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2842dOsman Samiuddin at the Premadasa Stadium

Canada 'boggled' by DRS decisions

Ashish Bagai, the Canada captain, was "boggled" by some of the decisions made by the DRS (Decision Review System) in his side's tense 43-run loss to Pakistan at the Premadasa on Thursday

2843dESPNcricinfo staff

Canada v Pakistan, Group A, World Cup 2011, Colombo

15.3 Rizwan Cheema to Kamran Akmal, OUT, 67 for 4. The minnows are mincers. It was a short of length delivery and there was some width on it but Kamran cut it straight to backward point. The shot was

2843dOsman Samiuddin at the Premadasa Stadium

Pakistan's defensive tactics almost cost them

Taking the batting Powerplay with tailenders at the wicket; plans to bowl maidens when defending 184; five outside the circle when an Associate nation is eight down - surely Pakistan are being too cautious

2844dOsman Samiuddin at the Premadasa Stadium

Bagai says Canada's plans failed

Canada's captain Ashish Bagai has praised his side's bowling and fielding effort against Pakistan, but said the bastmen could not execute the plans of playing their natural games and seeing off Shahid Afridi

2845dOsman Samiuddin in Colombo

Self-belief key to recovery, says Davison

John Davision, the Canada batsman, has said the team is "pretty down" after its two losses but greater self-belief was key to a better performance

Canada 2nd innings Partnerships

1st16R GunasekeraNR Kumar
2nd0ZE SurkariNR Kumar
3rd28A BagaiZE Surkari
4th60ZE SurkariAS Hansra
5th7Rizwan CheemaAS Hansra
6th3TG GordonAS Hansra
7th0TG GordonHS Baidwan
8th16Khurram ChohanTG Gordon
9th4WD Balaji RaoKhurram Chohan
10th4Khurram ChohanH Osinde