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As long as Shoaib doesn't hit me again, a couple more years.

Brian Lara when asked how long he has left in the game

Sep 30, 2004 Tweet | Share

I'm all for democracy, but you really have to draw a line and have the courage of your own convictions.

Nasser Hussain reveals his dictatorial colours as he lambasts England's chairman of selectors, David Graveney, for his indecisive selection policy

Sep 29, 2004 Tweet | Share

He'd say one thing one day and then suddenly he'd be saying that the same bloke he had been pushing for a year was now complete rubbish.

Nasser Hussain takes a swipe at Ian Botham's input into selection meetings

Sep 29, 2004 Tweet | Share

I rarely notice when I'm in the nineties, because it's not a key to my performance. But when I'm batting with Justin [Langer], I always know our partnership score.

Matthew Hayden puts the Bush-Blair special relationship in the shade, as he talks up the importance of Australia's opening pair

Sep 28, 2004 Tweet | Share

If you get Dravid, great. If you get Sachin, brilliant. If you get Laxman, it's a miracle.

Brett Lee repeats the words of wisdom of his former captain, Steve Waugh

Sep 27, 2004 Tweet | Share

In terms of the battering we have received from everyone in the past few months and then doing it against England, who smashed us in seven of the eight Tests, is pretty special.

Brian Lara reflects on the sweet taste of victory after Ian Bradshaw and Courtney Browne pulled off a near-miracle at The Oval

Sep 26, 2004 Tweet | Share

He's a wonderful bowler, but he's mentally lazy and, after the World Cup euphoria, slipped into a comfort zone. He needs to lose weight and get fitter. He didn't do enough running.

Former Australian fast bowler Bruce Reid gives Inside Edge his thoughts on Zaheer Khan

Sep 24, 2004 Tweet | Share

Maybe I was a little bit excited, as in eight previous matches I never bowled against him before, and I am sorry I hit him.

Shoaib Akhtar feels bad after felling Brian Lara during the ICC Champions Trophy semi-final

Sep 23, 2004 Tweet | Share

I would rather see England win than the other two sides that are left.

Ricky Ponting after the semi-final defeat at Edgbaston

Sep 22, 2004 Tweet | Share

I felt I was batting with a straw for the first 20 balls.

Michael Vaughan, after his match-winning 86 against Australia in the Champions Trophy semi-final at Edgbaston

Sep 22, 2004 Tweet | Share

Lancashire's relegation ensures late cheer.

The headline in the Yorkshire Post shows that the Wars of the Roses didn't end in 1487

Sep 21, 2004 Tweet | Share

We heard him jest with a caller, asking him to show him his 'wife'.

Parthiv Patel's uncle, Jagat, plays down rumours that his nephew has done a Britney Spears, and got married by accident

Sep 20, 2004 Tweet | Share

It was washed down with a bit of Jack Daniels!

Herschelle Gibbs elaborates on the famous pizza that brought him back to form with a century against West Indies

Sep 19, 2004 Tweet | Share

We are not vigilantes, we are not holding people to ransom.

New Zealand's Chris Cairns on the "cash-for-autographs" affair. Some New Zealanders have been accused of charging fans for signatures

Sep 17, 2004 Tweet | Share

At the ICC Champions Trophy, one-day cricket has become one-way cricket.

Simon Briggs in the Daily Telegraph after Australia's match against New Zealand was almost as one-sided as all the previous games

Sep 17, 2004 Tweet | Share

They're sort of like the bullies of the show, in that they throw their weight around in a psychological sense and try to grab the upper hand before the game's even started.

Scott Styris's take on Australia's tactics

Sep 16, 2004 Tweet | Share

Sometimes, people think it's like polo, played on horseback, and I remember one guy thought it was a game involving insects

USA slugger Clayton Lambert highlights the problems of explaining cricket to Americans

Sep 15, 2004 Tweet | Share

I hope they can learn something - but I am not sure that they will.

Ricky Ponting questions the inclusion of USA in the Champions Trophy

Sep 14, 2004 Tweet | Share

Please don't make me out to be a cad.

Perish the thought, Mark ... Mark Nicholas, the "smooth-as-silk TV presenter", reacts to revelations about his private life in the Daily Mail

Sep 12, 2004 Tweet | Share

More than Sehwag's form, it is his attitude that's now the worry, for the manner in which he approached the innings bordered on the indifferent.

