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I didn't follow much of it because it kind of clashed with my party events in Jamaica.

Chris Gayle had better things to do than watch the Ashes

Dec 30, 2010 Tweet | Share

He's the kind of guy that if he told me to jump off a bridge I probably would, I'd follow him anywhere.

Usman Khawaja is in awe of the man he will replace as Australia's No 3 at the SCG in the final Ashes Test

Dec 30, 2010 Tweet | Share

We've got Mother Hubbard's cupboard here at the moment. She's pretty bare

Ian Chappell's answer when asked where Australia's next spinner is coming from

Dec 29, 2010 Tweet | Share

Me and Laxman talk about kids, house construction, plumbers, electricians, running errands. You cannot keep talking cricket the whole day.

Rahul Dravid, the first to take 200 Test catches, explains how he switches off between balls in the slips

Dec 26, 2010 Tweet | Share

We'll need two goats to feed on this grassy pitch.

Harbhajan Singh, that delightful pitch expert, comes up with a novel idea to make the Kingsmead track more batsman-friendly

Dec 26, 2010 Tweet | Share

The last game we played with three fast bowlers and one spinner, and we were 21 minutes short. If we play with four fast bowlers, definitely I'll get a match ban.

MS Dhoni rules out playing four fast bowlers in an innovative way

Dec 25, 2010 Tweet | Share

Think my mate's hair must have got into his eyes while driving last night.

Mark Boucher reveals the reason behind Jacques Kallis' car accident

Dec 23, 2010 Tweet | Share

Take a bit of beer and manure and rub it on your forehead.

Jacques Kallis reveals the secret behind his new head of hair

Dec 18, 2010 Tweet | Share

We were hoping he would be spending time looking in the mirror so he might not score as many runs. The hairstyle has changed, but the batting hasn't.

Rahul Dravid laments that Jacques Kallis' hair job has not had a negative impact on his batting

Dec 18, 2010 Tweet | Share

Once we go out to bat in the next innings, we will show what batting actually means.

Harbhajan Singh remains optimistic about India's prospects despite them stumbling to 136 for 9 on the first day in Centurion

Dec 17, 2010 Tweet | Share

The ICC may well be the voice of cricket; the BCCI is an invoice

Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi on the BCCI's financial clout but limited moral leadership

Dec 16, 2010 Tweet | Share

The really annoying thing is that nobody has asked me whether I want to make a comeback.

If Shane Warne is good enough, surely Richie Benaud is as well

Dec 13, 2010 Tweet | Share

They bring that up three times a year, don't they?

Shock Australian selection Michael Beer thinks a Shane Warne comeback will be even more of a surprise

Dec 13, 2010 Tweet | Share

He who looks at the clouds takes his eyes off the plough.

Trust Graeme Swann to come up with a colourful way of suggesting that England shouldn't think they have already retained the Ashes

Dec 12, 2010 Tweet | Share

A better ground for soccer? You might get football matches called off here.

Zimbabwe coach Alan Butcher on the soggy condition of the ground in Chittagong

Dec 11, 2010 Tweet | Share

Is this vast? I dunno. I thought Headingley's bigger.

Tim Bresnan is unimpressed by the proportions of the Melbourne Cricket Ground

Dec 10, 2010 Tweet | Share

He's [Michael Clarke] on Twitter saying sorry for not walking? Mate if he did that in our side there'd be hell to pay. AB would chuck his Twitter box off the balcony or whatever it is. Sorry for not walking? Jesus Christ man

Mark Waugh is obviously not pleased with where the Australian team is headed

Dec 10, 2010 Tweet | Share

The thing about that World Cup is that it goes on for years

Stuart Broad is positive about his chances of recovering for the World Cup

Dec 7, 2010 Tweet | Share

Sometimes it doesn't matter what I think

Ricky Ponting subtly hints the decision to drop Mitchell Johnson for Adelaide might not have been his

Dec 3, 2010 Tweet | Share

We're going terribly, we're going awfully, I can't believe they said that, and I'm not sure we're going to turn up on Friday

Tim Nielsen gives a tongue-in-cheek response to the negative coverage in the Australian media following the Brisbane Test

Nov 30, 2010 Tweet | Share

If speeches were that important, Winston Churchill would have made a great captain.

Ian Chappell on the merits of the team huddle and what goes on inside it

Nov 29, 2010 Tweet | Share

You should hold this, it isn't mine.

