ordered to shave his dreadlocks or be be dropped

Jan 11, 2007 Tweet | Share

A few months ago Duncan Fletcher said he knew 10 or the 11 for England's World Cup side ... now they can't even agree on who the best 30 are.

Michael Atherton reflects on the news England want to pick their final World Cup side from outside the original 30-man squad

Jan 10, 2007 Tweet | Share

Flintoff underneath it ... he's a good, safe pair of hands ...er ... a good, safe pair of hands when he gets to it.

Michael Atherton puts the kiss of death on England's captain who spilled a steepler

Jan 9, 2007 Tweet | Share

I can't see any problems with it except the ICC ... which is an obvious problem.

Nasser Hussain explains the obstacles to introducing changes to rules regarding third-umpire referrals

Jan 8, 2007 Tweet | Share

I was a bit concerned my name wasn't going to fit on the shirt.

We're not quite sure what England's latest call-up Ebony-Jewel Cora-Lee Camellia Rosamond Rainford-Brent means

Jan 7, 2007 Tweet | Share

I was thinking about the reverse Mexican wave where you get everybody to stand up and sit down in unison instead of standing up. I don't know if it will be successful or not."

Self-styled Captain Australia Brendan Lichtendonk, an Australia fan, has an idea to make Billy Birmingham proud

Jan 5, 2007 Tweet | Share

Bracks [Nathan Bracken] was bowling off about two or three steps and he was squealing when he was copping it in the thigh pad.

New South Wales' Ed Cowan reveals that the marketing men got it all wrong when they decided including rugby league star Andrew Johns in the state Twenty20 would be a great idea

Jan 4, 2007 Tweet | Share

Warne should retire and be a pantomime dame - made up in a great big dress with bouffant hair.

Jonathan Agnew talking about Shane Warne's on-field antics

Jan 3, 2007 Tweet | Share

I feel so bad about mine, I'm going to tie it round my cat. It doesn't mean anything anymore. It's a joke.

Geoff Boycott on the decision to award MBEs to the England XII after 2005's Ashes win. Shane Warne had earlier sledged Paul Collingwood, asking why he had got a medal for making 7 at The Oval

Jan 2, 2007 Tweet | Share

Everyone keeps saying 'you'll know when it's time'. Well, at one o'clock two days ago I knew it was time - it just came to me.

Justin Langer talks about finally knowing that it was time to end his Test career

Jan 1, 2007 Tweet | Share

No, I'm looking forward to getting away from it.

Steve Harmison asked whether he will miss being part of the England tour when the Test ends and he returns home

Jan 1, 2007 Tweet | Share

Despite my reputation as a bit of a cricket anorak, I'm not a huge one for history.

Ricky Ponting when asked about the possibility of the first Ashes whitewash since 1921

Jan 1, 2007 Tweet | Share

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What They Said About

'You should not be embarrassing your country'

"If you do not want to be playing Test cricket for India, quit. Just play limited-overs cricket. You should not be embarrassing your country like that."
Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar

"It's a disgrace to think that India have been blown away in 29 overs under blue skies on a pitch that was only doing a bit. They should be embarrassed. Some of those strokes were of players who didn't want to fight for their country."
Former England captain Michael Vaughan

"India were pathetic when they had to bat and bowl on two seaming, swinging pitches at Old Trafford and The Oval... The Indian batsmen were like lambs to the slaughter."
Former England captain Geoffrey Boycott