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We just have to be careful what we say about Mugabe. I've got no big deal about it, I'm just there to watch the cricket and I don't give a rat's arse what he does about his country."

Dean Jones, Fox Sports commentator and former Australian batsman adopts the ostrich approach to the Zimbabwe crisis

May 15, 2004 Tweet | Share

Well, that's fine - so you do have a record of 10 others that are worse or 12 others that are worse.

ZCU chairman Peter Chingoka misses the point after it was pointed out that Zimbabwe's two massive defeats by Sri Lanka were among the worst dozen in Test history

May 13, 2004 Tweet | Share

It is quite surprising that one is unfit in Pakistan and by reaching England gets fit overnight.

Shaharyar Khan, the PCB chairman, is piqued at Shoaib Akhtar playing for Durham immediately after landing in England

May 12, 2004 Tweet | Share

I'm confused. Really, really confused.

After arriving in Zimbabwe, Adam Gilchrist is no longer sure about his stand on touring the country

May 10, 2004 Tweet | Share

The Murali issue has blown out of proportion because of various remarks by various politicians.

Ehsan Mani responds to the Sri Lankan and Australian prime ministers' comments

May 9, 2004 Tweet | Share

This august body [the ICC] appears to have resorted to what amounts to industrial blackmail. It is more concerned with embarrassing England than the poisonous Robert Mugabe, whose policies have turned current international cricket in Zimbabwe into a mockery.

The Independent's Henry Blofeld takes a swipe at the ICC

May 8, 2004 Tweet | Share

That was the first legal delivery he bowled - that's my personal opinion.

Dion Ebrahim reacts to the orthodox legbreak he received from Muttiah Muralitharan on the first day at Bulawayo. He was handed a one-Test ban for his observation

May 7, 2004 Tweet | Share

Yes. They proved it in Perth, too, with that [biomechanics video] thing.

The Australian prime minister John Howard's reply when asked whether Muralitharan throws

May 6, 2004 Tweet | Share

It must be nice living in John's myopic world where the only worry is if the weather is fine enough for cricket. Not for him the anguish of contemplating thousands of murdered men as the bloodthirsty madness of president Robert Mugabe pushes Zimbabwe to oblivion.

Fox Sports' Ray Chesterton slams John Buchanan's stance on touring Zimbabwe

May 5, 2004 Tweet | Share

I just don't think that will happen, I don't think we'll bat for long enough, to start with, for that to happen in this series.

Ricky Ponting dismisses the prospect of Matthew Hayden reclaiming the world record for the Test score in Zimbabwe

May 4, 2004 Tweet | Share

The ZCU has brought politics into cricket. Imagine if the German soccer team decided it was only going to pick Aryans.

Aussie cricket writer Gideon Haigh on the Zimbabwe situation

May 3, 2004 Tweet | Share

I think a lot of people realise that they are between the biggest rock in the world and the hardest of hard places."

Glamorgan's chief executive, Mike Fatkin, expresses his sympathy for the ECB's predicament over Zimbabwe

May 2, 2004 Tweet | Share

It makes a joke of the game and it makes me sick talking about it. Everyone knows he bowls illegally.

Former Australia batsman Barry Jarman doesn't join the celebrations for Muttiah Muralitharan's world record. Jarman was the first ICC match referee to raise suspicions about Murali's action

May 1, 2004 Tweet | Share

I'm not a politician and I don't run English cricket, so the decision is not up to me."

Darren Gough makes his feelings clear about England's tour of Zimbabwe

Apr 30, 2004 Tweet | Share

My personal opinion [is] that we would prefer them not to go. But there is a difference between doing that and ordering them not to go, which I think would step over the proper line. I think many people however believe - I think rightly - that the problem actually resides with the ICC.

British prime minister Tony Blair on whether England should tour Zimbabwe

Apr 29, 2004 Tweet | Share

He was not the only England bowler to be collared by the West Indies' explosive batting the other night, but he was the only 33-year-old with a dodgy knee, a tendency to pile on the pounds and the promise of a lift to matches by helicopter.

The Independent's Stephen Brenkley sees the end of the road in sight for Darren Gough

Apr 28, 2004 Tweet | Share

Where is Brian Lara?

The first question posed by Nelson Mandela, the former South African president, after his arrival in Trinidad

Apr 27, 2004 Tweet | Share

There won't be any match.

Jagmohan Dalmiya pours cold water on plans to stage an India-Pakistan match in Abu Dhabi to inaugurate the Zayed Stadium

Apr 26, 2004 Tweet | Share

They're mostly businessmen in their late forties, not the old farts we're used to hearing about, and they know what they're doing.

Mike Soper, the head of England's First Class Forum, tries to give the image of county chairmen a makeover

Apr 25, 2004 Tweet | Share

I believe that they are honourable and decent men put in an impossible position. The board feels threatened by the ICC penalties to do what the board doesn't want to do.

The outgoing Des Wilson takes a swipe at the ICC over their stand on England's tour of Zimbabwe

Apr 24, 2004 Tweet | Share

The Championship is a great competition and to muddle it up with one-day games seems completely stupid."

