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Charlotte Edwards holds the women's Ashes trophy aloft

Wisden Cricketers of the Year 2014

Charlotte Edwards

In terms of longevity, Edwards is verging on Sachin Tendulkar: after making her Test debut at 16, she remains at the top 18 years later

Sending out an SOS

Why Mark Ramprakash should be called up for The Oval, and how things have changed drastically post-Headingley, despite England's denials

Are you England in disguise?

The 2009 Aussies have not just been a pale shadow of their brilliant predecessors - they're so pale, they have a distinctly Pommie tinge

Will England choke?

History tells us that England can easily get vertigo when on top. Will this piece of history repeat itself?

England picked the wrong team

In their bowling, they went for quantity and solidity over quality and incisiveness, and none of their batsmen bar one can take a match by the scruff of its neck

No. 22

Akram nails two in two

Wasim's World Cup ripper of rippers came with a sequel hot on its heels

Missing the biffers

They may have won a Test match but something's off about England: their top six