Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    4.1 top edge taken by the keeper Sri Lanka are wobbling after a good start. Bracewell had a good outing with the bat, now with his first ball back, he's sent back an in-form and dangerous Dickwella. Fuller length angled across him, he had a big swipe at it, but didn't get underneath it at all. The ball flew high off the top edge and Seifert called for it early, ran all the way to backward square leg and took it safely while tumbling 45/3
    0.5 he's played him on first ball! A 148.5 kph screamer, on a length coming back into him from outside off. Tentative prod at the ball, which takes the inside edge, and hits the stump via the pads. The ball was just too quick for him, he had hardly got the bat down in time before it was on him. Doesn't help to get one that quick to your first ball on tour. 11/1
    3.3 taken at mid-on yorker on the stumps, dug out but the bat turned in his hand and he didn't time it at all. Straightforward catch for Bracewell. Some breathing room for New Zealand perhaps 41/2
    9.5 slower ball gets him Southee had been good this whole over. This was bowled at just 102 kph, leg-cutter that pitched on middle. He tried to force it over extra cover it looked like, but ends up spooning a catch to mid-off. 94/4
    12.3 the short ball does the trick But this wasn't the quick Lockie bouncer, it was at 126 kph, bowled outside off from around the wicket. Thisara wanted to dismiss it, ends up too early in the pull and the ball goes off the end of the bat to long-off. Huge wicket 118/5
    12.6 cleaned him up Fast full and straight yorker at 147.4 kph - the stumps were rearranged before the bat came down. Ferguson has brought New Zealand roaring back into the match 119/6
    14.1 tossed up and rapped on the pads. Big appeal and they have gone for a review. He got that to drift down and turn in from leg stump, to defeat the forward push and hit him on the pads. Looked a very good shout, but will umpire's call rule the day? No it won't! Three reds on ball tracking and that means another breakthrough for New Zealand 128/7
    16.5 it's all over on a good length, it wasn't full enough to be slog-swept, but that's the shot he goes for. Gets a top edge that flies over his head. Seifert calls for it and snaffles it near leg-slip. New Zealand win by 35 runs 144/10
    15.5 all those swipes had to result in one top edge Santner slowed it down to 71 kph, kept it on the stumps. Malinga backed away to heave it, got a top edge that is taken comfortably between midwicket and long-on 138/8
    16.2 immediate revenge wrong 'un pitched outside off. He tried to repeat the last shot to go down the ground, but this spun the other way, took the edge and nestled in short third man's hands. Only a matter of time now 142/9
    not out
    10 (w 10)
    144 all out (16.5 Overs, RR: 8.55)
    Fall of wickets: 1-11 (S Samarawickrama, 0.5 ov), 2-41 (MDKJ Perera, 3.3 ov), 3-45 (N Dickwella, 4.1 ov), 4-94 (BKG Mendis, 9.5 ov), 5-118 (NLTC Perera, 12.3 ov), 6-119 (DM de Silva, 12.6 ov), 7-128 (MD Shanaka, 14.1 ov), 8-138 (SL Malinga, 15.5 ov), 9-142 (CBRLS Kumara, 16.2 ov), 10-144 (CAK Rajitha, 16.5 ov)
    LH Ferguson302137.00102110
    TG Southee2021110.5042110
    SC Kuggeleijn302618.6672010
    DAJ Bracewell201919.5020100
    MJ Santner302719.0032110
    IS Sodhi3.503037.82103120

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Sri Lanka , elected to field first

Player Of The Match

Series result

New Zealand won the one-off match

Match number


Hours of play (local time)

19.00 start, First Session 19.00-20.30, Interval 20.30-20.50, Second Session 20.50-22.20

Match days

11 January 2019 - night match (20-over match)

TV Umpires

Reserve Umpire

Match Notes

Sri Lanka 2nd innings Partnerships

1st11N DickwellaS Samarawickrama
2nd30MDKJ PereraN Dickwella
3rd4N DickwellaBKG Mendis
4th49NLTC PereraBKG Mendis
5th24NLTC PereraDM de Silva
6th1MD ShanakaDM de Silva
7th9MD ShanakaCAK Rajitha
8th10SL MalingaCAK Rajitha
9th4CAK RajithaCBRLS Kumara
10th2PADLR SandakanCAK Rajitha