Mike Soper, the chairman of the First-Class Forum, is unconvinced about plans to amalgamate two county competitions into one

Apr 22, 2004 Tweet | Share

If I was an Australian player I would not want to be playing substandard opposition and I'd want to have the trip postponed. If it can't be sorted out, it's the history of the game being affected."

Eddo Brandes, the former Zimbabwe fast bowler, speaks out ahead of Australia's tour

Apr 21, 2004 Tweet | Share

They've really struggled against us ... we didn't even use our spinners in the last match. They'll have huge problems against the Australian attack.

John Dyson, Sri Lanka's coach, fears for Zimbabwe's new team

Apr 20, 2004 Tweet | Share

The players who know their way round the front half of a newspaper will do a MacGill. Butcher and Graham Thorpe will surely stay away. Michael Vaughan will be torn, but may find it a good moment to have a minor operation.

Tim de Lisle speculates on which of England's players might give Zimbabwe a miss

Apr 19, 2004 Tweet | Share

I personally like to come to Mumbai whenever I can as I love this city. In fact Mumbai is my second home and I would like to come here quite often.

Shoaib Akhtar reveals some family secrets

Apr 18, 2004 Tweet | Share

He was bowling at three-quarter rat power. Murali's not a dill. He knows he's under scrutiny. They are filming him so he is going to do his best - and even with his best he still can't get it right. That shows there is something wrong with his action.

Former Test umpire Ross Emerson gives his views on the tests on Muttiah Muralitharan's bowling action

Apr 17, 2004 Tweet | Share

All we can do is play the side that's put out on the park and the Australian team is not really noted for going easy on any opposition.

Ricky Ponting refuses to be drawn on the moral and political implications of Australia's forthcoming tour of Zimbabwe

Apr 16, 2004 Tweet | Share

The meetings we have had have been held in such a bad spirit. There have been tempers and people walking out and shouting and banging on tables.

Zimbabwe's deposed captain, Heath Streak, on the ongoing feud between the rebel players and the ZCU

Apr 15, 2004 Tweet | Share

We're playing against Bangladesh and I'm not going to write off Bangladesh. The way we're playing right now you can't write off anybody at all.

Brian Lara refuses to take anything for granted ahead of West Indies' Test series against Bangladesh

Apr 14, 2004 Tweet | Share

Sometimes you get so engrossed in watching batsmen like Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar that you lose focus on your job.

Yasir Hameed tries to zero in on the exact reason for dropping a vital catch in the third Test at Rawalpindi

Apr 13, 2004 Tweet | Share

I am not an angel, I have my bad days and good days. I am still learning day by day."

Shoaib Akhtar makes a candid confession after Pakistan's victory in the Lahore Test

Apr 10, 2004 Tweet | Share

There's only one Papua New Guinean Welsh Aussie English Geraint Jones

A Barmy Army banner welcomes England's debutant wicketkeeper during the Antigua Test

Apr 10, 2004 Tweet | Share

I know that a number of the team don't like Lara and that they are scared of him.

Former West Indian fast bowler Hendy Bryan plunges a knife into Brian Lara's back

Apr 9, 2004 Tweet | Share

Even a common man could observe that the players were acting on a script. The body language of the players was not as it should have been.

Pakistan's former captain, Rashid Latif, casts aspersions about India's thrilling victory in the fourth ODI at Lahore

Apr 8, 2004 Tweet | Share

If I had my time over again, I would never have played cricket. Why? Because of people like you. The press do nothing but criticise.

Sir Garry Sobers tells it as it is

Apr 7, 2004 Tweet | Share

I feel domestic cricket is tougher than international cricket. All you need to do is spend some time in the middle and runs will automatically come.

Asim Kamal shatters some cricketing myths after his fine 73 at Lahore

Apr 7, 2004 Tweet | Share

[There is] only one thing more to be said, with apologies to Norwegian football commentator Bjorn Minge: Lord Learie Constantine! Sir Garry Sobers! Sir Vivian Richards! Bob Marley! The Jamaican Olympic bobsleigh team! Sir Trevor McDonald - can you hear me, Sir Trevor McDonald? Your boys took one hell of a beating!

Peter Hayter, in the Mail on Sunday, adapts a famous outburst from when Norway beat England at football

Apr 6, 2004 Tweet | Share

We've had Steve Harmison getting a seven-for, Simon Jones getting a five-for and Freddie Flintoff getting a five-for, so it was about time I pulled my finger out and did something special."

Matthew Hoggard after his hat-trick in the third Test in Barbados

Apr 5, 2004 Tweet | Share

The lack of urgency is pretty evident. Even a non-cricketing person like my wife can see that."

Shahryar Khan, chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, reacts to Pakistan's defeat at Multan

Apr 4, 2004 Tweet | Share

The celebrations out there are unbelievable, and my mate Wayne Daniel is under the table.

Tony Greig loses it in the commentary box as Matthew Hoggard completes his hat-trick in Barbados

Apr 3, 2004 Tweet | Share

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