Player of the Match
Player of the Match

6.52pm So that is that for another match. Have a read of George Dobell's match report, and we'll see you again at Trent Bridge next week. From myself and Gnasher, good night.

Joe Root is Man of the Match for his 89: "Ankle's alright, a bit of a dramatic steam-in from Rash... you could see at the back end of our innings, with the square as dry as it is, that reverse swing might be a factor, but we made little targets throughout, and took it ball by ball."

Eoin Morgan: "A clinical performance all round. Got the ball talking in the first four overs, and that was an awesome way to start. The guys we've selected are different, we've got pace, control, and guys who turn the ball. Today the wicket was slower and turned a bit."

Ten wins in 11 against Pakistan: "We can't take 2-0 for granted. Work on our fielding is a priority. We will work on that in the series." And on his own fifty: "Batting with Joe is awesome, he seems to be batting on a different wicket at the moment."

Azhar Ali: "The guys worked hard and kept fighting, And Sarfraz's hundred was one of the best innings I've seen from him. We could have made 300 on this pitch, but after losing those three wickets, we'd have taken 250. We have the capability but we need to apply ourselves."

"We'd like to find a combination where we bat deep but have lots of bowling options too. We've got a lot of positives from this game."

6.44pm Rizwan Zafar : "I have forgotten the pain of losing to England after Bravo magic in the final over. A consoled Pakistan fan." He is, as they say, the Champion ... Time for some presentations.

6.35pm So, England produce the finish that rain denied us in the opening contest. Once again, Pakistan batted first, once again their mid-200s total was inadequate for both the conditions and the depth of their opponents' batting. Once again Joe Root chipped in with a vital fifty, and Eoin Morgan continued his return to form with his first fifty of the summer.

Oh, and India need two runs from one ball in Florida ... a tie would really blow the Americans' minds ... instead, Dhoni blows everyone's minds by failing to finish it!

Yasir Shah to Woakes, FOUR runs, short, and cut fiercely to the point boundary, and that is the end of that!
Yasir Shah to Woakes, no run, chunky defence. The wait goes on
Yasir Shah to Ali, 1 run, worked into the leg side, scores are level

A slip and a leg slip for Yasir... he's not given up ...

47 | 8 Runs | ENG: 250/6 (2 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 5.31, RRR: 0.66)

  • MM Ali20 (28b)
  • CR Woakes3 (7b)
  • Hasan Ali9-0-52-1
  • Mohammad Amir10-2-39-1
Hasan Ali to Ali, 1 run, full length, clipped to mid-on, and another dicey single! Moeen would have been miles out if that had hit, but the underarm from Azhar just lobbed over the bails
Hasan Ali to Ali, no run, onto the front foot, punched past the bowler in his followthrough
Hasan Ali to Ali, no run, a big wind-up for the free hit but an excellent slower ball. Takes a thin top edge through the keeper on the bounce
Hasan Ali to Ali, 1 no ball, outside off, a wafty wavy drive, no contact. But it's another no-ball, as called by the third umpire
Hasan Ali to Ali, 2 runs, finds a fat, leading edge through the gap at point. Timed to imperfection down the slope. Moeen didn't know a lot about that one
Hasan Ali to Woakes, 3 runs, in the blockhole, Woakes swings through the line to loft an on-drive just out of reach of short midwicket. England are a blow away ...
Hasan Ali to Ali, 1 run, deflected through third man with soft hands. Another one notched off

46 | 1 Run | ENG: 242/6 (10 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 5.26, RRR: 2.50)

  • CR Woakes0 (6b)
  • MM Ali16 (22b)
  • Mohammad Amir10-2-39-1
  • Wahab Riaz10-0-46-1
Mohammad Amir to Woakes, no run, Woakes sees out the over, and Amir's spell. Ten to win from 24 balls. Wickets or bust for Pakistan
Mohammad Amir to Woakes, no run, blocked into the covers

Root continues


No. of consecutive fifties for Root in ODIs, including his inns in this match. He made 65, 93 and 61 in his last 3 ODI inns.

Morgan finds form


No. of consecutive ODI innings without a 50+ score for Morgan, before this. His last fifty was 76 vs Pak in Abu Dhabi last year. He made 33* in the first ODI of this series.

Collapse and rebuild


No. of innings which had 50+ partnerships for wickets 4th to 6th after the first 3 wkts has single-digit stands, before this. Pak's inns today is the first such.

Rare centuries


No. of wicketkeepers to score 100s in ODIs at Lord's, including Sarfraz Ahmed. Sangakkara and Buttler were the first to do so, both in the same match in 2014.

Varied numbers vs Eng


No. of fifties for Sarfraz Ahmed in ODIs against England, in just 5 innings. Against the same oppositions in Tests, he hasn't made a single 50+ in 13 innings.

Top-order collapsed


Run added by Pakistan's top-3 batsmen in this match - lowest for any team against England in ODIs. Previous lowest: 3 runs by SL in Johannesburg 2009-10.

At Lord's


Pakistan's win-loss record against England at Lord's in the last 5 ODIs between the two teams. In their last meet here in 2010, Pak won by 38 runs.