Australia tour of New Zealand, 1st ODI: New Zealand v Australia at Napier, Mar 3, 2010
New Zealand won by 2 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)
3 March 2010 - day/night match (50-over match)

Bond to Haddin, no run, great start from Bond as he hits a good length and Haddin lifts his hands high over the top of the bounce of the ball and through to the keeper


Bond to Haddin, no run, identical delivery and result as Haddin shoulders arms outside the line of off stump


Bond to Haddin, no run, and again from Bond as he finds a consistent channel with Haddin allowing it through to the keeper


Bond to Haddin, no run, Bond finds a good channel again and Haddin, knowing how good the track is, is content on having a look at the first over, allowing it through to McCullum


Bond to Haddin, 3 runs, fuller and a hint of inswing from Bond has Haddin driving off the inside edge through backward square for three where Southee and Ingram combine to save the boundary on the rope

Australia 17/0   BJ Haddin 3* (5b)

Southee to Haddin, no run, more energy from Southee this time as he hits a great length and it flies through to McCullum at chest height


Southee to Haddin, no run, fuller on middle stump and driven to mid on


Southee to Haddin, no run, good length but a fraction wider and Haddin plays the cut but misses


Southee to Haddin, no run, full delivery and Haddin drives on the up to Oram at mid off


Southee to Haddin, FOUR, good length but too much width and Haddin drives gloriously through cover point for four. Such good hands and great timing from the wicketkeeper


Southee to Haddin, no run, back of a length from Southee forces Haddin to play tighter this time and he defends to point

Australia 21/0   BJ Haddin 7* (11b 1x4)

Bond to Haddin, no run, short and at the body and Haddin plays neatly into the leg side


Bond to Haddin, no run, better length and Haddin uses the pace to guide it fine but hits it to backward point

Australia 30/0   BJ Haddin 7* (13b 1x4)

Southee to Haddin, 1 run, full and driven back past Southee's head, where he just gets out of the way, and Oram dives at mid off to keep the scoring to one


Southee to Haddin, FOUR, decent length from Southee but without any swing, Haddin just hits perfectly through the line for four. So easy on the eye is Haddin

Australia 39/0   BJ Haddin 12* (15b 2x4)

Bond to Haddin, OUT, superb delivery from Bond as he angles it towards the batsman from wide on the crease then it straightens, Haddin looks to play through mid on and the ball takes out off stump

BJ Haddin b Bond 12 (25m 16b 2x4 0x6) SR: 75.00

Australia 50/1   BJ Haddin 12 (16b 2x4)





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