5.3 and Lahiru has to go after his 20-ball struggle as he chases after this length delivery slanting away from him, giving him enough room to entice the cover drive, but he offers up an edge which flies comfortably to the second slip 21/1
    34.2 shimmies over to the leg side just before the ball was delivered, before mistiming this loft to find the man at mid-off, who is able to get under it quite comfortably. Ends an excellent opening performance from Dilshan, who has set up his team quite beautifully here in Hobart for the final assault 216/2
    36.5 Sangakkara must have missed his buddy out there as he goes after this length delivery going across, with the left-hander out of his crease as he tried to slice this over point, but ends up feeding an edge to the keeper, who goes up for it instantaneously. Sangakkara exits the field after making both ODI and World Cup history. Surely he can't make it five now? Guess we will have to wait and see 244/4
    36.4 Mahela, looking to slam down the ground, ends up getting a bottom-edge which goes high up over mid-off, who is able to settle under it quite comfortably. Bowled the off cutter there to unearth a big wicket for Scotland. Mahela can go back to his nap now as he departs with just 2 to his name 244/3
    43.6 and Mathews, looking to make it 31 runs for the over with yet another six over midwicket, this time holes out as the bowler lobs up another hit-me ball which falls to the fielder inside of the boundary, who takes it well enough not to back-peddle onto the rope 326/6
    40.4 Kusal, looking to pepper the long on boundary now, gets a bottom-edge which goes high up over the region, with the man at cow corner running across before putting in a dive at the last moment to pluck this from the air. Wonderful catch in the end removes the dangerous Kusal, who looked to be in fine form 289/5
    44.4 Sri Lanka falling away slightly here as Thisara, looking for the massive heave over midwicket, ends up finding the fielder on the boundary, who is able to take the catch 328/7
    45.4 completely mistimes this short ball as he sends this over to deep midwicket, who lunges forward to take the catch cleanly. Sri Lanka now eight down as Scotland threaten to bundle them out before the quota of fifty overs 331/8
    not out
    46.5 full, outside of off, as Malinga slices this one over cover, with the fielder able to get under it nicely. Scotland just one away from ending Sri Lanka's innings prematurely, which probably wasn't on the cards even ten overs back... 336/9
    not out
    13 (w 10, lb 3)
    363/9 (50 Overs, RR: 7.26)
    RML Taylor10.004614.60311
    AC Evans10.007227.20411
    JH Davey8.006337.87900
    RD Berrington6.103125.02300
    MA Leask7.006309.00223
    KJ Coetzer4.503908.06221
    MW Machan4.0046111.50303
    Fall of wickets:1-21 (HDRL Thirimanne, 5.3 ov), 2-216 (TM Dilshan, 34.2 ov), 3-244 (DPMD Jayawardene, 36.4 ov), 4-244 (KC Sangakkara, 36.5 ov), 5-289 (MDKJ Perera, 40.4 ov), 6-326 (AD Mathews, 43.6 ov), 7-328 (NLTC Perera, 44.4 ov), 8-331 (S Prasanna, 45.4 ov), 9-336 (SL Malinga, 46.5 ov)
    0.2 and Malinga removes Kyle Coetzer with a short of a length which gets the leading edge as he pushed at it half-heartedly, with Malinga claiming this dolly offered up to him in his follow through. Sri Lanka off to the perfect start, and Scotland one down with none on the board 0/1
    7.3 darts in a yorker which has MacLeod playing all around it as he looked to dig away to the leg side. The shape coming in deceived Calum, who is sent back to the pavilion with 11 to his name 26/2
    11.2 Dilshan fires in a quicker one which looks to have Machan plumb in front as he played all around it. Given out by the umpire straight away, but Machan wants a review after discussing with his partner. No issues with the no-ball. Delivered the arm ball which looks to have struck the front pad, with nothing on Snicko to suggest there was an inside-edge. All about whether it is clipping the stumps, and the verdict is in, with 'umpire's call' being given for this hitting the wicket, so Machan has to go. Big blow to Scotland's chances as he was one of their more established batsmen 44/3
    31.6 and finally, after what seems like ages, the stand is broken as Mommsen drives this fuller length delivery on the up straight to the short cover fielder, who is able to take the catch comfortably as he dove forward 162/4
    35.6 Coleman has to go after looking for the heave over long on, ends up getting a toe-end to this slower ball which goes up straight over mid-on, with Perera settling under it nicely. Departs the oval, but has played a valuable knock all the same 189/5
    41.1 Chameera sends in a fuller length which is clubbed away, although not well enough, to the fellow at mid-off, who almost fumbles it as it went through the hands before he could consolidate the catch 210/9
    37.5 looks to send this shorter ball high over midwicket, but is unable to get to it. Looked like it might be called a wide, before Sangakkara, thinking the batsman may have got a bat on it, asked for a review. Doesn't appear to be any indication of bat on ball on first glance, but Snicko has something a bit more definitive, as there appears to be a flicker on the line when the ball passed through, hitting somewhere around the bottom edge of the bat. After some deliberation, the decision has come in, and he has been given out. Excellent review by Sangakkara, as he seemed to be the only one confident about this 192/6
    39.4 Cross' little Hobart adventure comes to a close as he looks to flat-bat this one over the bowler, with this flying just to the right and back of the keeper at third man, who is able to get his gloves around it as it swirled in the air 200/7
    40.5 completely miscues this back of a length as he hit this aerially over mid-on. Was another slower ball which caught the toe-end as Perera is given another opportunity at catching practice. Scotland eight down now as Sri Lanka look to deliver the final rites 209/8
    43.1 and Sri Lanka wrap it up here in Hobart, courtesy of this edge off Chameera's bowling which flies comfortably to Lahiru at first slip, who is able to get low to his left to pluck it 215/10
    not out
    9 (w 6, nb 1, lb 2)
    215 all out (43.1 Overs, RR: 4.98)
    SL Malinga9.002923.221000
    KMDN Kulasekara7.002032.85800
    NLTC Perera7.004115.85320
    TM Dilshan5.001513.00510
    S Prasanna8.005707.12112
    PVD Chameera7.105137.11600
    Fall of wickets:1-0 (KJ Coetzer, 0.2 ov), 2-26 (CS MacLeod, 7.3 ov), 3-44 (MW Machan, 11.2 ov), 4-162 (PL Mommsen, 31.6 ov), 5-189 (FRJ Coleman, 35.6 ov), 6-192 (MA Leask, 37.5 ov), 7-200 (MH Cross, 39.4 ov), 8-209 (RML Taylor, 40.5 ov), 9-210 (RD Berrington, 41.1 ov), 10-215 (JH Davey, 43.1 ov)

Match Notes

Do batsmen hunt in pairs?


Instances of two Scotland batsmen making 50+ scores each in an ODI against a Test-nation. This is the third.

Rubbing it in


Runs scored by Sri Lanka, the highest by any team in an ODI against Scotland.

Will 10 Catches win Match?


Instances of all 10 batsmen being caught in a World Cup match. All nine of Sri Lanka's batsmen have been caught so far.

Four in One


Number of batsmen who have scored 4 hundreds in a single World Cup; Sangakkara is the only one.

Stitching them together


Number of consecutive hundreds for Kumar Sangakkara. This has never previously been done in an ODI.

Just can't win


Scotland’s win-loss record in ODIs against the ten Test sides. Their current World Cup win-loss record is 0-12.

ICC Cricket World Cup

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Pool B