Match abandoned without a ball bowled


7.10pm The match has been abandoned. Enough rain around, I am afraid, for them to call this off an hour before the cut-off time. A damp squib then. All of the last three evening games have now been abandoned. I hope the few optimists who stayed back at Kingsmead get some nice bunny chow on their way back. Others at home can, like Amjad did, play a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan song and close their eyes. Until the next game, this is goodbye from all at Cricinfo

"There is more chance of Kevin Pietersen and Piers Morgan being invited to Giles Clarke's house for Christmas than them playing cricket today." Peter Miller, whose house does Pietersen go to to apologise?

7pm Still raining in Durban. There are fans still hanging around. For us to have a match, cricket needs to start in the next 70 minutes. Which means rain needs to stop in the next 40 minutes or so. And even if it does, Wilson Ngobese will have a job at his hands. Wonder what Wilson thinks of being robbed of a Test match this year? Not his fault that South Africa have been losing at Kingsmead

6.30pm "I am not watching Sid, I have played a Nusrat Fateh song and closed my eyes. Let it happen, the match." Amjad, try Intoxicated from Night Song. It works well with the rain. Which is still coming down at Kingsmead

6.15pm "No offence to any of the hopeful's out there , but this rain has settled in for the night , if not even the weekend . Welcome to ' SUNNY ' South Africa . Oh , and by the way , I bet my R 50.00 that you will not post my comment ." Anthony, I'll soon send you the address to send that cheque to

6pm "Sid, What's the latest they can start and still get a full 20-overs game in?" Mitch, in that case they will have to give themselves 170 minutes. So if they start any later than 6.10pm, they will have to reduce overs. And with the rain still on, I am sure the groundsman are looking at 8.10pm more as the mark than 6.10pm

"And what will we get if we start at 8:10? I mean how many overs?" Amjad, that's the minimum: five overs a side. Perhaps you can stop waiting at home, go out, and who knows the match might happen while you were not watching?

5.50pm Still drizzling in Durban. Let me just remind you that the latest we can start by is 8.10pm

5.20pm "Its raining a lot heavier now…i dont see this match getting started" Ben just sent this in from Durban.

I hate to be the one bringing this bad news to you

5pm No signs of the toss happening any time soon as it is still raining

4.45pm It's the double As v the double Ds (where's Danny when you need him?). I am afraid I am bringing you wet news. It's been raining in Durban, we are hoping for some kind of game tonight, but for the moment the covers are on. The toss was scheduled to be at 5pm, but there seems no hope for that

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