Ricky Ponting hands a replica urn to Andrew Strauss a day ahead of the Ashes

Nov 24, 2010 Tweet | Share

Doesn't stop them wearing mascara when they go out in the evenings

Graeme Swann on James Anderson and Stuart Broad being camera-shy

Nov 23, 2010 Tweet | Share

It's up for Boucher to start a relationship with de Villiers

Ramiz Raja probably meant partnership during commentary for the second Test between Pakistan and South Africa

Nov 22, 2010 Tweet | Share

He has got a very big nose. And, to give him credit, a very good nose

David Gower on why Ian Botham is the Sky commentary team's wine taster

Nov 19, 2010 Tweet | Share

He deserves the contract to build national highways.

Harbhajan Singh is none too impressed with the Hyderabad pitch curator

Nov 18, 2010 Tweet | Share

It should be the Empire XI. They got any Poms in their side?

Allan Border opens the old debate about England's team

Nov 16, 2010 Tweet | Share

He's batting beautifully, he is the new Garry Sobers

Harbhahan Singh's all-round skills have clearly impressed Rahul Dravid

Nov 15, 2010 Tweet | Share

We've got a little bit in common...I love golf

Shane Warne understates the traits he shares with Tiger Woods

Nov 13, 2010 Tweet | Share

I'd much rather fly Airwolf than be the Knightrider

Graeme Swann responds to Shane Warne saying he'd walk around like David Hasselhoff

Nov 6, 2010 Tweet | Share

He's going to walk around like David Hasselhoff, and love being the man with the ball, but if England are going to win they need him to take 25 wickets plus

Shane Warne puts the spotlight on Graeme Swann's role in the Ashes

Nov 5, 2010 Tweet | Share

They thought I was in hiding somewhere, but I'm right here.

The hard-to-trace Lalit Modi surfaces at a sports event management conference in London

Nov 4, 2010 Tweet | Share

I couldn't have more faith in the boys. The matches will be close but I'm tipping a 5-0 whitewash.

The phony Ashes war of words don't really get underway until Glenn McGrath predicts a clean sweep

Nov 3, 2010 Tweet | Share

They are a wounded animal at the moment and, when animals are wounded, they can turn into fearsome predators

Kevin Pietersen has been watching a lot of the Discovery Channel in Australia and isn't underestimating his opponents

Nov 2, 2010 Tweet | Share

He has been in form longer than some of our guys have been alive

Daniel Vettori on Sachin Tendulkar ahead of New Zealand's Test series in India

Nov 2, 2010 Tweet | Share

It's been 100 days since I had a drink

Jesse Ryder is keeping count of the days he's been on the wagon

Nov 2, 2010 Tweet | Share

I am not bothered whether they are undercover or overcover. I am clean

The ICC's plan to use undercover agents to tackle corruption does not bother Virender Sehwag

Oct 31, 2010 Tweet | Share

Ask anyone in the team, and they'll tell you that I'm the fashion guru. I like cool clothes, I like to smell good and I'm serious about my music

Lonwabo Tsotsobe reveals that fast bowling isn't only his only skill

Oct 31, 2010 Tweet | Share

Hansie Cronje. Honestly. I got out to Hansie more than anyone ... I never knew what to do with him

Sachin Tendulkar on which bowler troubled him the most

Oct 30, 2010 Tweet | Share

I'm not interested in what he has to say. Who is he? He's a nobody.

Kevin Pietersen rubbishes former Australia coach John Buchanan's views that the England batsman could be a major problem for the team

Oct 28, 2010 Tweet | Share

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Demons in the pitch
© Satish Acharya

Poetic justice
© Satish Acharya

Stop him batting
© Satish Acharya

Friendly pitches
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The Indians
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Ask Steven: Also, most balls faced in a T20, highest limited-overs score at Lord's, and long lives after Test debut

    England seem to have forgotten about personality

Mark Nicholas: They have to see a glass that is half-full, and play the game as if it is just that, a game; and an opportunity

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My Favourite Cricketer: Sanjay Manjrekar on his first sighting of Imran Khan's magnetic personality

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Modern Masters: Graeme Smith's fourth-innings stats are a testament of his tremendous mental strength

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Michael Jeh: Does Rahane, Robson, Ballance and Stokes making hundreds in their first five Tests point to a larger trend?

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What They Said About

'The heartbeat of the team'

Haroon Lorgat, the CSA chief executive

"He's a guy who has always played under a lot of pressure ... he has always found the inner strength to make sure he concentrates on his own performances, and he leads the team irrespective of what perceptions of him are, his presence alone will be sorely missed."

Russell Domingo, the South Africa coach