Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Tanwir Afzal: Today we failed to build a platform at the start which cost us.

Preston Mommsen: We were fresh and executed our plans well. We prepared thoroughly and pulled back our lengths after researching their strong areas. They were 20-30 runs short of par and they will rue a couple of dismissals but that's cricket. We didn't take them lightly.

Man of the Match is Rob Taylor. "Wanted to put on a show for everyone watching and we did that today. We tried to put it in at a hard length and the whole unit bowled well."

Scotland advance to the finals of the World T20 Qualifier with this five-wicket win. A humbling defeat for Hong Kong, well and truly beaten by a quality side. They didn't have to sweat too much throughout the match, and Coetzer's early blitz put the game beyond the reach of Hong Kong.

Haseeb Amjad to Davey, 1 run, and that will do it, low full toss driven down to mid-off, easy run on offer and they take it. Easy win for Scotland, with 46 balls to spare.

Scotland 2nd innings Partnerships

1st16KJ CoetzerCS MacLeod
2nd52KJ CoetzerMH Cross
3rd4KJ CoetzerHG Munsey
4th11RD BerringtonHG Munsey
5th28PL MommsenHG Munsey
6th6JH DaveyHG Munsey