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Spun out

Jul 8, 2008: The cupboard is worryingly bare when it comes to replacements for Shane Warne and Muttiah Muralitharan

Two into three won't go

Jun 24, 2008: Having three parallel leagues will not benefit English cricket

From hit and giggle to do or die

Jun 10, 2008: Why the increased focus on Twenty20 just may be good for English cricket

How good is Sidebottom?

May 27, 2008: England's Roger Daltrey-lookalike seamer is in contention for the crown of the world's top fast bowler

Better longer

May 13, 2008: Let's have fewer series but make the best ones last

Greed of the hour

Apr 22, 2008: England players earn big money and are set to make even more, but do they need to talk so shamelessly about the means by which they think they can earn those figures?

What spirit of cricket?

Apr 8, 2008: Does it matter anymore? Does it even exist?

John Stern

Elvis v Mozart

Mar 25, 2008: In England, the IPL is viewed as the monster that'll kill Test cricket. But maybe it won't be so bad after all

John Stern

Stern Words

The other Schofield

Jan 18, 2007: John Stern feels Ken Schofield's appointment to review one whitewash won't produce another whitewash

John Stern

The Ashes 2006-07

Arriving late for the Ashes party

Dec 13, 2006: John Stern says that the scoreline being what it is, England can't be thinking about outcomes. It's time for a performance

John Stern in Perth

England's Test venues

Enjoy cricket-style entertainment at The Rose Bowl

Nov 30, 2006: More and more venues around England aspire to acquire Test status

John Stern

Stern Words

The defining time

Nov 9, 2006: John Stern on Ian Bell - blessed by exceptional talent, cursed by the burden of expectation

John Stern

Stern Words

More power, not less

Oct 26, 2006: John Stern on Duncan Fletcher - England's back-seat driver

John Stern

Stern Words

Hindsight TV

Oct 5, 2006: There's a newish sports TV channel around specialising in nostalgia of the highest order. I won't reveal its name in case I'm accused of shameless plugging but I believe it may advertise its wares elsewhere on this website. It should be called Hindsight T

John Stern

Stern Words

Does anybody really care?

Sep 14, 2006: The question is: are England lousy at one-day cricket because they're indifferent to it or are they indifferent to it because they're lousy at it?

John Stern

The Oval Opt-out

A whiff of scandal whets the appetite

Aug 24, 2006: The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about, said Oscar Wilde. If cricket in England was feeling a bit faint after last summer then the past few days have provided a full-on oxygen mask of publicity

John Stern

The selection of Chris Read

A dose of shock treatment

Aug 3, 2006: Read does not have to score many runs to better Jones's recent record but he will have to keep very well

John Stern

Headingley '81 is no longer a milestone

Don't let history repeat itself

Jul 20, 2006: John Stern rewinds to the 1981 Ashes series - Ian Botham's Ashes - and last year's classic, with the hope that it doesn't take a decade to get over 2005

John Stern

England's captaincy conundrum

Freddie is the man to inspire England

Jun 30, 2006: John Stern ponders who will be asked to step into Michael Vaughan's shoes and lead England this summer ... and then into the Ashes

John Stern

Another step on the road to Brisbane

England need another Edgbaston boost

May 25, 2006: England know that all roads lead to Brisbane but they don't know which route will take them there or exactly who will be driving the car, says John Stern

John Stern
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We need to reinterpret the wide down leg side

Liam Cromar: Why are bowlers in limited-overs cricket expected to perform the contradictory actions of preventing run-scoring and enabling it?

Heroes and mobs: my first live match

Sankaran Krishna: A nine-year-old's initiation into big-time cricket, featuring Prasanna, Lawry, Gleeson and a boisterous Bangalore crowd

Hello Hameed, goodbye Napier

Apart from the teen and the vet, who else make it to our County Championship XI?

    England's zombie World Cup history

Review: What turned them from the bright-eyed World Cup finalists of 1992 to the dead men stumbling about in 2015? A new book attempts to find answers

The hinterland of 40

Jon Hotten: At Lord's we saw three in-between scores of the sort that are as likely to annoy the selectors as excite them

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Left-arm quick, right-arm quicker

Lahore Qalandars have unearthed a truly unique prospect in Yasir Jan, an ambidextrous quick who can generate serious pace with both arms

Vote for your all-time India Test XI

In September 2010, as part of ESPNcricinfo's All-time XI series, a jury had selected an All-time India Test XI. Six years later, would you make some changes?

Ravindra Jadeja, maker of differences

A 41-run stand for the last wicket, and three tail-end wickets in one over. That is the very definition of "crucial" in a low-scoring contest

Imran's team or Misbah's: which was greater?

Each had to overcome very different hurdles from the other to become a top Test side

Can New Zealand do an England 2012?

England showed four years ago that India can be beaten at home with the help of four key attributes. New Zealand possess all of them, to a degree, and if they click together, anything can happen

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