Player of the Match
Player of the Match

8.56pm Fireworks go off as SA seal the series with a game to spare. It has been a no contest all tour, including in the one-dayers, and Zimbabwe are still searching for a fresh script on this disastrous trip. They have been outclassed in every department. You can't fault them for not trying. They made their share of changes, tried players in various positions, but nothing has worked in their favour. It's been that sort of tour. They haven't been able to come together as a unit and find that thrust that would give them some much-needed confidence and momentum.

The bowlers set it up tonight, reining in Zimbabwe with regular wickets. From there, the hold was never released, and the batsmen finished off what the bowlers started. Zimbabwe picked up a few wickets to stay in the hunt in the early parts of the chase. But 132 was never going to be enough on this surface. So much that SA lost four wickets and yet hardly broke a sweat.

Dane Paterson is Man of the Match. Bowled brilliantly to end up with 2 for 22 and limit Zimbabwe to an under-par total. Set the game up, really.

That will be a wrap then. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the match. Drop by for the third game on October 14. From Varun and myself, good night and thank you for joining us.

Mpofu to Duminy, FOUR runs, advances down the ground, shorter than he anticipated, but he adjusts well by pulling it behind square
Mpofu to Miller, 1 run, slower short of a length ball, extra bounce, pings the glove as it runs away into the leg side
Mpofu to Miller, 1 wide, bouncer, deemed too high, Miller barely has to duck
Mpofu to Miller, no run, short of a length, stabs to point

South Africa 2nd innings Partnerships

1st23HE van der DussenQ de Kock
2nd28F du PlessisQ de Kock
3rd7JP DuminyF du Plessis
4th44JP DuminyH Klaasen
5th33JP DuminyDA Miller