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Peter Roebuck's Stodgy XI

Over their dead bodies

A team of slowpokes who will test the patience of the fiercest opponents and the tolerance of the most obdurate viewers

ESPNcricinfo staff

Who after Bradman and Sobers?

Shane Warne and Sachin Tendulkar have effectively been voted the third and fourth-greatest cricketers in the game's history

A match-up made in heaven

The notion of a face-off between Trueman and Tendulkar and Lillee and Lara is mouth-watering, to say the least. Who'll win in a contest between ESPNcricinfo's World XI and the Second XI?

Mike Selvey's Lefties XI

On the other hand

Left-handers are increasingly to the fore in cricket. What would an all-time XI composed exclusively of the species look like?

The joy of the past

There may be plenty of well-known problems inherent in picking all-time XIs, but the exercise is still a worthwhile one

David Frith's play-for-your-life XI

For your money (and your life)

A play-for-your-life XI who'll do you proud when it's a choice between not losing and heading to the gas chamber