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Player of the Match

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Scorer: Ranjith P | Commentator: Shashank Kishore

4.20pm Fourth win in a row for Dhaka Dynamites. No heroics of the kind we saw 24 hours ago, from Rangpur Riders. This has been a timid batting performance, largely a result of injudicious shot selection and poor application. They have now lost four games and have an uphill climb, even though there's still plenty of cricket still remaining in the tournament. Thanks for joining me. Akshay will be in shortly to fire up commentary for the second game of the evening, and it's a big one with Chris Gayle and Brendon McCullum in action for Rangpur Riders. You don't want to be missing it. Cheers!

Shakib Al Hasan: Obviously, good feeling. We wanted to keep our winning team, doing the same things again and again. The start we got put us on the box seat. We kept that momentum right throughout. Nine out of 10 games, if you get 200 odd, you can defend it with the bowling attack we've got. There are plenty of areas to improve still. In T20s, anyone can win on a given day, one or two guys can take the game away. We don't want to relax.

Evin Lewis is the Player of the Match for his 64 off 38 balls. "It was a pretty decent knock," he deadpans. "Shahid Afridi is very positive, he took a lot of pressure off me. You just have to keep believing in yourself, know your strengths, weaknesses and keep working hard."

Daren Sammy: We didn't execute our plans, especially in the first six. Catches win matches, throughout, we've averaged about three dropped catches per match. Good teams will make you pay. We need to get the confidence to get under the ball. It seems as if we don't want the ball to come to us. Maybe we've to change some of our players in the XI. A few of them were injured as well. We are capable of coming back, we need to win four out of the next six, we believe we can do it. It needs consistency.

Tanny: "Afridi is an asset to any team. Why doesn't he consider a relocation to the UK like Azhar Mahmood? Wont miss stokes in that case " So that he can qualify when he's 23? :)

All their heavyweights chipped in for Dhaka. Pollard, Sangakkara, Narine, Afridi. What else can you ask for?

Shahid Afridi: I wanted to keep things simple. Credit to the batsmen for putting up a decent total, the bowlers just enjoyed this surface. Momentum is key, we shouldn't make too many changes, just stick with this XI.

Abu Hider to Hossain Ali, OUT, through the gate, off stump knocked back. Game, set and match. Dhaka extend their run at the top of the league standings. This one's floated full and across, tentative prod from the tail-ender, misses it completely. The small gap is enough for the ball to sneak through as it wobbles away just a bit.

Hossain Ali b Abu Hider 1 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 16.66

Abu Hider to Hossain Ali, no run, beaten by a full delivery angling across the left-hander, too late on the stroke

18 | 5 Runs 1 Wkt | RK: 133/9 (69 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 7.38, RRR: 34.50)

  • Hossain Ali1 (4b)
  • Habibur Rahman1 (2b)
  • Mohammad Saddam3-0-19-1
  • Shahid Afridi4-0-26-4
Mohammad Saddam to Hossain Ali, 1 run, steers this wide of point for a quick single
Mohammad Saddam to Hossain Ali, no run, pulls and misses, had to fetch this from way outside off. Got big on him
Mohammad Saddam to Hossain Ali, no run, drifts back in to beat the cut. Thin inside edge onto the pad. Yet another superb back-of-the-hand slower delivery
Mohammad Saddam to Hossain Ali, no run, cuts and misses. Short ball that was sitting up nicely for him to play the stroke, beaten completely

Kings 2nd innings Partnerships

1st2Rony TalukdarMominul Haque
2nd9SR PatelMominul Haque
3rd49Mominul HaqueZakir Hasan
4th11Mushfiqur RahimZakir Hasan
5th1JEC FranklinMushfiqur Rahim
6th32JEC FranklinDJG Sammy
7th20DJG SammyMehidy Hasan Miraz
8th2Farhad RezaMehidy Hasan Miraz
9th6Farhad RezaHabibur Rahman
10th1Habibur RahmanHossain Ali

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