Player of the Match
Player of the Match

20 | 11 Runs 1 Wkt | PWI: 139/7 (22 runs required, RR: 6.95)

  • R Sharma0 (1b)
  • RV Uthappa34 (26b)
  • KA Pollard4-0-36-1
  • SL Malinga4-0-25-3

Please do hang on for the quotes from the post-match ceremony.

Dharmin Desai: "After all that's said and done, I guess that one over from Alfonso Thomas which went for 28 runs was the difference between the two sides".

Nick: "Extra impressed by Malinga today. Teams are expecting yorkers from him, and he managed all wickets by Bouncer and slower ball today. Nice to see him developing other weapons beside yorker."

N'Jan: "7 in a row. The sad part is they did not try to win most of them. I guess IPL should go the EPL way and demote non performing teams to a lower level."

Abbey: "Did some math... Alfonso's average before the last over was 8 runs. Had he maintained the same in his last over the MI's score would have been 141(160-27 and +8). Then would have been a close match then...but looking at the final score PW would have lost this too...!! "

Ashish: "@Kevin....Manish Pandey has been off-color this season, but believe me he is a brilliant batsman. Just watch his innings in the Karnataka Vs Mumbai 2009 Ranji final, you'll know what a talent he is."


Yuvraj Singh: "I got Sachin out. That was great but unfortunately lost the game. I really don't what's happening. I think we bowled decent enough. May be 10 runs extra but 160 was gettable. We played too many dot balls. You need power hitters in the end to finish the game. Unfortunately we got too bogged down. we have nothing to lose now; so I am sure we will cut somebody (some team) out"

Tendulkar: "Knocking at the door but the door hasn't opened yet. We would love to get in. We could always do better. I thought Rahul Sharma bowled brilliantly; he has bowled a few good spells and this was one of them. Suman and Pollard batted well. If we go too hard, we can get out for 95 also. We have to decide based on the track. Suman batted really well; it wasn't wild slogging; it was clean hitting. I am happy that I took the decision to promote him ahead of Pollard and Symonds. We should continue to play like this; the rest will follow."

Man of the match: Rahul Sharma: "I am happy that management, Yuvi Paaji and Sahara group, are backing me. I very my pace and bounce I extract is my key because of my height. The figures look good. it's difficult to give 7 runs in a over leave alone in four. I am happy. I have to continue to work hard - I have done well in the domestic cricket- and I want to turn out for India. God willing and with blessing of my parents and well-wishers I will get there."

Good bye and good luck.

Pollard to Sharma, no run, Rahul Sharma, who bowled so wonderfully well earlier in the evening, gets a bouncer and he can't touch it. Mumbai win. Pune crash out to their seventh successive loss.

Kevin: "I can't believe that Manish Pandey has been successful for so long at a semi-international level with just one actual stroke in his arsenal - the heave over midwicket. Seriously, just 6 runs on the offside out of nearly 60? I can't believe nobody's noticed this."

Pollard to Wagh, OUT, Wagh is run out. He bottom edged the drive to the keeper, wanted a run and couldn't get back in time to beat the throw from Rayudu garu
Pollard to Uthappa, 1 run, full toss but Robin misses out. He lifts it to left of long-on
Pollard to Uthappa, 2 runs, works this full delivery to left of deep midwicket for couple of runs
Pollard to Uthappa, 2 runs, leans forward to drive this to long-off
Pollard to Uthappa, SIX runs, Sweet! Overpitched outside off stump and Robin plays an awesome shot. He just seemed to caress it and it has flown over extra cover.

19 | 10 Runs 2 Wkts | PWI: 128/6 (33 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 6.73, RRR: 33.00)

  • RV Uthappa23 (22b)
  • SL Malinga4-0-25-3
  • MM Patel4-0-30-1
Malinga to Manhas, OUT, A gem of a slower one. Loopy and dipping on a length and Mithun had no clue. He stabbed out at it and the ball lobbed to left of Malinga who rushed and lunged to pouch it.
Malinga to Uthappa, 1 run, another full toss, just a single this time; driven to long-off
Malinga to Uthappa, SIX runs, low full toss and this time Robin forces it to long-off boundary. it lands full on the ropes.
Malinga to Uthappa, 2 runs, loud cry for lbw but Dharmasena reckons it went off the bat. And it did. No pad in fact. He shuffled to the off, trying to paddle scoop it and it went off the toe end of the bat to midwicket
Malinga to Pandey, OUT, Manish had to go for it. He went. He couldn't clear long-on though. Rohit times his jump and takes it.
Malinga to Uthappa, 1 run, low full toss, and even Robin has begun to play those iffy swats .. just a single

18 | 12 Runs | PWI: 118/4 (43 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 6.55, RRR: 21.50)

  • MK Pandey59 (46b)
  • RV Uthappa13 (18b)
  • MM Patel4-0-30-1
  • KA Pollard3-0-25-1
Patel to Pandey, 2 runs, yet another one of his mistimes swat-drives. Too much bottom hand into the shot and the bat-face rotates at point of impact. The ball rolls to right of long-on
Patel to Uthappa, 1 run, low full toss, whipped away to deep midwicket.
Patel to Pandey, 1 run, mistimes this one to the off for a single
Patel to Pandey, SIX runs, Whack! The slog heave and even Pollard can't get the ball back in at the deep midwicket boundadry
Patel to Uthappa, 1 run, full again, driven to long-off for a single
Patel to Pandey, 1 run, full and straight, just a single to long-on. 50 for Manish.

Anand: "@ Soumitra.....MI are like the South Africans...very good in the league...come the knock-out that is where we need to see"

17 | 10 Runs | PWI: 106/4 (55 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 6.23, RRR: 18.33)

  • MK Pandey49 (42b)
  • RV Uthappa11 (16b)
  • KA Pollard3-0-25-1
  • DS Kulkarni4-0-20-0
Pollard to Pandey, 1 run, moves forward to ping long-on
Pollard to Pandey, SIX runs, And as you say that, he connects with one of them. A slower one, a Big heave-ho and the ball flies over wide long-on.
Pollard to Pandey, no run, the bouncer screams past Manish. Slow death here.
Pollard to Uthappa, 1 run, worked through the on side for a single
Pollard to Pandey, 1 run, Another unconventional hit from Manish. Mishit again. The ball goes to long-on. Yet another one of those swats he plays
Pollard to Uthappa, 1 run, gets down the track for the big hit but had to reach out as Pollard pushed it outside off and he just about manages to push it to covers

Rahul: "It seriously is RIDICULOUS that a team which has a pretty decent batting line-up (Ryder, Pandey, Uthappa, Yuvi) and bowling line-up is about to lose it's seventh match in a row. This team needs some serious inspiration. Hopefully, Ganguly's presence in the playing XI in the next match will do just that. Even though Pune has no chance in this tournament, it would still be nice to see them win a couple."

Soumitra: "The MI matches are becoming monotonous....they bat first,put up a great score and then malinga bowls those yorkers and bouncers,munaf bowls that probing line and harbhajan bowls those off spinners..the purple and orange cap belongs to MI...wat more do they want??? They should stop playing the IPL till the semis and give the other teams a chance..."

Warriors 2nd innings Partnerships

1st0JD RyderMK Pandey
2nd17GC SmithMK Pandey
3rd29AA JhunjhunwalaMK Pandey
4th31Yuvraj SinghMK Pandey
5th42RV UthappaMK Pandey
6th9M ManhasRV Uthappa
7th11RV UthappaSB Wagh
8th0RV UthappaR Sharma