Sunil Gavaskar is dismayed by Virender Sehwag's batting against Kenya

Sep 12, 2004 Tweet | Share

It's a few years since [I] did some damage to the English bowling and as you get older you tend to lose some of that talent and I'm not sure the crowds will see the same fireworks.

Former West Indies opener, now USA middle-order slogger, Clayton Lambert shows he has mastered the arts of self-promotion and the hard sell

Sep 10, 2004 Tweet | Share

The United States beat Zimbabwe chasing 270 in 48 overs. That will shake our guys out of any complacency I can assure you - and, if it doesn't, it bloody well should.

John Bracewell hits out after New Zealand lost their warm-up match against Sri Lanka

Sep 9, 2004 Tweet | Share

Maybe they should try looking on E-Bay.

Clare Skinner, communications officer for MCC, suggests a logical starting point for police investigations into the theft of 3000 umpires' coats from a garage in Kent

Sep 8, 2004 Tweet | Share

I don't need more awards ... I already have the world record.

Muttiah Muralitharan takes his exclusion from the ICC's World XI on the chin

Sep 7, 2004 Tweet | Share

The tournament is being organised at the time when most games will be disrupted by weather. The event is only being held because it had to be organised. There is no other objective except to earn money.

Javed Miandad slams the timing of the ICC Champions Trophy

Sep 7, 2004 Tweet | Share

I am pleased to hear that he is making good progress in writing interesting columns.

John Wright's reaction when asked about Javagal Srinath's recent criticism of the team's performance

Sep 6, 2004 Tweet | Share

I don't know ... but I do know I've drunk them all.

Andrew Flintoff when asked how many bottles of champagne he has won as Man of the Match in ODIs

Sep 5, 2004 Tweet | Share

He's not there much at the moment, he's usually out in the middle.

Michael Vaughan, when asked about the effect that Andrew Flintoff has been having on the England dressing-room

Sep 5, 2004 Tweet | Share

It's brilliant, I can't say any more than that."

Alex Wharf keeps his feelings under wraps after his England call-up

Sep 4, 2004 Tweet | Share

It is high time we made it a law that when a toss is won, we must bat.

Kris Srikkanth's take on India's decision to field first in the second match of the NatWest Challenge at The Oval

Sep 4, 2004 Tweet | Share

The fielding, often geriatric during the one-day disappointments of earlier in the summer, seemed to have received a dose of Viagra.

Mike Dickson of the Daily Mail on England's out-cricket

Sep 3, 2004 Tweet | Share

The Asia Cup telecast was a case in point. There was a teapot bobbing up and down on the screen and at one time the viewers could not see whether a catch was taken or not.

Campbell Jamieson, the ICC's commercial manager, bemoans the increased intrusion of adverts into TV coverage

Sep 2, 2004 Tweet | Share

The Indian batsmen definitely owe an apology to their fans.

Javagal Srinath hits out after India's loss to England in the first match of the NatWest Challenge

Sep 2, 2004 Tweet | Share

I'm not a fan of that sort of stuff. It's hard enough for the umpires to concentrate on what's going on without a lot of things going off in their ears.

Ricky Ponting feels that the experiments with technology might pose many teething problems for the umpires

Sep 1, 2004 Tweet | Share

It's already something special to play in 100 matches, but in my case it's even better, because I've worked 10 years for this.

Nicky Boje expresses his delight

Aug 31, 2004 Tweet | Share

The thing about India is that while they will miss Sachin, they have the ability to put out another batsman nearly as good.

Michael Vaughan gives overestimation a new meaning before the first match of the NatWest Challenge

Aug 31, 2004 Tweet | Share

We don't want to raise the level of expectation too high. While you are riding the board you don't want to come crashing off and end up chewing sand.

John Bracewell's reaction when told that New Zealand had won 13 of their last 15 one-dayers

Aug 30, 2004 Tweet | Share

Pat Symcox did three weeks' commentary work on the Asia Cup - prior to our tour to Sri Lanka. Yet nobody took the trouble to phone Pat and pick his brain about the conditions and the Sri Lankan team. That is pathetic.

Fanie de Villiers laments that the South African team isn't making use of the available know-how

Aug 29, 2004 Tweet | Share

Why not? Someone's got to do it.

Bob Woolmer's reply when asked if Australia can be beaten in the final at Amsterdam

Aug 28, 2004 Tweet | Share

It was like being defeated and I am not one of those who stays on the canvas. I wanted to get back up and bop him on the chin.

England's Gareth Batty recalls the feeling when he was the bowler as Brian Lara reached his 400 in Antigua in April

Aug 1, 2004 Tweet | Share

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