Day 3

Day 2

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Ollie Robinson bags five as Sussex seize control

Sussex are on course for a vital victory in their second-division promotion bid after taking a first-innings lead of 240 on an extraordinary second day of their Specsavers County Championship against Leicestershire

Day 1

Leics 4th innings Partnerships

1st21PJ HortonHE Dearden
2nd33CN AckermannHE Dearden
3rd8MJ CosgroveCN Ackermann
4th59NJ DexterCN Ackermann
5th0NJ DexterEJH Eckersley
6th35NJ DexterBA Raine
7th2BA RaineBWM Mike
8th5CF ParkinsonBWM Mike
9th4D KleinCF Parkinson
10th9Mohammad AbbasCF Parkinson