Mathews to Rahane, OUT, here comes the first wicket! It was a poor choice of shot from Rahane. He stays on the back foot and tries to work the length delivery away to the leg side but it just comes in a touch to beat the inside edge and strike above the knee roll. Would have hit the top of the stumps

AM Rahane lbw b Mathews 28 (33m 24b 6x4 0x6) SR: 116.66

Eranga to Rayudu, OUT, Rayudu has been done in for playing back to a ripper, pitched up, angled in, hits the pitch and straightens, Rayudu stabs at it in hope, but it zips past to uproot off stump

AT Rayudu b Eranga 8 (24m 19b 0x4 0x6) SR: 42.10

Mathews to Kohli, 1 run, OUT, Kohli has been run out, he is disgusted, smashes his bat into the ground, walks off in a huff, stares back at Rohit, it was a mishit of a slog in front of long on, fielder charged in for the catch, it bounced in front, but he did well to keep it from going past him, the throw came in to the keeper and there was no way Kohli would have made it, he was keen for the second, started, but hesitated as he saw the throw come in, but Rohit had almost reached him by then, can't really blame Rohit there

V Kohli run out 66 (109m 64b 6x4 0x6) SR: 103.12

Mathews to Raina, OUT, fine catch by Mahela Jayawardene running in and tumbling forward from sweeper cover, Raina had made room and swiped this length ball over cover, it hung in the air for a while, and Jayawardene came in quickly

SK Raina c Jayawardene b Mathews 11 (8m 5b 1x4 1x6) SR: 220.00

Kulasekara to RG Sharma, OUT, he falls off the last ball of the innings as he charges out, takes it on the full and hits it flat to long off

RG Sharma c Jayawardene b Kulasekara 264 (225m 173b 33x4 9x6) SR: 152.60

Big Win


Instances where India beat Sri Lanka by 150-plus runs in this series - this has only happened five-times in all.

400 the new 300


Number of times that India has made 400+ in ODIs. No other team has done it more than twice.

That's Huge


Number of 200-plus third wicket partnerships for India - Virat Kohli has been involved in five of those.

Big hundreds


Number of 150+ scores for Rohit Sharma - the only Indian with more such scores in Sachin Tendulkar (5)



India's average score in the batting powerplay this series. Sri Lanka average 23/3 when they bat

A Select Group


Number of batsmen who have scored 5 or more ODI hundreds for India - Rohit Sharma is the14th.