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He plays things pretty close to his chest about these kinds of issues, but I would be surprised if he is spending his days planning how he will leave the game.

Justin Langer on Matthew Hayden

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The Reverend Desmond Tutu reacts succinctly to South Africa's series win in Australia

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I had dinner with [girlfriend] Shamone that evening and she asked whether we had any chance. Normally I would probably have said 'no', but this time I didn't. I said, 'Cricket is a strange game and I've seen some really weird things happen. There are still three days left, we'll see.'

After the second day, Jacques Kallis was optimistic about South Africa's chances of winning the Melbourne Test

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When I speak to a player - Morne Morkel, say - I tell him that he is the managing director of Morne Morkel Limited, and that everything he does, whether it be training, nutrition, or mental preparation, will affect his share price.

Jermey Snape, sports psychologist to the South African team, brings corporate into cricket

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If I happen to play I'll put 150,000% in.

Doug Bollinger is either mega-excited about his possible Test debut, or maths is not his strong point

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It's not a time for chopping and changing the side.

Australia's chairman of selectors Andrew Hilditch, who has not picked the same team in consecutive Tests for any of the past 15 matches

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I've spent the past two days speaking in a South African accent and already it is working wonders: everyone wants to pick you in their cricket team and you get better service in the shops around St Ives. It's an excellent and guttural way to live.

The Sydney Morning Herald's Aaron Timms provides a solution in coping with Australia's first home-series defeat to South Africa

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I don't think there's enough beer in all of Australia to satisfy us tonight.

Paul Harris on how South Africa will celebrate their historic series win

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I've never batted for so long before in my life. I've got a blister on my finger. It's my first batting injury.

A proud Dale Steyn the day after his 238-minute innings of 76 against Australia

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Had a school team bowled and fielded as abysmally as the West Indies did over their first dozen overs yesterday, everyone would have been given 100 lines and sent into detention, if not flogged.

Tony Cozier offers a brutally honest assessment of West Indies' performance in the second Twenty20 against New Zealand in Hamilton

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Look what India did to Pakistan. They just let us down.

Former ICC president Ehsan Mani warns the Pakistan board to look away from India for support among Test-playing countries

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I don't believe in technique, I believe in performance. If you are tough, whether you have technique or not, you'll survive.

The philosophy behind Virender Sehwag's batting

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The game's called Twenty20, it's not called one1.

Daniel Vettori isn't a fan of the super over after getting his for 25 by Chris Gayle.

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The buck stops with me as far as our performance is concerned. We've all been a little bit disappointed with the way some of the results have gone.

Ricky Ponting sums up his year

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I have a lot of gamblers in my room, I had to sort of fight them back a little bit.

Daniel Vettori on his decision to abandon the run-chase against West Indies in Napier

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When I was batting I saw on the scoreboard South Africa had won - and it made me chuckle a little bit.

Kevin Pietersen took pleasure from Australia's defeat in Perth.

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I asked a few people [what "pie chucker" meant]  and they told me it was a useless kind of a bowler. Well, a useless bowler getting him out five times, that's useless batting, I'd say."

Yuvraj Singh isn't going to take Kevin Pietersen's comments lying down

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His bowling action is useless though and mine is much better. But if he works hard he can be a good bowler. I'll give him some tips and show him how to bowl in the rough if he likes.

Yuvraj Singh doesn't rate Kevin Pietersen as a bowler

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Having an offspinner going for four runs an over in Australia's weak attack is like a council labourer hiring a limousine to arrive to work each day.

Robert Craddock on how Jason Krejza didn't help Australia's cause much in Perth

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How do you marry the born-again Christianity with the ruthless sledging of Graeme Smith [...] Hayden has been one of the most intimidating batsmen of his era, but also one of the least endearing.

Vic Marks sums up why Matthew Hayden has never been the fans' favourite outside Australia

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I'm still speechless, but these are tears of joy, tears of celebration.

Gerald Majola admits he had tears rolling down his face when JP Duminy hit the winning runs at the WACA

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Our friendship's blossomed ... can I say that?

Iain O'Brien on taking the wicket of Fidel Edwards after the two were involved in a staring match when O'Brien was batting, in the Dunedin Test

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They're kids that haven't got a real solid foundation of first-class cricket under their belts. So maybe my expectation on those couple has to go down a little bit.

Ricky Ponting on Jason Krejza and Peter Siddle

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[When] you've got a pie-chucker like Yuvraj Singh bowling at you I really don't mind...When you've got Zaheer Khan bowling from one end and you get left-arm filth like that it makes you feel really good.

Fresh from his hundred against India, Kevin Pietersen fuels the rivalry with Yuvraj Singh

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You are not God, you are a cricketer, and I'm a better one.

Kevin Pietersen to Yuvraj Singh during an on-field chat. The stump mic was alert

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So how many Test caps have you got then?

Simon Hughes recounts how Ian Botham tried to resolve an argument with a sommelier over what he claimed was a corked bottle of wine

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Dravid came up trumps here, blocking England's path as imposingly as any Punjab sentry in possession of a large moustache, a rifle and a due sense of his own importance.

The Times' Simon Wilde finds a local simile to describe Rahul Dravid's innings in Mohali

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I had little old ladies saying 'I want to go down to my bank to see if I have $20 to give you'.

Keith Gayford, the principal of an Auckland school, is overwhelmed by the response to a plea for money to fund a girls' cricket team trip to the national championship

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Pakistan cricket is more sinned against than sinning.

Pakistan board chairman Ijaz Butt takes a gloomy view of the latest tour cancellation to the country

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I'm a winner and this team is full of winners.

Kevin Pietersen states what most people already know about the England team

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I think world cricket has probably never been healthier.

Either ICC president David Morgan knows something the rest of us don't or he's not been reading his newspapers in the last few days

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It's two-minute noodles for tea for the next week as I can't afford anything else.

Iain O'Brien feels the pinch after losing a game of golf to Daniel Vettori and Jeetan Patel

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This is my last first-class game. I'm doing my own work, setting up some businesses. At some point, a commentary stint will also happen. Right now there's the school coming up in Salt Lake.

Sourav Ganguly is a busy man post retirement but has time to play one last game for Bengal

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When business deals go bad, businessmen will just up sticks, there is no emotional attachment to the game.

Michael Atherton explains why he is not surprised if Allen Stanford has pulled out of cricket

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I am on a diet which is going really well and the results show it is being very beneficial. It was very difficult at the start but you get used to it. The stuff I used to eat was not very good. Now I am down to my target weight it's a case of concentrating on getting my muscles stronger.

Former England allrounder Rikki Clarke proves that he might not have been listening to the advice of various team dietitians over the years

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If it carries on then fantastic, but if not there'll be other things.

Matt Prior reacts to news that Allen Stanford might be on the verge of quitting cricket. Prior's wife was unavailable for comment

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I mentioned that to Chris Broad as well, that I'd like to get the $4000 back from Brisbane but it hasn't been forthcoming just yet.

Ricky Ponting wants a refund on his fine for a slow over rate in Brisbane after Australia finished the Adelaide Test seven overs to the good

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I went down and told Yuvraj that it's still not over, don't think it's over and I have experienced it so don't relax.

A determined Sachin Tendulkar doesn't want to relive the horrors of 1999 in Chennai where India collapsed to defeat after his dismissal

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I have had the honour of having a 'Guide Dog' puppy named after me

Iain O'Brien meets his namesake in Dunedin, a 11-month-old black Labrador

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He almost manipulates the field. You change it, and it's like he says: 'Right, I'm going to hit it somewhere else now'."

Andrew Strauss can't help admiring Virender Sehwag's batting

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