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Day 3

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Northeast needs a de Bruyn reaction

The last coach who refused to agree a run chase against Kent ended up with the sack - maybe Sam Northeast should mention that to Richard Dawson because he needs another one

Day 2

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Gloucs 3rd innings Partnerships

1st67CDJ DentCT Bancroft
2nd0P MustardCT Bancroft
3rd24CT BancroftJR Bracey
4th55CT BancroftGT Hankins
5th40JMR TaylorCT Bancroft
6th12K Noema-BarnettJMR Taylor
7th12K Noema-BarnettGH Roderick
8th39GH RoderickJ Shaw
9th40LC NorwellGH Roderick
10th5GH RoderickMD Taylor