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Cut Short

James Taylor, from the heart

Oct 6, 2018: The former England batsman's autobiography is a tale of survival in more ways than one

Alan Gardner

The Test

An analyst turns novelist

Aug 25, 2018: Nathan Leamon's first work of fiction benefits from an authenticity born of experience

Paul Edwards

Cricket Captain 2018

The game that keeps giving

Aug 11, 2018: Cricket Captain 2018 offers more of the same, with some improvements

Varun Shetty

Easier Said Than Done

Life of Wilko

Jun 3, 2018: Cricketer turned commentator Alan Wilkins has produced a memoir whose qualities mirror his own

Suresh Menon

Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 2018

Modern, authoritative, and 155 years old

Apr 21, 2018: As ever, the Wisden Almanack flies the flag for quality cricket writing

Rob Smyth

A feast of fine cricket writing

Apr 14, 2018: Cricket more than many other games affords its fans the ability to read about it, and the Almanack is a celebration of that fact

S Giridhar

A Century is Not Enough

The fighter tells his story his way

Mar 31, 2018: Sourav Ganguly's autobiography covers a fascinating period in Indian cricket, though the focus remains squarely on him

Suresh Menon


All Indian cricketers should write books like this

Mar 24, 2018: Sanjay Manjrekar's autobiography sets a template with its frankness and ability to cover areas other cricketers fear to tread

Sharda Ugra

On Form

What does fear have to do with form?

Mar 17, 2018: Master cricket thinker Mike Brearley has written a hugely helpful book

Paul Edwards

Over and Out

The original, forgotten hitman

Jan 27, 2018: Albert Trott is best remembered for his six that cleared the Lord's pavilion, but there was a lot more to him, as a new biography reveals

Alan Gardner

Caught in the Middle

The man who battled alone

Dec 16, 2017: Mike Procter talks about Monkeygate and his career either side of it in his new autobiography

Firdose Moonda

Feeling is the Thing that Happens in 1000th. of a Second

Shows, tells and makes you feel

Dec 10, 2017: Christian Ryan's book about Patrick Eagar's photographs celebrates the experience of watching the game

Paul Edwards

Speed Demons

Harmy's monsters

Nov 25, 2017: A new autobiography tells of the self-doubt and fears that beset the man probably best known for his wayward Ashes-opening delivery 11 years ago

Alan Gardner

An outsider's inside view of Sri Lankan cricket

Nov 11, 2017: The memoirs of a fan who has seen the excellence and the excesses of the country's cricket

Andrew Fidel Fernando

The story of Jonny and Bluey and of love and letting go

Nov 3, 2017: Jonny Bairstow's book is nothing like the modern player autobiography

David Hopps

The most badass skipper ever

Oct 14, 2017: Ian Chappell was a man to be reckoned with, as South Australia's administration found out during the 1975-76 Sheffield season. A new book has the story

Greg Growden


A colossus named Connie

Sep 9, 2017: Learie Constantine's influence on life and cricket in the West Indies and in his adopted home, England, went far beyond his deeds on the field

Alan Gardner

The offie who coped

Aug 26, 2017: Former Yorkshire and England offspinner Geoff Cope's biography is a good-natured, insightful look back at the career of a man who was no stranger to adversity

David Hopps

Cricket Captain 2017

Aye aye captain

Jul 16, 2017: Some familiar quibbles and feature deficiencies aside, Cricket Captain remains cricket's foremost management and simulation game

Srinath Sripath

Edging Towards Darkness

The game that didn't end

Jul 9, 2017: At Kingsmead in 1939, with war looming over Europe, England and South Africa kept playing and playing and playing

Alan Gardner
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