Day 4

Day 3

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Trott digs deep with defiant century

Jonathan Trott produced a defiant century at No. 8 after missing a disastrous Warwickshire collapse the previous evening because of a family-related absence

Day 2

Day 1

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Ervine and Adams stage record recovery

Jimmy Adams and Sean Ervine recorded Hampshire's best fourth-wicket partnership against Warwickshire as the pair led a remarkable recovery for the hosts

Warwickshire 3rd innings Partnerships

1st5IJ WestwoodARI Umeed
2nd4IJL TrottARI Umeed
3rd93IR BellIJL Trott
4th2IJL TrottSR Hain
5th14TR AmbroseSR Hain
6th2TR AmbroseR Clarke
7th11TR AmbroseKHD Barker
8th23KHD BarkerGT Thornton
9th5WB RankinKHD Barker
10th8KHD BarkerSukhjit Singh