Whew. What a finish. Bangalore have stuck on in the IPL with a thrilling win. So close. They have beaten Chennai and have to beat Deccan and Delhi in days to come. This was a great game. Not a lot of runs but plenty of good bowling and not lacking in tension. The presentation details in a bit.

Dhoni: "Not really happy. We tried to win a game out of it. Our fielding has been suspect throughout the tournament. We are a safe fielding side, but not a brilliant fielding side. We have a lot of youngsters in the side who can't throw or run all that well. We were clearly about 20 short. "

Kumble: "It was a fantastic effort. The bowling was brilliant. In the end Ross Taylor saw us through. We stuck to plan. We wanted to get Haydos early on but that didn't happen. Still overall our plan worked. Kallis bowled brilliantly. We'd like to take it one game at a time."

And the Man of the Match for two games running is Taylor. Kudos. "Hayden put us on the back foot but the bowlers and our fielding put us back in the game. Both teams bowled well. I always though we could finish it but I was disappointed I got out when I did."

Thats that. Don't go far because we have another game coming up. Rajasthan v Mumbai. Bye for now!

Oram to Vinay Kumar, FOUR runs, game over in comical fashion! Oram gives Vinay room, he slashes it up and backward of point, Balaji at third man doesn't spot it and is slow to chase, he dives on the boundary but cannot stop the ball from going for four, back in the middle the two batsmen are unsure of whats happening and they are settling for one, then PK says run man, he didn't stop it, so they go for two but in the end everyone sees Balaji signaling four so the match is won with two balls in hand

A runner for Vinay. He was limping on the way back. Back comes Taylor. Two needed from three.

Oram to Vinay Kumar, 2 runs, slower ball, back of a length outside off stump, Vinay gets across and gets the wrists into play superbly, turning it wide of midwicket, PK is calling for the second and they get it easily because Raina returned a poor throw back from the deep

Team huddle for Chennai. Four to win from four. Dhoni is in charge. Vinay on strike.

Oram to Kumar, 1 run, gives him the charge and swats a length ball wide just past midwicket
Oram to Taylor, OUT, Taylor what have you done? Takes a step forward and across, Oram holds back the length and Taylor top edges the ball up in the air, Dhoni doesn't for a second lose sight of it as he runs back towards the boundary and takes it easily ... Kiwi to Kiwi, Oram has won that battle when it mattered most

LRPL Taylor c †Dhoni b Oram 46 (50b 2x4 1x6) SR: 92.00

Six balls to go. Five needed. Taylor on strike. Fine leg up. Square leg back. Oram will bowl.

19 | 12 Runs | RCB: 125/7 (5 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 6.57, RRR: 5.00)

  • P Kumar11 (5b)
  • LRPL Taylor46 (49b)
  • L Balaji4-0-32-1
  • JDP Oram1-0-5-1
Balaji to Kumar, 2 runs, full on the stumps and he drives excellently through extra cover, really good placement and they run back for the second, top shot, and top running
Balaji to Taylor, 1 run, uses his crease well, walking right across the stumps and again clipping the full ball wide of midwicket and mid-on
Balaji to Kumar, 1 run, full outside off stump and he dabs it wide of cover and point for one

Hayden comes to silly mid-on ...

Balaji to Taylor, 1 run, walks across his stumps and clips a full ball wide of midwicket, PK drops his bat but hurries on to the other end
Balaji to Kumar, 1 run, low full toss, uses his feet and drives it down to long-on for one
Balaji to Kumar, SIX runs, and what a shot, what a shot! PK backs away and clubs a short ball over wide long-on for a super six ... talk about delivering under pressure, excellent shot

Bangalore need 17 from 12 balls. PK on strike. Balaji will bowl out.

18 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | RCB: 113/7 (17 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 6.27, RRR: 8.50)

  • P Kumar1 (1b)
  • LRPL Taylor44 (47b)
  • JDP Oram1-0-5-1
  • L Balaji3-0-20-1

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Oram to Kumar, 1 run, full ball, well done, no room and PK pushes to cover and sets off

Hmm ... mid-off is up, fine leg is up ...

Oram to Taylor, 1 run, full on the stumps, he shuffles across and clips wide of midwicket
Oram to Taylor, 4 byes, safest place to score your runs! Its very, very full, in fact almost a yorker just outside off stump and Taylor jams down at it, misses, but ball hits Dhoni's pads and runs away

In comes PK.

Oram to Akhil, OUT, smart catch from Tyagi! Oram gets Akhil with a short ball, he slogs at top edges and Tyagi, running in from third man, dives superbly and clutches the steepler as it dies in front of him ... its moments like these, and Oram's earlier catch, will really matter in such situations

B Akhil c Tyagi b Oram 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

This is good bowling. Full, straight, not much room. Could be straighter though.

Oram to Taylor, 1 run, another full ball and this time he squeezes a single to extra cover
Oram to Taylor, 2 runs, full outside off and he drives past cover and sprints back for two

Oram gets the ball with Chennai defending 26 from 18 balls. Dhoni up to the stumps.

17 | 11 Runs 1 Wkt | RCB: 104/6 (26 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 6.11, RRR: 8.66)

  • B Akhil0 (1b)
  • LRPL Taylor40 (43b)
  • L Balaji3-0-20-1
  • M Muralitharan4-0-24-1

A real moment of madness from Roelof may have cost Bangalore. Can Taylor do it again?

Balaji to Akhil, no run, slower ball on a length outside off and Akhil swats it back to Balaji
Balaji to van der Merwe, 1 run, OUT, now thats not the smartest piece of cricket I've ever seen! Attempted yorker on the stumps, Roelof drives hard straight to cover-point and sets off, the fielder returns an over throw and they get one, then a piece of madness from Roelof ends his manic innings ... he was slow on the return and pranced back over the line with his bat not outstretched as Dhoni received a good lob from Murali and disturbed the stumps, not sure what he was doing there because he was well home but hit bat was dragging by his feet ... after numerous replays the decision is OUT and while Chennai explode Roelof slinks off back to the Bengaluru dug out

RE van der Merwe run out (Muralitharan/†Dhoni) 3 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Balaji to Taylor, 1 run, slower ball again, full on the pads and clipped to deep midwicket

Dhoni stands up now ...

Balaji to Taylor, SIX runs, shot! Thats where you don't want to be bowling to this man, Taylor gets across and swings the slower length ball flat over midwicket for six, excellent
Balaji to van der Merwe, 1 run, full again, down the pads, he makes room and just manages to dig it out, gets an inside edge near his pads and he gets called across for the sharp single

RCB 2nd innings Partnerships

1st2JH KallisRV Uthappa
2nd10R DravidRV Uthappa
3rd18RV UthappaLRPL Taylor
4th56LRPL TaylorV Kohli
5th5MV BoucherLRPL Taylor
6th13LRPL TaylorRE van der Merwe
7th3B AkhilLRPL Taylor
8th18LRPL TaylorP Kumar
9th7R Vinay KumarP Kumar