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Former New Zealand batsman and captain
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New Zealand must look in the mirror

Apr 17, 2014: If they are to live up to their potential in next year's World Cup at home, they need to look within and search for inspiration pronto

Martin Crowe

Fifty for the pantheon

Apr 11, 2014: What if you had to narrow all of cricket greatness down to 50 names?

Martin Crowe

The hand of the leggie

Apr 5, 2014: Legspinners have blossomed in the World T20, which has otherwise been an odd, somewhat ugly affair

Martin Crowe

Why do we over-react when changing cricket's rules?

Apr 2, 2014: Instead of helping umpires react instinctively to situations, we have burdened them with misleading technology that has turned them into second-class citizens

Martin Crowe

Why the BCCI won't be swayed by Richardson's DRS claims

Mar 24, 2014: The ICC's CEO hopes to get India on board and backing the review system, but that doesn't look likely to happen

Martin Crowe

To bat right, get your mind right

Mar 20, 2014: Footwork may be crucial to the batsman's art, but a mind rooted in the present moment is just as great a weapon

Martin Crowe

It's all down to the feet

Mar 12, 2014: The cornerstone of batting technique is foot position and movement

Martin Crowe

Could it be New Zealand's World Cup year?

Feb 25, 2014: A few predictions and some surmise about the tournament from a year away

Martin Crowe

How McCullum helped me let go

Feb 18, 2014: Not scoring a triple-century has weighed heavy on this writer, but New Zealand's captain has helped lay that personal bogey to rest

Martin Crowe

Pietersen down on dodgy knees

Feb 10, 2014: He has been sacked by England for off-field issues, but the truth is that he probably couldn't have carried on playing Test cricket for much longer anyway

Martin Crowe

A force called Kohli

Feb 4, 2014: He's in inexorable form, but his best is still ahead of him, and that is a forbidding thought for the bowlers he comes up against

Martin Crowe

Forty overs is one-day cricket's future

Jan 31, 2014: It's the ideal amount of time to pack in plenty of action while also giving players a chance to construct innings and making for a better spectator experience

Martin Crowe

To hell and back

Jan 24, 2014: Jesse Ryder has always been a gifted athlete but it's only now that he seems to have let go of the unimportant stuff and begun to believe

Martin Crowe

Two-tier Test system, my foot

Jan 18, 2014: It's not right to abandon teams like New Zealand and West Indies who have given their all to prop up the game over the years

Martin Crowe

A mouth-watering Indian summer

Jan 16, 2014: New Zealand must buck the trend and prepare pitches that provide more for swing and seam bowlers

Martin Crowe

The Ashes 2013-14

Hard run-makers revive Australia

Jan 7, 2014: As England's senior batsmen went missing, Michael Clarke and Brad Haddin set the tone for their team to dominate in runs, hundreds and, ultimately, wins

Martin Crowe

The battle against attrition

Jan 6, 2014: Administrators need to be mindful if players are to prolong their careers and not retire prematurely

Martin Crowe

Kallis' legacy ranks with the best

Dec 30, 2013: He had seven phases to his Test career, and at the end of them he is fit to rank alongside the very greatest

Martin Crowe

Swann and the fear of success

Dec 27, 2013: It takes an extraordinary athlete with an exceptional mind to not fear the pressures that achievements bring, and to soldier on regardless

Martin Crowe

The story of Ross Taylor

Dec 22, 2013: How the New Zealand batsman struggled with rejection and self-doubt to emerge stronger and better

Martin Crowe
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