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Who made this schedule? I'm loving it

Nov 13, 2018: One of the world's top players looks ahead to the intense, action-packed eight months of white-ball cricket coming up

AB de Villiers

Why footwork is overrated when keeping wicket

Aug 29, 2018: It's more about largely staying still, keeping your eye on the ball and letting your hands get to it

Deep Dasgupta

The future of English cricket

Why 100-ball cricket won't make a difference in an era of binge-watching

May 20, 2018: The ECB says that its new 100-ball concept will market the game to a new audience, but the director of Death of a Gentleman doubts that it can succeed in its proposed form

Sam Collins

What the ice-cricket tournament tells us about India-Pakistan cricket relations

Feb 13, 2018: The bonhomie between former players from the two countries in St Moritz underlines how it is a pity the two sides don't meet on the field

Danyal Rasool

Kohli's arrogance helps his game but not the team

Jan 20, 2018: No one in the BCCI is able to stand up against the force of the captain's personality, and that isn't helping Indian cricket

Ramachandra Guha

The money is in the T20 game. That's the reality

Nov 18, 2017: Boards must accept players are stakeholders in the game if we don't want world cricket to split across country and franchise lines

Tony Irish

A letter to the India women's team

Aug 1, 2017: The pain of 2005 and 2017 is the same, but the circumstances are completely different

Anjum Chopra

What's wrong with revenue-sharing, CA?

Apr 20, 2017: The model has been in existence for nearly two decades and has served players and board well. Why end it now?

Tim May

The everlasting wiles of Mohammad Asif

Nov 5, 2016: Is he still as good as he was before his exile? More or less, and the swagger and attitude are intact, but at nearly 34, his body might be the weak link

Ahmer Naqvi

New Zealand were in at the deep end

Oct 15, 2016: Their schooling against spin is far from adequate, so they need to learn on the job, at the highest level

Iain O'Brien

How do you judge a coach?

May 8, 2016: Results aside, especially in Pakistan, the board's cooperation and the sociopolitical climate make a difference to how a coach fares

Ahmer Naqvi

The glamorous life of a Test match bowler

Dec 7, 2015: Sleepless nights, pills, pain, stiffness, sweat, toil, and some more pain - welcome to a day in the life

Iain O'Brien

What happens in a batting collapse

Nov 9, 2015: The mood inside the dressing room turns sour, and batsmen forget to play the way they normally do. It doesn't have to be like that

Iain O'Brien

Zaheer Khan retires

Zaheer of Nairobi

Oct 17, 2015: Back in 2000, he was at the centre of an image that has since become iconic for Indian fast bowling

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan

What makes the VJD method the superior rain rule

Jun 25, 2015: The creator of the alternative to the Duckworth-Lewis method explains why VJD targets are more responsive to runs scored by the team batting first

V Jayadevan

New Zealand are more than a product of McCullum

Jun 20, 2015: The team now has the right line-up of players, playing to the right plan. It is not merely conforming to the image of its captain

Iain O'Brien

Why DLS trumps VJD

Jun 2, 2015: The man behind the revision to the Duckworth-Lewis method explains why the upgraded system works better than its closest competitor

Steven Stern

Contracts for Indian women: better late than never

May 27, 2015: The BCCI has been refreshingly proactive in proposing annual contracts for women, but it remains to be seen if it will deliver on its promises


Why the Ranji Trophy needs first-innings points

May 26, 2015: Pushing for result-oriented games is a good move, but scrapping the reward for going ahead in the first innings could be detrimental in a number of ways

Ajit Agarkar

What Sylvester Clarke taught me

May 12, 2015: How a batsman haunted by nightmares of facing fast bowling put his demons behind him

Alan Butcher
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