Player of the Match
Player of the Match

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358dThe Preview by Peter Della Penna in Abu Dhabi

Afghanistan, Ireland prepare for Associate swansong

With the final round of matches in the Intercontinental Cup set to kick off on November 29, it will be the last time these two new Test teams will feature in Associate cricket's most important multi-day tournament

P.N.G. 3rd innings Partnerships

1st24TP UraK Doriga
2nd16L SiakaK Doriga
3rd10A ValaL Siaka
4th5A ValaS Bau
5th0MD DaiS Bau
6th0JNT VareS Bau
7th1JNT VareCA Soper
8th6JB RevaCA Soper
9th6N VanuaCA Soper
10th14CA SoperD Ravu