11:37pm And that is all from our commentary section tonight. Stick around for the report and Sidharth Monga on Mohammad Nabi. Good night!

Jonny Bairstow: As you mentioned, there was probably a little less bounce. It was a good toss to win, so we were able to see how to play on wickets like that. Probably the first such pitch we've come across this season. Really pleased with the start, just going to try and keep going. We have three games in quick succession now and hopefully we keep playing the same brand of cricket.

Jonny Bairstow is the Man of the Match.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar: When the team does well, captaincy is always easy. Captain is as good as his team. With the toss we were not sure how the wicket was going to play. We were not surprised but we knew it wouldn't be too slow in the second innings. Second half of the IPL, it's going to be slow all over India, and we have to be choosy with our XI. Kane is almost there [to full fitness].

Rashid Khan: Wonderful display, especially the bowlers. The way the used the wicket was superb. The way Jonny started the innings was crucial for us. Credit goes to all the bowlers. By looking at the wicket, it was looking like a 145-150 wicket. That was the plan and we bowled really well to restrict them to 130. [The collapse] came to my mind once we lost two wickets, but in the end Yusuf and Nabi controlled their nerves.

Shreyas Iyer: Last two games have been the same. Tough wicket and since they bowled first, they had a bit of an idea how to go about it. We didn't bat well. It's another learning, we should come back positively. After the first time-out, we thought 140-150 would have been a great total. And we had three spinners, so we could have pounced on them. Unfortunately we were short. I needed a little bit of support from someone at the other end from someone in the top 4. But it's a good lesson for us. The way we came back in the second innings was appreciable. The bowlers came up and that is good to see.

Krishna: "If Nabi plays, SRH will win"

Claire : "You have to marvel at Nabi's Innings on this pitch. "

Naveen: "Top batting slots #4 to #7 belong to DC. Yet they are struggling for wins. Team balance? Bowler shortage? "

Niranjan Rudra: "Who would have thought that warner striker rate is less than everyone in this match .. given that opening partnership is 70 at 9 RR."

11:18pm A little too close, but it's still a big win for Sunrisers. You have to marvel at Jonny Bairstow's innings on this pitch. Out-batted anyone who came out today, an outlandish strike-rate of 171 on a pitch where even his partner Warner couldn't hit a single boundary. And in hindisght, the defining performance in the match for Sunrisers. Capitals came back strongly, showed fight that is encouraging after their devastating loss, but they got too few after being put in and they paid for it. Nabi, Sunrisers' most in-form player at the moment - did it with the ball, and returned to make the winning runs. Sunrisers have jumped to the top of the table.

Rabada to Mohammad Nabi, SIX runs, over the third man boundary and that's the game! Bounce in the corridor, backs away once more and swishes at it. This time he's managed to get bat on it and that seals the game
Rabada to Mohammad Nabi, FOUR runs, thick inside edge but it's four! Oh there is no justice as a bowler sometimes. Slower ball at a length on off stump, he backs away and wants to club it over mid-off. Gets it past midwicket
Rabada to Pathan, 1 run, diving stop at mid-off and a crucial one from Iyer. Length ball in the corridor and it was nicely punched past extra cover

Here's Rabada

18 | 6 Runs | SRH: 120/5 (10 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 6.66, RRR: 5.00)

  • Mohammad Nabi7 (7b)
  • YK Pathan8 (10b)
  • CH Morris3-0-26-0
  • K Rabada3-0-21-1
Morris to Mohammad Nabi, no run, past the edge. Bouncer at an off stump line. Backs away and slashes to try and get something on this. Is beaten by a long way
Morris to Mohammad Nabi, no run, well bowled. Yorker dipping in at off stump. Jams it out to mid-off
Morris to Mohammad Nabi, FOUR runs, oh poor ball. Short and slanted down leg side. Nabi holds his poise and just runs his hands through this to get it fine

Paramvir Singh: "Why not bowl Tewatia for this over?" --- Likely because a spinner is exactly what Yusuf would want

Morris to Pathan, 1 run, leading edge but safe! Full on leg stump, a nervous attempt at a flick and it lobs up safely to land in front of long-on

Ponting seemed to have told Iyer to go with Morris. Yusuf doesn't enjoy facing pace. WIll he still go after him?

Morris to Mohammad Nabi, 1 run, inswinging yorker but he's managed to get an inside edge onto pad, and into the off side for a single
Morris to Mohammad Nabi, no run, short of a length and in at off stump, stays still in the crease, opens the face and runs this to point

17 | 3 Runs | SRH: 114/5 (16 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 6.70, RRR: 5.33)

  • YK Pathan7 (9b)
  • Mohammad Nabi2 (2b)
  • K Rabada3-0-21-1
  • S Lamichhane4-0-32-1

Top over. And a big one coming up now. You just know Sunrisers will go after all the non-Rabada bowlers...so who will Iyer go with? Looks like Morris.

Rabada to Pathan, no run, length and in at leg stump. Wants to flick but that's slammed the bat before he knows it. Rolls feebly into the leg side
Rabada to Mohammad Nabi, 1 run, length at leg stump, sweet timing on the flick but Morris sprints to his right at long-on and keeps it to one

Ahmed Rohail: "This game is starting to feel a lot like last year's SRH vs MI game where SRH won by 1 wicket"

Rabada to Pathan, 1 run, yorker length at leg stump, jammed down to long-on
Rabada to Pathan, no run, length at off stump, defended off the back foot
Rabada to Pathan, no run, climbs past the outside edge. Proper Test match sequence there. Slammed in at a length, angled in, moving away off the pitch with some bounce

Sunrisers 2nd innings Partnerships

1st64DA WarnerJM Bairstow
2nd4DA WarnerV Shankar
3rd27MK PandeyV Shankar
4th6V ShankarDJ Hooda
5th10YK PathanDJ Hooda
6th20YK PathanMohammad Nabi